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  1. Because saber is doing us so good now? The rumors of clubhouse turmoil/indifference have been running rampant for the last few years, basically since Ricky was fired. This team doesn't need fucking saber, they need leadership, accountability, benchings for poor effort, insistence on playing if you're just a lil' sore, etc. Ozzie, for all his faults, is THAT guy. Not to mention, if you listen to the pod, it's some of the Latino players who are least invested....Ozzie would be in their asses.
  2. To use Chuck's phrasing, the Sox "have lost Moncada". In context, I took it to mean he wants nothing to do with the team, doesn't try in the least, and seemed to be hinting at him being a clubhouse cancer. They had similar comments regarding Eloy.
  3. Their point, and one I agree with, wasn't just what Harper's numbers would bring to the team. They believe that he's precisely the kind of player who could have come in and held every teammate accountable....ride them, hard. They also intimated, as with other deals, that Hahn is trying to GM with one hand tied behind his back. Everything they've heard points to him being essentially neutered as a GM. We saw this in FULL public view when TLR was hired.
  4. He looks like a Japanese-style hitter to my eyes...that sort of drift out of the box during the swing.
  5. I don’t hate it. LHB with patience and pop, can slide into 2B. College hitter relying less on Sox developmental insufficiencies.
  6. Glad he walked Merrifield. No clue why they were pitching to him. Biggio sucks.
  7. With 12 ground balls and 11 Ks. Only 2 fly ball outs.
  8. And cost him development time while it seemed like something may have been clicking for him. If you just need a warm body, call up a warm body.
  9. So we took Rodriguez away from some encouraging development in the minors to come up and pinch run once?
  10. So dude went through the minors and got to the majors and never built any sort of bond with teammates? He claims he spent a lot of time alone, no one to eat with, no one who shared his view of the world? That's....that's pretty racist. While there are certainly some assholes in the world of baseball, it's a team game full of people from different backgrounds, upbringings, coaching histories, religions, cultures...hell, they're from different parts of the world and MOST players are able to build a bond with their teammates. Whatever. Dude is clearly convinced he's a victim in all aspects of life and fails to recognize his own shortcomings. Reminds me of someone else who is widely believed to be a narcissist but I won't take this thread down that road. Sucks...dude has the tools to be a ballplayer, has shown himself to be a ballplayer, but can't seem to stay out of his own way.
  11. But what does selling really accomplish? It'd be one thing if we had a recent history of developing guys but, in reality, it's quite the opposite! This franchise is where expectations and raw talent go to die. We aren't getting top prospects for any of our trade bait. Do you have confidence we take a #95 rated prospect and actually build him up to get to the majors and succeed? I sure as hell don't. Might as well just play it out. We're screwed no matter what.
  12. Especially with the bottom of the order coming up for SEA.
  13. Nice memories of when he was considered heir apparent to the closer's job a few years back.
  14. Why is Montoya pulling him away? Dude, go sit your ass on the bench and let Pedro do his thing.
  15. Best player on the field doing the best things.
  16. The buck does stop with him and I can guarantee he'll take the blame if any of our 'fearless' beat writers ask him about it. That said, I know baseball well enough to know that it's not his responsibility to position the 3b.
  17. I'm not so sure we can blame Pedro for that positioning. It's either poor comms between the infielders, poor scouting/metrics of hitter, pitch selection didn't line up with the defensive set, Yo was daydreaming, or the bench coach was caught sleeping. A manager is not out there moving position players around every AB, much less from pitch to pitch.
  18. I mean, it doesn't show up in the numbers but he takes pretty professional ABs compared to the rest of this team.
  19. Ohtani would come here and hit .225/.288/.393 with 2 dongs , all while toting a hefty 6.38 ERA the rest of the way.
  20. I saw this on MLB.com last night and I had to do a doubletake. Who says that? I know athletes need to have an edge and an ego but, dude, it's a team game. You just offended every teammate. Baseball, more than any other sport, demands humility. The game WILL get the best of you. You WILL fail. You WILL struggle. You WILL have to rely on your teammates. That's Rickey Henderson level arrogance. You'd never hear those words out of guys like Pujols, Trout, Ohtani, Judge, etc...hell, I don't even think ARod would say that to the press. I remember when Tim had humility. Apparently, a YouTube film, a "face of the game" designation, and a couple all star appearances gave him one hell of an ego problem. When TA got the All Star nod and the lack of celebration in the clubhouse was chalked up to TLR's effect on the team, I think we may need to revisit that video. That cold reception could have just as easily been due to TA walking around with an ego the size of Jupiter and his teammates being sick of it.
  21. I just can't quit this team or franchise. I despise them but get so damn happy and hopeful when things start to click the way we expected them to click. Fact is we had the most difficult schedule in MLB through April and it wasn't particularly close. We dealt with injuries and missing players. Schedule has lightened up considerably, we're getting healthy, we're starting to see some power numbers increase, bullpen is trying to settle and will improve with Liam and Garrett coming back. Unless you're worried about Billy or Elvis, we're essentially healthy now except for Eloy's freak appendectomy. I don't know. I think it's at least possible we truly turn a corner and this team starts playing with some swagger instead of pressing. When that happens? Anything is possible.
  22. I think he goes until either 100ish pitches or he allows two men on.
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