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2022 World Series - Phillies/Astros

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Missed what looks like an exciting game.  Is that a save for our old friend David Robertson?  What do you know....a game can actually end in 10 innings even without that phantom runner bs.

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12 hours ago, Harold's Leg Lift said:

This new playoff format pretty much proves MLB players just don'r give a s%*# about the regular season.

I know a manager like that except his team didn't make it.

Some guys are great post season performers and then there are future HoF guys that can't get it done in the post season.  That happens in all sports.

Houston might have entered into a dry spell.

The odd thing about baseball is the best team hardly ever wins it all. 

There are kneejerk reactions over one game. 

I do admire the Astro since they can let big names go and have replacements that become big names.  They also are not afraid to spend money.

Solid organizations don't end up with a Moncada because the message is there is someone on the farm to take their place.  This is the problem with the Sox.  There is no pressure to perform.  The organization is stupid in many ways.


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2 hours ago, flavum said:

If they don’t play tonight, they’re considering pushing back everything by a day. So a game 6 and 7 would be Saturday and Sunday night. 

This is now official. No game tonight.

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