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MVP Baseball 2005

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Things I want improved in MVP 2005:


-Left Handed hitting glitch. It sucked ass to realize that, halfway through the year, Jose Valentin had one home run, and Magglio Ordonez had 25+. Give me a game where hitting from both sides of the plate is equal.


-Minor league developement. I was so happy when I got the rosters imported onto my PS2, and then found out that the minor leaguers never really developed. I wanted to go into rebuilding mode with the Sox, so I traded a lot of guys, and my minor league system was awesome. Then I found out about the glitch...


If they can improve that, I'm going to be so happy. I look forward to the day when I can get through a whole baseball season, and enjoy every single game of it. I've never had that experience, hopefully MVP 2005 will provide that... :headbang

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Could someone explain to me again why all the minor leaguers have to have fake names?

I always forget the reason for that...

Because of some rule that if you can't be on the MLBPA if you have atleast 1 at bat, or pitch to 1 batter. Or something like that...

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All-New Create Ballpark: In Owner Mode, build a pitcher’s paradise or a hitter’s dream. Will you spend your earnings to upgrade your ballpark or to sign that key free agent who could bring you a championship?


Sweet. Since we have so many people here who know how to run a franchise and are willing to lose money this should be fun. :lol:

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Create a stadium

That is absolutly sweet! I had that idea about 3 years ago and was hoping a game would sell that as an add-on. They are building it into the game? That rocks! :headbang


(PS: When i was younger I wanted to be an architect and eventually desgin baseball stadiums. In fact, I still have scetch pads full of ball parks I designed when i was in Jr. High)

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