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  1. Nothing beats "it starts with Dylan Cease" when Rahimi was talking about Joc last year... it's unfair, I know, but that was so bad she lost all credibility to me
  2. Would be interesting to see external scouting reports on him.
  3. Oh, I agree, it's frustrating as hell. It's why I said "not pessimistic" and not "optimistic" 😁
  4. I guess it's because of what has happened with injuries for the last few years, I expected 6-8 weeks. If it's 2-4 starts, that should be OK. TLR will need to "eat" some games and not burn pen. One thing that makes me not pessimistic right now is, I agree with Stone. This April/early May is going to be a fiasco for most teams. There are going to be crazy games with non-MLB pitchers. Best case for Sox is they get healthy by early May.
  5. Gio just spoke, seems nothing major. Felt a few tweaks and said something. Feels ok today.... fingers crossed
  6. My guess is, and I'm NOT saying I'd do this, is they'd ask for Crochet or Kopech as main piece.
  7. The full quote said he was going to the trainer to get ready for the 5th. He wasn't even coming out of the game
  8. His full quote says he's going to the trainer to get ready for the 5th. https://www.audacy.com/670thescore/sports/chicago-white-sox/white-sox-ace-lance-lynn-ejected-throwing-belt-near-umpire-foreign-substance-check
  9. He's also a super competitive dude that is having an off night. Something just pushed him over
  10. I'm watching on my firestick app, so far so good, but I want to watch UEFA Super Cup at 2, so will have to switch to laptop
  11. Since I don't consistently watch them, I'm constantly re-setting my passwords for them, it's infuriating
  12. Cubs also traded over a few years Eloy, Cease, Soler as well as Torres (Vogelbach, too, but he hasn't panned out). I liked Nicky, but this is perfectly OK with me. The pen is ridiculous now and gets even crazier if Bummer straightens it out. Sox, so far, have only given up one top end prospect.
  13. MLB Rumors on Twitter has it as 12 positives, 8 staff, 4 players. Eleven of twelve vaccinated and no one involved is "Seriously" ill according to Dave Martinez
  14. https://www.mlb.com/brewers/ballpark/information/guide Mostly cashless, looks like 3 stands in all of stadium accept cash, they're listed at link
  15. Should be easy, it generally is. It's such a great set-up there for pre-game. Really looking forward to tomorrow.
  16. It was always a bit like this in the past, but the last few years have ramped up basically only covering and hyping the major teams in all sports. You would think the Knicks making the playoffs this year was them winning the NBA championship. They want clicks and views, so they praise the major teams to appease their fanbases.
  17. to paraphrase Lenny Leonard "Yeah, but we're beating their brains in". Got Astros at their hottest and ate it, nothing wrong with doing this against a down team
  18. With this ump, not a bad chase, odds are that was going to be called
  19. I'll give him a bit of a benefit of the doubt as he couldn't throw the slider anywhere but over the middle and get it called a strike. He had enough to get out of the jam at least!!
  20. Just a guess, but maybe the trainers didn't want him sitting then throwing again, maybe first few outings they want him from pen, to mound to done.
  21. His run on the tag-up looked OK EDIT: Abreu's tag-up, didn't quote a post for clarity
  22. Travels took me there, wasn't planned, but I was in NOLA in Late July, insanity.
  23. Agreed on this, even at home games he seems to be not tracking the ball
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