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  1. You're right Don't sign anybody and keep shopping at scrap heap flea market. Man we find ways to make excuses for this s%*# organization
  2. I could care less about blocking him from cubs. I posted this as what is good for White Sox. Play RF everyday. Fill in for Robert in CF when he has day off or DH'ing Play 1B when Vaughn has day off or has to DH because Eloy is hurt Lineup: Bennintedi Bellinger Robert Eloy Moncada Vaughn 2B??? Dejong/Montgomery Maldonado/Stassi All of a sudden that lineup looks pretty decent with him in it
  3. I think he is finally healthy again. He provides you so much value defensively and offensively
  4. Cody Bellinger would be an awesome signing but then reality slaps me and reminds of the garbage organization that we are. All the excitement that I once/always had for the white sox has been sucked out of me with what has gone on in the last 2+ years. We are going to be so bad this year with the scrap heap of players we have signed so far........
  5. I was just about to post THANK GOD!!!
  6. Interesting. Just curious as to why Boras would want to do that?
  7. What Brennaman did was wrong. However, we are human beings. nobody is perfect and each one of us have made mistakes that we deeply regret. However, it's what you do as a person after you make that mistake. If he genuinely has grown as a person and changed his ways because of the mistake he made then as every other Human being......he deserves another chance. We are quick to cancel people and give up on people. That is not what is taught in many cultures and religions.
  8. How is bummer a very good lefty reliever? How? What has he done to earn this reputation?
  9. I dont think so. I have seen enough of bummer pitch and hill pitch. Hill may get hit but won't piss down his pants with walks in big situations time after time like Bummer. Believe me I know Hill is a below mlb player but that is how lowly I think of bummer
  10. What is the plan here? I just don't understand.... Are they filling the different holes on the roster with cheap, old FA's and then going to spend some money on a SP and RF???
  11. Has been solid up until last year. Nothing to get excited over but he is still better then bummer and lot cheaper (this matters to jerry)
  12. The comments from fans like us are priceless on the post. You would think that someone or someone's are relaying the disdain the fans have for this organization and team to the FO and the Grinich himself?!
  13. Soo much hand ringing over Luis Patino The dude absolutely sucks. If Tampa Bay gives up on you there is a reason. Let it go fellas and hope Cousin is decent
  14. And the least amount of interest to get better The least amount of interest to pay someone, anyone who can play baseball WE SUCK!!!
  15. What i most appreciate is that all the jabronis that were Worried about Selvy perez can please shut the F up. We still suck. But that narrative was like a conspiracy theory that wouldn't go away
  16. I'm giving him the benefit to figure this out. If these are the moves we make then he might be the biggest dumbass GM in the history of GM's
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