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  1. JoeCredeYes

    RIP Ed Farmer

    Haha, when I got home my Dad was like "c'mon man, he went to Rita!!!" Haha I shoulda known!
  2. JoeCredeYes

    RIP Ed Farmer

    Rest In Peace Farmio, I will always have a special place in my heart for Ed. I spent a lot of time delivering pizzas growing up in Tinley Park, listened to Sox games in the car as much as I could. My favorite Farmer call from that era was when Bob Howry beaned Torii Hunter, apparently Hunter was giving Howry the stare down, Farmer said something to the effect of "yeah, go on out there Torii, you'll have one less "I" in your name and in your head!" Right around that time I was able to meet Ed, a family friend happened to be a chef in the clubhouse restaurant, once a year he would get us a free skybox. The last year he worked there he took me down the hall and into to the broadcast booth to meet Ed during an inning, my 17 year old mind was blown. Ed popped up, shook my hand all while Rooney handled the game, asked me where I went to school, I told him Providence Catholic, his reply "ahhhh the Augustians!" At the time I didn't know he went to St Rita, so I was taken aback by his knowledge of Catholic orders. Longest fingers of any man I've shaken hands with, must have come in handy for wrapping up those curve balls! Ed wasn't everybody's cup of tea, but you can't deny the passion Ed had for White Sox Baseball and the love he brought to that park every day. I feel like there's not many of these guys left, every time we lose one it is a sad day. Thanks for the memories Ed, your passion for baseball rubbed off on this Sox fan and you got me through many a long shift!
  3. JoeCredeYes

    Hahn on Manny Loss...

    I agree with everything you just said whole heartedly as do all of my real Sox fan friends and family I've spoken with. I really hope ownership takes notice.
  4. JoeCredeYes

    Hahn on Manny Loss...

    Long time lurker, rare poster here. This is why I don't even believe the Sox offered anywhere close to $250M. You have to consider State Tax rates in this deal, it's too big not to, unless Manny truly only cared about the long term guarantee/weather/whatever. My thoughts in this are due to the potential earnings over the first 8 years. AAV of $30Mper (Pads) and $31.25Mper (Sox), CA state tax rate of 13.3% for earners over $1M, IL flat state tax of 4.95%, this equates to Manny saving $29,545,000 more over the course of 8 years if he signed with the Sox. There's some Federal Tax implications as well for no longer being able to deduct state taxes on your federal, but I'm too lazy and stupid to figure all those out. The whole thing just doesn't make a lick of sense dollars wise. Please feel free to poke any and all errors made in this statement btw if there's any CPAs out there.
  5. JoeCredeYes

    Hawk to retire at the end of 2018 season

    I'll miss Hawk. We all know it's time, but I chose to remember the good days. