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**World Soxtalk Championship Wrestling Thread VI**

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3 hours ago, Rowand44 said:

We are.  I’ll be there for Takeover, Rumble, Raw and SD.  Think he’s only going to Takeover and the Rumble 

That's pretty dope! RR's are always a blast and this years card looks pretty awesome. Takeover's are spectacular too.






Even Balor/Brock

Shane/Miz vs. Bar


Are all matches that im excited for.

the fatal 4 cruiserweight should be good. Rusev/Naka while kinda boring might be fun. 

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Brock Lesnar has to go. That guy is fucking cancer to the product right now.


Every single time he is on Raw we are guranteed that a) he's not going to compete, and b) Heyman will say the same shit as always and c) the competitor will come out and make his case why he will beat Lesnar.

It's completely redundant and awful. I like Strowman and I am a huge fan of Finn, and there was even Vince McMahon out there today yet that opening segment SUCKED.

It just served as a reminder on how bad Lesnar has been to the overall product on Raw.

Get him gone and with Reigns gone, we could finally see a good product as it will stabilize everything else.

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I'm not as optimistic on the men's Royal Rumble as I was before.

First, both titles are not really in flow.. We got Lesnar which I've already pointed out multiple times and we got the Bryan/Styles situation which is great on it's own, but Styles shouldn't win so what face can fight Bryan? There isn't any worthwhile right now.

The men's rumble really has no one I want to see win other than __surprise candidate___.

Rollins? No, fuck him he's dulled down. Ambrose? Hell no. McIntyre - again, completely dulled out. Really, I have no idea who should win and in this particular case that's a bad thing since there's no one credible. Strowman? To set up a Brock vs Braun at WM? I guess that makes sense, but it would be boring AF.

Last year I wanted and expected Shinsuke Nakumara to win and he did end up winning.

This year? I don't know.

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How'd you guys like NXT Takeover? That Ricochet / Gargano match was simply superb, amazing. The main event was solid and I felt the Tag match and women's match was good as well. Overall, nothing flashy/spectacular, just another great NXT Takeover event.


Now it's RR time. Predictions:

Rusev vs. Naka : Give it to Rusev, I guess
Cruiserweights: Don't know, but to be complete: Buddy Murphy
SD Tag titles: Going Shane+Miz
SD Womens: Asuka retains by hook or crook. Likely DQ ending of sorts.
Raw Womens: Ronda easily retains
Raw Mens: Brock easily retains
SD Mens: Going with Daniel Bryan, but somewhat unpredictable here
Mens RR: Gotta be down to Rollins or Strowman. I'm thinking I'll pick Rollins
W RR: Charlotte or Lynch or both??? Hm.. Going with Lynch as that seems to be the story.

Most looking forward to: Hopefully seeing Velveteen dream in the RR!!

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Takeover was great per usual.  Didn’t think it was their best show but that’s just because everyone is always amazing.

I’m pretty stoked for tonight.  We’re staying at the same hotel as the wrestlers, kinda bizarre just seeing them around as normal people ha. 

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Brock fucking sucks and is ultimately damaging to the product, but there's no denying his skill set. 


Anyway, I predicted essentially everything right (sans the Nakamura vs. Rusev match, but who cares -- haven't watched them in months).

The first half of the show was simply phenomenal. The latter half had hits or misses.

Biggest miss was Bryan vs. AJ. These 'dream' matches are over. AJ is no longer an instant classic wrestler. He has failed with Bryan, Naka, Owens, Joe.

Biggest hits were the woman's Title matches, although while the 'Becky Lynch Story' is quite awesome right now, I think WWE risks  losing 'it' with her by overexposure. Having her in the title match and winning the rumble match like that is not a success IMO.

The rumble matches were hurt by no believable competitors. On the woman's I correctly called Charlotte or Lynch with Lynch as the favorite. On the men, I correctly called Rollins with Strowman second. Second year in a row I get both rumbles 100% accurate. Sad.


Anyway, a good event. 

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Also -- not a big fan of Rollins. I'll give him a shot here during the WM build, but I've been very hit or miss with him and it just gets old. He's not reigns-level bad, but I don't actively look to support him.

I didn't see a huge pop for him either as the winner. 

Don't see Lesnar vs. Rollins as a success or something to look forward to.

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41 minutes ago, 2nd_city_saint787 said:

How one can not be a fan of Seth Rollins is beyond me...... Does this guy like anybody? 



Yeah he's probably the most over male and the obvious choice to beat Brock at mania. 

Just look at the source of the bad take. 😂

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Rollins winning was the right choice and he derseves to get back to the main event picture (heck he was main eventig as the IC champ). However the “lack huge pop” at the end was not to his fault. Fans were looking for a surprise entrant at 30th and they ended up with Nia Jax. That killed the intrigue to the math itself a bit. McIntyre and Rollins should have been the last two standing since there is ongoing storyline between them, there is nothing going on with Rollins and Braun. And also women’s RR took way too long and I suspect they have to wrap the men’s match up quick. They should have let the final two wrestle for a bit and Ron would have gotten his “huge pop” from the crowd.

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7 hours ago, 2nd_city_saint787 said:


I wanted to hear the pop Becky got to start the show so pulled it up when I got home and it doesn't do it justice. It was close to Austin levels back in the day Live. 

Thought it was loud for SETH as well but I was exhausted after that show. It was long and the chairs were uncomfortable. Can't speak for others there.

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