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  1. I have never actually hated a sports team before, with the possible exception of the 86 Packers, but I truly just cannot stand the Astros . I always wish the winning team well, but this year I just feel, **** them.
  2. Bryce Harper ~ worth the price of admission..
  3. At this point i'm just glad that LaRussa is gone, and that it's not Guillén . wonder how different things might have been, if Grifol had started the 2022 season.
  4. Realmuto with one of those home runs, that Phillies fans will never forget.
  5. You would think that after this debacle of a season, that the very least that they could do, would be to form up on stage and answer questions from the fans . it would be pure hell for them, but somewhat cathartic for the fans . they messed up . we know it . they know it . for the good of the city, the organization, and all Chicago White Sox fans, at least have the courtesy to show up.
  6. I was bummed when the Astros won, and turned it off . now, I have to watch the other games from last night . I cannot believe the Padres beat the Dodgers!!! . everyone I know, said the Dodgers were unbeatable, heh . and crazy that the Guardians got 3 in the 9th . would enjoy a Philly-Cleveland World Series . I guess it's like they say, just get in and anything can happen . wonder if we ever get back in, in my lifetime.
  7. Julio Rodríguez ,man, that guy can cover some ground . saved the game so far.
  8. Two famous Chicago business men.. Al Capone, American gangster and businessman, who attained notoriety during the Prohibition era, was famous for running a multi-million-dollar Chicago operation in gambling, bootlegging and prostitution in the 1920s. Jerry Reinsdorf, American lawyer and businessman, who started his professional life as a tax attorney with the Internal Revenue Service, is famous for running a multi-million-dollar Chicago operation in real estate, Chicago sports teams.
  9. In 1905, during one of the worst winters on record, the ship “Susanna” took 99 days rounding Cape Horn . Captain Christian Jürgens, sitting at anchor off of Iquique, Chilie, simply wrote in his log, So ends, So ends this blasted passage . now that this long and frustrating season is over, here's hoping that out next voyage will have clear sailing ahead,
  10. "So Ends ... So Ends This Blasted Passage"
  11. I just wish that i had found this place years ago.
  12. I trust the front office about as far as i can throw a piano, but if i'm still around, i'll be watching.
  13. I'm glad this horrid season is ending in a few hours, but it won't be long before i'm counting the days until pitchers & catchers . and so it goes..
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