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  1. QUOTE (Heads22 @ Jul 30, 2013 -> 10:16 PM) I'm more worried about what our system would do to Garcia than Garcia himself. I don't see him spending much time in the "Sox system". He'll likely be the RF with the big club starting August 1.
  2. I am starting to think it is a possibility that no major moves are made. Maybe Lindstrom gets moved, maybe a surprise or two. But I wouldn't be shocked at this point if Peavy, Rios, Ramirez, Dunn, De Aza etc. are in a SOX uni on August 1. With that said, I wouldn't be upset. We don't want Hahn to back down and take a mediocre package for his major chips, just because. Worst case scenario, Peavy is sportin' a SOX jersey next spring. Oh well. This organization needs bats -- and Hahn needs to assert himself as the GM of this team. Getting swindled wouldn't do him any favors. I am willing to see how this offseason plays out if no major moves are made. I highly doubt the SOX go into 2014 without some fresh face of the major league caliber.
  3. QUOTE (Marty34 @ Jul 28, 2013 -> 04:58 PM) Terrible idea. Brilliant.
  4. QUOTE (HickoryHuskers @ Jul 28, 2013 -> 11:01 AM) I know I'm probably in the minority, but I'd rather keep Peavy, and to a lesser extent Rios, rather than getting rid of them just for the sake of getting rid of them. Yes, shedding salary would be nice, but I don't know where the salary savings can be spent that's going to be as worthwhile as holding out for top level talent in return for trades. I don't think you're in the minority with regard to knowledgeable fans. Trading Peavy, and as you mentioned Rios, just for the sake of trading them would be counterproductive. The SOX are better off holding onto both, than moving Peavy for a meh return. Peavy to the Cards for Martinez, like the Cards poster here suggested, would be a very meh return, and I doubt Hahn would pull the trigger on that. I have mentioned this before, but the potential trades of Peavy and Rios, and to a slightly lesser extent Ramirez or De Aza, will be extremely important to the future of the SOX. Making a move just to appease the fans calling for an immediate move would be literally idiotic. I think the SOX are better off sending some $ along with Peavy and Rios to improve the return. With the CBA, international signings and draft spending is limited, and as we all know, the SOX will likely never be one of the major players on the FA market. Picking up some cash and improving the return may result in the best return on that cash.
  5. QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Jul 27, 2013 -> 04:29 PM) He said Robin handled it wrong and embarrassed him. Robin shouldn't have pulled him, but talked to him about it after the game. Lou Piniella used to say he yanked guys from games who dogged it down the line because he just assumed if they couldn't run hard , they must be hurt. Rios" half efforts drag down his value. I am not denying Rios plays with no fire, but I must have missed those comments.
  6. QUOTE (bbilek1 @ Jul 27, 2013 -> 03:34 PM) Oh, apparently you don't attend many games yourself. I go to 20 games a year and don't stand for Rios style of play. I think he is the only player I have ever booed on the Sox. Go watch the first couple innings of Wednesday night's game and consider the scouts in attendance. I don't feel bad for someone making 13 million dollars a year to play baseball. That is a part of his job to deal with "hecklers." I would kill to be able to do what he does and he shows no regard for himself, the White Sox or the city he plays for. To be clear, all I said to him was, "Thanks for hustling for the scouts." Rios is a douche bag and that is known in Toronto as it is here in Chicago. Not to mention, he just embarrassed/ripped our manager who yanked him for not hustling and then continues to not hustle. If you don't like how a manager handles you not hustling then f***ing hustle. Simple as that. How did he rip Robin? His initial comments were that he should have been hustling.
  7. QUOTE (kwill @ Jul 26, 2013 -> 04:59 PM) Why would the Braves trade Jason Heyward? He was the top prospect in baseball a few years ago. He still has a huge amount of upside and few more years under team control. I think you are over estimating the value of Peavy. He will get a decent package back but nothing close to Heyward. They wont, just saying it would be interesting.
  8. QUOTE (mataipaepae @ Jul 26, 2013 -> 04:36 PM) oh I don't know, now it is just getting to complicated. A Jason Heyward for Peavy trade would be very, very interesting.
