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  1. I think Keuchel finally gets waived, opening up a spot for Cueto. At least there's still a slight chance Cueto can perform...Keuchel is done. Severino certainly goes and I'd imagine Mendick will join him.
  2. Surely, this was Keuchel's last start in a White Sox uniform, right? Even a demotion to the pen isn't going to improve his performance. Time to just bite the bullet and release him.
  3. Has Velasquez changed anything up today/trying something new, or just having a good outing?
  4. Bummer has no place coming into this game with a lead. Dude should only come in low leverage, losing efforts until he can throw strikes.
  5. I believe it goes well beyond Leury, though he may be the most glaring issue. Vaughn's usage, or lack thereof, is certainly pissing Hahn off. I'll say this, if you were to ask me what a team that just had a blowup in the clubhouse before a game would look like on the field, it was most definitely that game 1 in Cleveland. I was literally watching that game and wondering to myself which player got caught fucking which other player's wife? It was THAT pronounced, imo.
  6. He's a notoriously slow starter. He'll be fine.
  7. According to the Sox FO, as of 2021, we were officially out of the rebuild. We're in the midst of our competitive window. What "process" are you waiting to "play out"? The process, at this point, is shit or get off the pot.
  8. Like, Tony remembers Leury is a bench player, right? Why is he so concerned about getting a utility man "hot"? What other manager in MLB does this?
  9. Tony, once again, putting his ego above the team. He's an incorrigible old fuck that cares more about being proven "right" about illogical decisions than just going out and doing the job of manager. What could possibly be so difficult about putting together a lineup and sticking with it outside of the occasional shuffle to account for SP handedness, injuries, or starters just needing a break? Winning managers don't pull this shit. And I refuse to believe that this won't inevitably lead to him losing this team. These guys are professionals, work hard to win games, and have waited a long time to compete for a ring. You think they're happy with this b.s.? You think these lineups make sense to them? How do you think Engel and Vaughn feel about playing for this numbskull? How about uber-competitive guys like TA or Lucas? Who, outside of Jose, has the clout in that clubhouse to put Tony on the spot and call him out for this stupidity? Is Rick fearful of losing his job if he challenges Tony? This is all such a clusterfuck and it's all because of our dumbass owner.
  10. Just saw the lineup. Worst manager in baseball, without question.
  11. So Severino is definitely one of the guys getting sent back down, I assume?
  12. I present to you Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta.... https://mercedesbenzstadium.com/food-beverage/ $1.50 hot dogs $6 for a chicken finger plate $2 for a pop or a water $3 nachos Premium beer $9/ Domestics $7 etc.... This is a brand new, state of the art stadium, btw. How can they offer budget items but teams like the Sox can't? ETA: I guess I should've read the entire thread before posting this. Living down here, Arthur Blank has really earned quite a bit of goodwill from fans for the food deals. People love going to MB.
  13. Perhaps overly cautious, but it may serve us best in the long run to keep AJ on the bench in any game being played in weather cooler than 65°. Cool weather and bad hammies just don’t mix (post season excluded, of course).
  14. Then I guess our entire staff was hurt? Lynn went an inning longer than Los but with a much worse line…3.2ip, 6 hits, 2 walks, and 5 earnies Gio…4.1ip, 3 hits, 5 walks, and 4 ER. Blaming health instead of rust combined with a hot Astros lineup is pure speculation. The fact SF looked at his health and committed money to him should tell you all you need to know. He threw 135 innings last season before supposedly “breaking down”. It’s not unreasonable to think he’ll be able to handle 155-175 this season. Letting Los go, after a really smart decision to bring him back, will go down as one of Rick’s worst decisions as GM. ETA: It’s with adding that this was the second season in a row the Sox put Los in a position to fail. In 2020, fresh off extended injury, they bring him out of the pen (for the first time in his entire career) in an elimination game. In 2021, they bring him in to start an elimination game after not having pitched for over a month. It’s tough enough to pitch in MLB, tougher still when you’ve been out for a while, and immeasurably tougher to do so in a fucking elimination playoff game where there’s ZERO room for error. Sox fucked him, plain and simple.
  15. This kills me….we don’t really know if he was hurt last AUG/SEP or if they were simply giving him a chance to rest. What we DO know is he was hitting 99MPH in the first inning against HOU in game 4. And when he was pulled early, his velocity was still there. He gave up some baserunners and two runs, but it was equally likely he was rusty as it was he was still hurt. And keep in mind, HOU whooped our staff’s ass in that entire series….Los’s performance wasn’t some awful outlier in those 4 games. Not resigning him, at a very reasonable cost, will come back to haunt us imo.
  16. That McGuire CS was the most impressive play I've seen a Sox player make years. Good win today. This week is going to be tough sledding with Velasquez, Keuchel, and TBA on the bump but I think the offense can keep us in games. LFG!
  17. Hope he doesn't look at the Giants box score.
  18. Rodon 5ip 3h 2bb 1er 12k today in his first start in a Giants uniform. Good thing we retained him! I mean, good thing we got a comp pick back for him! I mean, uh, Vince Velasquez is going to be a stud!
  19. That Sheets flyout would've been gone most days in most parks.
  20. I can't help but be pissed at the scheduling and refuse to believe the fucking weather in early April in Detroit is conducive to playing sports coming straight from Arizona's heat. You're stiff and your muscles aren't prepared for the movements you've been making in warmer weather. Baseball isn't football where you prepare for the cold.
  21. Tork seems to think this is going to be easy. He wasn't cheated on that swing and miss. Got upset at himself for popping up. I hope the Sox remind him this weekend that it's not easy.
  22. What you've laid is out certainly came into the FO's mind when deciding what to do with this starting rotation. There's little question that a lineup as loaded as this one will give the staff more margin for error. I don't think that's a good strategy for post-season baseball but if it can carry us to the deadline when we have an idea of who is out there to fortify the rotation, that's good enough.
  23. Timid? Tentative? Would those work better for you, sir? They got their asses kicked BECAUSE they played timidly. The lights were too bright for this team.
  24. Astros played a helluva series, no doubt, but a lot of their success was due to our own shortcomings, imo. Sox played scared. Pitched scared. Coached scared. Hit scared. Ran scared. They completely folded under the pressure of the situation and never once seemed to strut around with an edge over Houston. Houston had a very workmanlike approach to the series, likely due to their vast postseason experience. They knew to attack the zone. They knew to take patient ABs, They shifted the defense at the right times. They ran at the right times. They didn't turn over on outside pitches consistently. They never came across as frazzled when something didn't go their way. It was a yeoman's effort that the Sox need to learn to duplicate in the future. IMO, that needs to start early next season, every time we play a good team. They need to treat every one of those series like it's a playoff series.
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