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  1. Finish strong White Sox, get ready to rock n roll next season.
  2. Sheesh, when will this nightmarish losing streak end? At a time when the White Sox could have made a huge step forward against Cleveland, they pooped in their pants. Since then they have continued to suffer a very bad case of diarrhea with no end in sight. I would like to see them win today but certainly not expecting it.
  3. Hopefully the White Sox get a win today and finally stop this very untimely losing streak. It's on to next season for them and please let there be some major changes starting with management and coaches.
  4. The bad White Sox season is limping to a close, maybe the team can put together a small winning streak to end somewhat on a positive note.
  5. 2022 Chicago White Sox - The team is like a donkey's ass going backwards down a one way street.
  6. Alas, the hope for the White Sox to make the playoffs has dwindled to a flicker. While there still is an extremely faint chance of a huge comeback, even a win tonight won't change the reality that it's wait till next season. I honestly thought they would come out firing on all cylinders for this three game set but no such luck at all. Such a pitiful effort by players and coaches alike, I'm not sure what the answers are to fixing this team but getting a new manager has to be the main priority and then clean up and repair where needed, lots of problems need to be addressed, no doubt about it.
  7. After months of lackluster and pitiful Chicago baseball, the curtain has now closed 99% of the way on this White Sox season. One more loss and even I will throw in the towel on any chance of the team making the playoffs. Hopefully major changes are forthcoming for next season but I'm not too confident of that happening either. GO BEARS!!!!
  8. So many, many opportunities missed this season.
  9. Wow, how about this stat!!! White Sox are 27-5 when hitting two homers in a game. Yes, you are reading that right, when they hit at least 2 home runs they are 27-5.
  10. Yikes, it's a bad predictament the White Sox find themselves in as the chance to make the playoffs gets slimmer and slimmer. Still hope they can do it but Cleveland is too hot right now to expect them to hit a losing streak so Chicago needs to win almost every game. The odds against that happening are extremely high so it is what it is, gotta win!!!!
  11. Okay White Sox, let's take care of business with these Tigers and get the win. Only 3 games back with a little less than 3 weeks to go, the playoffs can certainly still be reached. Hopefully Cleveland loses a few games in a row so Chicago can be in a position to pick up some more ground.
  12. Hopefully someone gets a big hit and it sparks the rest of the White Sox to keep the momentum going with a big inning.
  13. Come on White Sox, play some darn good baseball today and get the win.
  14. Okay White Sox, take care of business early and often today and leave down with the sweep. Lot of momentum right now so keep the winning streak going.
  15. Whooohooo White Sox!!!! Keep the momentum going as long as you can, playoffs and division title definitely in reach so keep the foot on the pedal and don't let up.
  16. Okay White Sox, keep the momentem going!!!! Chicago is slowly making their way to the top of the division after months of mediocre play so go get em guys!!!!!!
  17. Agree, all games will seem like must wins as the White Sox battle to make the playoffs. Hopefully they can win today and then take 3 of 4 from Oakland. Tall task for sure but Chicago has to continue to make up ground so let's get a win today White Sox!!!!
  18. I would be surprised to see the White Sox get swept simply because I believe they are finally coming together as a team. With TLR on the sidelines, this team seems to have refocused and pulled together in a much more positive way than before. Only time will tell but things are looking much better then a week ago.
  19. Hopefully the loss yesterday to the Twins was just a temporary setback and the White Sox come out firing on all cylinders against Seattle.
  20. Whooohooo, White Sox on a 5 game winning streak and making a strong move to the front of the division. Let's hope they keep it going and from the play of the last 4 days, I say they will!!!! With TLR out, this team has come together and play some inspiring baseball. Coincidence? I think not, I believe there was a ton of discontent in the clubhouse and 90% of that was due to him as head coach. I may be way off base but something has kicked in with this team and every player seems to be on the same page now.
  21. Let's keep this winning streak going, looks like there is some fire and determination beginning to show itself with this team. I sure hope so though we've been teased like this before with a couple of good games and then the White Sox shows us how they can quickly revert back to their losing ways. Still, there is some ground being made up on Cleveland so keep the hammer down and continue to win.
  22. Hopefully the White Sox can make it two wins in a row and also gain a game in the standings with a Cleveland loss to the Orioles. If TLR was the cause of any dissension in the clubhouse among the players, then perhaps with him out they will start to play their best baseball of the season. I realize that is very doubtful the White Sox all of a sudden catch fire but if the turmoil of this year was mainly about TLR, it's a great opportunity for this team to come together and play inspired baseball for a change.
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