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  1. Basically a 4 year deal.
  2. HoosierSox

    Oscar Colas declared free agent

    Here is video of Colas pitching.
  3. HoosierSox

    Old: Mega Hendriks Speculation Thread

    Another wife blocking the Sox, ala Zack Wheeler. Although Chicago > anyplace in Canada. L
  4. HoosierSox

    Joe Musgrove Thread

    Stiever + Rutherford. Who says no?
  5. HoosierSox

    Oscar Colas declared free agent

    Colas and Pino for next signing period. Mas Cubanos. 🇨🇺
  6. HoosierSox

    Sox sign Adam Eaton 1 year, $7m plus option

    Next move. Dennis Eckersly for closer.
  7. HoosierSox

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    Or someone out of left field like Fuld.
  8. HoosierSox

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    Might as well bring Hawk back to be GM. After a year he can fire TLR again.😀
  9. HoosierSox

    Mazara and Right Field Thread

    It's too late now but would love to have Arozarena, another Cuban, patrolling RF. Cardinals seemed like they gave up on him and he has been amazing this postseason.
  10. HoosierSox

    Pitching Coach Candidates

    Zaleski seems like the obvious choice internally since he has worked with most of the current and upcoming pitchers on the system.
  11. HoosierSox

    Hinch a leading candidate for Sox mgr job

    Alex Cora makes a ton of sense. I'd take him over Alomar.
  12. Foster Bummer Crochet Hueur Marshall Colome These should be the pitchers tommorow in no particular order.
  13. I would wait until as late as possible and have Crochet start for 2 to 3 innings.
  14. HoosierSox

    Umpires embarassing themselves all year.

    This would have been the perfect season to test out an automated strike zone.
  15. Engel should be playing RF the rest of the way. No reason to play Mazara.
  16. HoosierSox

    Trade Watch Rumor

    Agreed. 3rd starter can be a tandem of Dunning and Cease.
  17. HoosierSox

    UDFA Tracker - Signing Period has begun

    Surprised they haven't signed Madrigals brother.
  18. HoosierSox

    2021 MLB Draft Thread

    They should do something like take the average draft position from the previous 3-5 years including the shortened season and set the order accordingly.
  19. HoosierSox

    White Sox 2020 Draft Day discussion thread

    Does he like to cut up jerseys. If so, we're in good shape.
  20. HoosierSox

    Abreu Signs 3/$50M Extension

    EE is the odd man out and Jose becomes DH when Vaughn is ready.
  21. HoosierSox

    FS: What's Driving Mercedes' Power?

    Yermin looks to have a good approach at the plate. He is a great bat to have on the bench looking for some late inning power.
  22. HoosierSox

    FS: What's Driving Mercedes' Power?

    How about 26th man for Yermin? Emergency catcher and pinch hitting power bat off the bench. If EE has an injury he slides into DH role.
  23. HoosierSox

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    I think the reports I have seen say Torkelson has more power but Vaughn is a better overall hitter.