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  1. Really looking forward to the Rangers - Orioles and Phillies - Braves . the Dbacks are fun to watch, but the Twins, Astros, and Dodgers give me hay fever.
  2. I will be watching next year, knowing that they are not going to be much better than this year, but, now that i'm over the rebuild collapse, I won't be so upset, and it will just be another long season . i've been through some really bad seasons before, and next year, and probably years to come, will just be more of that.
  3. I'll watch most, if not all games, but i'm only really interested in the Marlins.
  4. I still had every game on, but didn't always pay attention . the only season that I can recall where missed a lot of games, was in 1983, because I was overseas the whole summer.
  5. So ends . so ends . this blasted passage..
  6. Really looking forward to the D-backs - Brewers match up . great defense is my favorite part of the game, and both teams excel at playing defense.
  7. Marlins pull out another one . Burger had a great game . this team is fun to watch.
  8. The Marlins have been doing this all year..
  9. Yea well, I just thought the games were more interesting when he played . it's just a personal thing.
  10. Yea, I watch all of the Marlins games, and Burger has become a real fan favorite . makes no sense that the Sox got rid of their best power hitter.
  11. I've liked that kid since the first time I saw him play . Really wished that he was wearing a Sox uniform, but then if he came up through the White Sox system, he would probably looked lost and confused, like all of our players do.
  12. Not sure if it's my health issues, or the fact that this organization is dead in the water and sinking by the bow, but for the first time in my life I really have no interest in watching the White Sox . I have them on like always, but mostly ignore it, while i'm paying attention to the Marlins broadcast, which I have much more interest in now . wondering if this is going to be it for me as a Sox fan, or if the interest will return . it's very weird and depressing.
  13. White Sox baseball . always finding new ways to lose.
  14. Yea, same here . i've had MLB Extra Innings or MLB.com baseball every year for around 20 years . I really don't see any point in going through the nightmare that is coming next year . i'll just watch whatever is on.
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