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  1. I was in high school that year and players like Luis Aparicio, Ed Herrmann, Wilbur Wood, Tommy John, Carlos May, Bill Melton, Walt Williams, and my favorite Ken Berry made it fun for me . the stadium was mostly empty and sometimes they would come over and talk . I loved those guys.
  2. This has been a really good ballgame . the kind that I never thought to see this year.
  3. What's the point in throwing a perfect pitch if you don't get the call.
  4. It seems a bit odd to me that there are so many people surprised by what this team looks like . we all knew this would happen . someday they will be good again, just not today.
  5. I partied for 3 days when Dollar Bill died . Blackhawks fans were finally free of him . after suffering through all of those years of Bill Wirtz, I never thought that I would hate anyone as much . I do.
  6. At this point just having better defense is something positive for me, since that's my favorite part of the game . not sure that I care how many games that they win, as the entire season will seem like spring training for me.
  7. White Sox Baseball 2024 - To have hope that a positive occurrence will happen, while simultaneously readying for the negative outcome . like the old saying, hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
  8. Really looking forward to the Rangers - Orioles and Phillies - Braves . the Dbacks are fun to watch, but the Twins, Astros, and Dodgers give me hay fever.
  9. I will be watching next year, knowing that they are not going to be much better than this year, but, now that i'm over the rebuild collapse, I won't be so upset, and it will just be another long season . i've been through some really bad seasons before, and next year, and probably years to come, will just be more of that.
  10. I'll watch most, if not all games, but i'm only really interested in the Marlins.
  11. I still had every game on, but didn't always pay attention . the only season that I can recall where missed a lot of games, was in 1983, because I was overseas the whole summer.
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