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  1. I love how the Sox treat injury reports like Bill Belichek. It's baseball, fellas. There's zero reason to hide the status of the players from the fanbase. There's no strategic advantage to not sharing accurate and descriptive player statuses.
  2. Imagine an eyeroll gif the size of your screen and insert it here. "Disgraceful". OMGzZ, he argued with an ump who kept changing the strikezone and the bill of his batting helmet made contact with the bill of the ump's hat! What an embarrassment to the organization! Shows how far we're falling as a society! He has no respect for the game! FOH.
  3. Of course the Sox would fire players before firing the manager or, hell, even the hitting coach! This fucking org, man.
  4. In his defense, we lost two late-inning lefties to injury. If those two guys were here, the entire complexion of the BP changes, especially with how ReyLo looks. Not to mention the mental advantage having backup gives to guys like Liam, Graveman, and Kelly.
  5. That was the second time it happened. The first time it was a 1-2 count against Turner.
  6. I mean, how has he not had a Chicago style hot dog by now?
  7. Or, alternatively, these players don't give a shit about winning or losing. That's what happens when a manager loses the clubhouse....the players just go through the motions with little no pride in final outcomes.
  8. mmmmmbeeer


    This is an owner who would probably still have Gar Forman and John Paxson leading the Bulls FO if he hadn't handed team control over to his son, Michael. As bad as TLR has been, the GarPax Bulls tenure makes Tony's performance seem impressive in comparison.
  9. Hawk always talked about how important it is to walk up to the plate with a game plan. Common knowledge, you'd think....but apparently Frank Menechino is not instilling, much less encouraging, our hitters prepare game plans.
  10. That's why he's a hall of fame person.
  11. I mean, most fans, even on this board, were pretty damn ecstatic when that Kimbrel deal went down.
  12. That's all I'm saying....we don't know. Y'all can hammer away on what a failure Rick Hahn is and I've got absolutely no issue with the choice to do so. I'm just saying, in my opinion, this org is anything BUT transparent and I find it wholly believable that Hahn has been relegated to puppet status.
  13. I don't think we can really evaluate Hahn's performance without knowing how much pull he/TLR actually have. Do I think Rick wanted to resign Leury? No. Do I think Rick wanted to spend his budget on the bullpen? No. Do I think Rick wants Sosa in the minors right now so we can watch Leury? No. There are just too many moves being made this season that clearly show that there's a COMPLETE disconnect between the FO and TLR, Sosa's short stint being example 1A. Tony loves a bullpen, thus the bullpen pieces. Tony loves Leury, thus the Leury signing. Tony pus handedness above all else, thus Gavin, Leury, and Reese taking starts away from guys like Pollock, Vaughn, and Harrison. All that said, if Hahn has truly been relegated to nothing more than a puppet GM, he should quit. The fact he remains implies he either has a direct hand in this decisions or he thinks he'll outlast TLR's reign.
  14. Forget about that. Can we steal their interim?
  15. Can we steal Minnesota's hitting coach? We have more (historical) power in our lineup but are embarrassingly behind the Twins in HR on the season.
  16. He threw like 25 against LAA in the first and made it until the 7th.
  17. I think it's as simple as him being too amped going into these starts. His last start against LAA was shaky, to say the least. He had to cover the bag (which he messed up) and, all of a sudden, sailed until his final batter. I think that run to cover first settled him down, got the blood flowing and caused him to breathe. Kind of like how some QBs need to get hit before they settle into a game.
  18. I click on the box score after reading this, expecting us to be down a run or two in the top of the first. 2 outs. Nobody on. No runs scored.
  19. He looked cooked early last season, too. Went on the IL, came back, and tore it up for the rest of the season when he was finally feeling healthy. When you've got bad legs or a bad back, catching up to fastballs becomes infinitely more difficult to do, which leads to guessing pitches instead of pitch recognition, which leads to a poorer eye, poorer contact, less power, and looking like a non-MLB hitter. Look at Yoan...while not producing at the level we'd like yet, his hacks look so much healthier now than before he went on the IL. I think Yaz is going to come back and be an impact bat. He's too good of a hitter with too good of an eye to just fall of a cliff the way he did. Seby gets sent packing.
  20. Tim better face a clubhouse fine for that bullshit. Pot should be big tonight with Moncada and Engel chipping in, too.
  21. This is where I'm at, and it sucks to feel this way. I don't even know if the losses will be enough to shit can the old man mid-season but the pressure to do so will be far more relentless, and national, than it is now. The worst part? The day Nightengale floated TLR as a possibility as our manager, something most of us just laughed at, I think we all knew it was not only possible but would ruin our competitive window. There was ZERO justification, from a baseball operations perspective, to bring that man out of retirement to manage a young, exciting core. None. One of the most astonishingly bad managerial moves I've seen ANY team make and, of course, it just had to be my team, the damned White Sox. I think the entire organization, from the players to the vendors to marketing to the accountants, are angry. The atmosphere in that clubhouse and in the halls and recesses of GRF cannot be anything but toxic. Toxically toxic. Even Steve Stone, as he admonishes the fan base, knows baseball too damn well to truly believe the BS he puts out publicly on Twitter. Or think of Len Casper, a guy who left the Cubs to come to the southside SOLELY to have the opportunity to announce a World Series on the radio. Wonder how he's feeling about TLR?
  22. Honestly makes one wonder what about Cleveland made him such a power threat. Could even make one wonder how a lineup of mostly no-names is hitting so well this season. I mean, it doesn't make me wonder, but I'm sure lots of people are wondering.
  23. I think if he stays on board they need to get someone else in as a hitting assistant to work with some of these guys. While dudes like Vaughn, Jose, Mendick, and Burger have shown marked improvement under his tutelage, you have guys like Eloy, Luis, and Yoan who look like complete crap. Eloy and Luis, especially, regressed considerably from their minor league performances (accounting for an expected dip stepping up to MLB). It seems these are the guys who need a different voice/approach that Frank just can't offer them.
  24. I'll go former WS route and say he reminds me of Magglio, strictly hitting-wise. Decent pop, >.300 average through his prime, great bat to ball skills, and someone who will drive in a ton of runs in the middle of the order.
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