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  1. We’re down 1-0, on the road, to the defending World Champions, who had their championship flag unveiled before the game. I sure don’t miss game threads.
  2. We can be down on the Sox but if I’m an Astros fan, this doesn’t look like a championship team.
  3. I mean, one of the best sinkerballers in baseball is on the mound.
  4. Why was the color guy saying Andrus had to run there? Runners on the corners, nobody down, contact play is a gamble there.
  5. I really have no idea what the hell is going to happen this season. End of April, regardless of record, if we've hit more than 30 dongs, I'll be very optimistic about winning the division. If not, especially if <20, I won't be spending much time on this team. I know it sounds ridiculous to put so much emphasis on the long ball but this team was built to slug. The slap-happy 1920's style of baseball isn't going to win games in 2023, just as it didn't in 2022.
  6. He'll still be on the IL and we won't be playing short-handed.
  7. Throughout last season's struggles, it always came back to Tony Larussa, for me. He was a league-wide embarrassment and no one wanted to play for him. If it wasn't his boneheaded pitching decisions, it was his boneheaded lineups. If it wasn't his boneheaded lineups, it was his boneheaded situational awareness. If it wasn't his situational awareness, it was his inability to understand the rules of the game....etc., etc., etc. He wasn't a motivator. He didn't believe in the value of the home run. He was an incredibly poor judge of talent. He ignored the importance of momentum and instead trotted out dog s%*# lineups to rest healthy players. I fully believe this team is set to rebound strongly and should win the division. A heavy, heavy burden was removed from everyone's shoulders.
  8. Bummer. Not sure Japan was the best team in this tourney but they won tonight. Looking forward to '26.
  9. He's hitting .154 in the WBC. The hottest man in the tournament was on deck. It was most certainly not a "good call".
  10. Really, really enjoyed the entire series. I can't believe JR ran Himes out of town in '90. Such a bad, bad owner.
  11. What about the opposite? If TA is playing well and we're looking like a decent team, do we trade Montgomery for help? I pray we don't.
  12. He has a full no-trade clause and I don't see any way he'd want to come back to Chicago given the drama he dealt with while he was here.
  13. This was my stance but after hearing more about what happened via several different reports, it's clear to me that he was indeed called in by his doctors unexpectedly. I was talking to my FIL a couple weeks back, who also has a pacemaker....apparently those things are constantly reporting stats which are somehow or another linked to a monitoring service. My FIL had, in fact, been called in to get checked out due to some things his pacemaker saw going on with his heart. Same thing could have happened with TLR and would explain the abrupt exit just prior to that evening's game. Regardless, this is the most tone deaf, incompetent franchise in professional sports. The Sox were the laughingstock of the league. DIE HARD fans, like we find on this board, were outraged and pretty much quit watching games, much less attending them. The casual fanbase was MIA. Social media was littered with fan outrage and ridicule. I absolutely REFUSE to believe that none of this made it back to JR. So they wipe the slate clean, fans' hopes start to slowly return a bit, and then they let us know the old drunk is going to be around the club again?!?!?!?! I mean, really, who tf does that? I had no idea it was possible to misread a situation this poorly. I refuse to believe Grifol had any say whatsoever in this decision....as a leader, it's important for the players, fans, media, and organization to understand that the past is behind us and he's bringing about changes. This completely flies in the face of what a good leader would want to happen.
  14. Earlier in the thread, someone said he was #7 in the Giants system so not a real stretch to believe he'd slot top 10 here.
  15. No, which is why Gallo is the clear choice. We don't need a LH slap/gap hitter, we need LH power.
  16. I'm a White Sox, Bulls, and Titans fan for the big three sports. 2 of my 3 favorite teams are owned by Jerry Reinsdorf and both of those franchises have had enormous, unmitigated FO issues. When Jon Robinson came onboard as GM for my Titans, we were in a really bad place. He worked wonders by flipping the roster, hiring Mike Vrabel, nailed some late draft picks. He literally turned the franchise around. This was only 7 years ago. Last season we were the number one seed in the AFC. He was fired earlier this week, despite the Titans being 7-5 and first in their division. To outsiders, it made little sense. To fans, it made a ton of sense. There are holes all over the roster, FA pickups have been disasters, busted draft picks left and right, worst OL in football (even worse than the Bears), etc. The record is smoke and mirrors. His firing, and Amy Adams-Strunk's comments concerning the firing, REALLY opened my eyes to just how bad of an owner JR is and how embarrassing it is that Rick Hahn still has a job. She demands excellence and improvement, JR demands loyalty. Hahn and KW are so far up JR's ass it's ridiculous. No GM in their right mind would sit idly by while his "masterpiece" of a rebuild was about to be driven off a cliff by Tony LaRussa. But Rick remains. Ridiculous.
  17. Just trade everyone. At this point, given the signals this franchise and FO have fed us since the TLR hire, just fucking blow it up and let us enjoy our summer without wasting time on this joke of a franchise. The TIME, the MONEY, and the EMOTIONAL CAPITAL hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people have spent on this piece of s%*# franchise is enough. They don't care one bit about us or winning. It's 2022. We've yet to sign a player to a $100M+ contract. In what world is any team serious about competing have that lil' tidbit on their resume? f*** JR.
  18. And that doesn't even get into the absurd valuations of these franchises...especially for a guy like JR who bought 40 years ago for $20M. I truly despise the man. I never felt that way until he hired TLR. I never liked JR, but I didn't despise him. I wouldn't piss on him if he were on fire, now.
  19. In person, I think #5 just grabs me more than any of the other jerseys. Not so much the uniform, per se, but just as a jersey you see at games or what have you.
  20. Thanks for the link. Went back and watched and was admittedly encouraged. Pedro didn't seem nervous, spoke convincingly of how he wants to run things, wasn't shy about his embrace of modern baseball and allowing analytics to drive games. Rick was his typical evasive self, including when it seemed Pedro wanted to mention changes in regards to player health they're making to "sports m...." before Rick cut him off. Considering the last time we had one of these press conferences I was simultaneously enraged and confused, it didn't take much for this to get me excited. That said, I think this guy could be more than "at least he's not Tony".
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