  9. QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ Jul 26, 2013 -> 07:03 AM) Lol..Gammons on Mully & Hanley this morning still rocking the "White Sox want pitching" bulls***. I REALLY do not understand this logic. I mean sure, take a few pitchers back in trades that have a chance at the rotation, but will stick in the BP worst case. But SOX need to target impact bats, and I am quite certain they understand that.
  10. QUOTE (BigEdWalsh @ Jul 25, 2013 -> 05:36 PM) Someone should redo the poll because I'm obviously not the only one who would change his vote. I voted Yes when the poll was first posted but shortly thereafter changed my mind. The extremely poor play after the Sox reached .500 at what was it 24-24 (?) just continued and continued. I had honestly thought they would come out of it but it became pretty evident they weren't going to and I think besides some much needed player changes there needs to be a managerial/coaching staff change. Sorry Robin, you've lost my vote. I concur.
  11. QUOTE (fathom @ Jul 25, 2013 -> 08:55 PM) That's good, as Rosenthal was on B&B earlier today and was much less optimistic about the whole Peavy situation. Rosenthal is a clown.
  12. QUOTE (SoxPride18 @ Jul 25, 2013 -> 08:55 PM) I think both get traded. Have to in order to build for the future. Exactly why Ricky only makes the move if it actually builds for the future. Wait it out and get a haul or keep a top of the rotation pitcher and a middle of the order hitter with reasonable salaries. These are likely 2 of the biggest moves for the SOX foreseeable future.
  13. QUOTE (Buehrle>Wood @ Jul 25, 2013 -> 08:28 PM) I know he's terrible in most every aspect of the game, and he's old...and expensive, but Alfonso Soriano is still a .790 OPS player over the past four years. To pay 25 million or whatever on his contract and get nothing in return in the matter of prospects is just ridiculous. Agreed. I bet the Yanks end up picking up $7-9M and throwing in a lottery ticket A-baller. No way Cubs pick up the tab and get nothing in return.
  14. QUOTE (Big Hurtin @ Jul 25, 2013 -> 08:32 PM) I think people are really overrating what they think Peavy will bring back. Re: pushing Dunn Perhaps they mean in the way the Marlins wanted teams to take Dontrelle Willis to get Cabrera, as we as Mike Lowell with Josh Beckett to Red Sox. I think you're underestimating Hahn's leverage with Peavy and Rios. The SOX do not have to move either, and SHOULD not move Peavy unless they get a haul - Hahn will likely even throw in a $5M+ to improve the package w/ Peavy. Rios is a different animal, and I think he will be moved if possible, but Hahn is still in very good position. No reason to take an offer at this minute unless someone bowls you over. De Aza could apply in the very same way due to his contract value and status.
  15. QUOTE (greg775 @ Jul 24, 2013 -> 06:20 PM) What's the delay? Trade Rios and trade him ASAP. Get what you can for him. Nice.
  16. QUOTE (103 mph screwball @ Jul 24, 2013 -> 04:45 PM) I agree! With the money saved if they trade Jake, they can not manipulate the draft due to the new rules. They can not throw unlimited cash at international players. There is always the risk that the free agents on the market will not want to play for the Sox or be so over priced that the Sox don't feel comfortable signing the player. What they can do is continue to pay Jake and some cash strapped team going for it all could send a load of quality prospects. I think that is the best way to use money to rebuild the Sox quickly. Ding, ding, ding. Don't necessarily pick it all up, but pick up a good chunk of these guys salaries and decimate a few farm systems.
  17. I watched the documentary last night and absolutely loved it. Hawk is character, that is for sure. I am open to a change in the booth, mainly because the Hawk is getting old, but that man loves him some White Sox baseball. It is rare when I come across a fan that loves the SOX more than I do, but I think Hawk has me beat. Highly recommended to anyone who is a baseball fan, whether you love the Hawk or hate him.
