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  1. I wasn't defending Hahn . i think that both Hahn and Williams are fucking assholes . how's that for an excuse.
  2. I've been wondering all season long, just exactly how many of the moves the Sox made, are Ken Williams doing, and not Rick Hahn . reclamation projects and past their prime players, are KW's forte, after all . for the sake of the ball club, let's hope that they are both gone during the off season.
  3. and down in Texas, Cleveland is getting ready to celebrate . what a fucking drag this is..
  4. Moncada's swing isn't that different from Robert's
  5. Guardians just showing the Sox how this game is supposed to be played.
  6. His home run trot, and running to 1st on a ground ball, are identical.
  7. Jose is so old school tough . just a good ball player.
  8. It seems like the Guardians are just toying with the Sox.
  9. He's only saying what the great majority of Sox fans have been saying all season long . around the beginning of spring training, I think that many fans had that feeling of dread, worried that the moves weren't done to improve the team, and that this team just wasn't going to live up to the hype.
  10. Perhaps the Sox should be consulting message boards, on what to do next . what I read here, and elsewhere, makes a lot more sense, than what they actually do . after the fiasco of the last few years, will the front office do what it takes to improve the club, for next year, and beyond . I no longer trust any of them.
  11. The Sox are playing like it's the first day of spring training.
  12. Right now, the Guardians are a lot more fun to watch than the Sox . wondering how far they will go.
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