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LaRussa retiring on Monday

Jack Parkman

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10 minutes ago, South Side Hit Men said:

Pretty weak the White Sox do not stream press conferences or post game manager comments on their website.

Because they don’t want people To see the bullshit and expose themselves to televised embarrassment.

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10 minutes ago, TitoMB345 said:

When the f*** is this happening? It's almost 4PM. When should I bust out the champagne?

I don't know if they will stream the video and or audio, but I'm trying their flagship radio station link:


The worthless 670 WHORE has an NFL segment at 4.

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Hahn will be hosting the Press Conference, Tony La Russa will not be there but released a full statement.


Refreshing Tony La Russa takes responsibility, something I don't recall during the La Russa era. And unlike the worthless Rick Hahn, he addresses fan criticism not with scorn but with appreciation and honesty.

Players are filing in to speak per Scott Merkin.

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4 minutes ago, YouCanPutItOnTheBoardYES! said:

I don’t doubt that he is going through some health problems, but my theory is that they are using this as the reason for his departure instead of “firing” him.

Eloy vs Wall said other issue is definitely serious 

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