  18. QUOTE (greg775 @ Jul 21, 2013 -> 08:12 PM) I was thinking today when the announcer said Tampa had won 17 of 19 (with the Sox help of course). If the Sox starting today won 17 of 19 (which we won't, but...) how many games do you think the Sox would be out. I still think we'd be a bunch of games behind. Stat people? Let's say everyone else plays .500 baseball during that time, the SOX would be roughly 8-9 games out.
  19. QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ Jul 18, 2013 -> 01:54 PM) Hopefully it's not the same PK that has been playing since last June. I see PK in the dugout. What happened to the rehab??
  20. QUOTE (elrockinMT @ Jul 21, 2013 -> 11:33 AM) I for one hope we do have Rios after the trade deadline and into next year. I think he is as good an OF'er and hitter with speed as anyone we have on the team and in our system. He is in demand, but the one that we should be discussing is Viciedo. What is up with that guy? He has an above average arm and it's exciting to see him throw out baserunners but where is his hitting? Where are the homers we saw in 2012? I sure don't want to see us give up Rios for some AA prospect and then throw in cash at the same time, if in fact he is traded. Rios offensively has contributed to the Sox in a positive manner. I don't see this team in a must trade situation where we tear everything down to rebuild. Tweaking works just fine for me I have said it over, over, and over again. The SOX will NOT trade Rios (or Peavy) unless they get what they want.
  21. QUOTE (greg775 @ Jul 19, 2013 -> 03:53 PM) That article said they both combined are worth $4 million. That's scary bad in this economy. That's Francouer-like. I don't mind having Alexei on the Sox. I'd dump Rios for whatever we can get and force the future to begin in right field. $4M surplus value, not what they're worth.
  22. QUOTE (greg775 @ Jul 19, 2013 -> 02:25 PM) Crazy? Two guys we are desperate to get rid of? I don't understand reasoning sometimes. Probably the same reason why absolutely no one who posts here understands yours.
  23. QUOTE (Buehrle>Wood @ Jul 18, 2013 -> 07:28 PM) What other pitchers are above him? Would you trade Kershaw for Sale straight up? Lol, no. Harvey is the only one you consider there that I can think of. Exactly. Sale's real value is in the top 5, easy. People will be a slow to recognize it due to his quirks, but if he stays healthy and electric, it won't take much longer. Is Kershaw a better pitcher today? Maybe. But you take Sale w/ 6.5 years of control at an incredibly team-friendly rate over Kershaw and 1.5 years of control every, single, day. That is just one example of the many guys who will be 1-15.
  24. QUOTE (GreenSox @ Jul 18, 2013 -> 05:57 PM) I'd guess something like Peavy, Rios and $10 mill to the Rangers for 2 B prospects and a youngish backup on their ML roster. Good lord, I am happy you're not the GM. If the SOX are moving Rios, Peavy and sending $10M in the deal, they better be getting some very legitimate talent ready to produce by next year. If not, why trade them? Neither have outrageous contracts. No point in trading guys just to trade them, the SOX have plenty of money coming off the books in the next 36 months. I just don't think the SOX will trade guys to drop payroll to $60M and be the Marlins next year, and the move you suggested would be just that.
  25. QUOTE (kwolf68 @ Jul 18, 2013 -> 05:38 PM) I'm ready for a bunch of deals just to get some new blood in here...I'm reading Bears notes in freaking July and that's not right. I've been reading college hoops stuff for a couple weeks now as well, even more not right. Its a bummer, really. It will definitely be interesting to see the moves, but I am starting to think that Crain and maybe one other player, say De Aza, will be traded. Peavy and Rios are here unless someone overpays, which is good. Danks and Dunn are probably gone if someone takes on their salaries, and throws in a lottery ticket A baller, but that's unlikely. Lindstrom could go, but the SOX have a nice option on him next year - he wouldn't be a terrible guy to keep around. Addison isn't going anywhere, nor is Tank or Beckham. Alexei is a wild card because I think the SOX would move him if they were to acquire someone to play short (such as Chris Ownings from the DBacks in a Rios / Crain deal), but that is probably unlikely as well. If the dominoes start rolling though, you never know. Some fresh blood, and some legit young bats would definitely be refreshing.
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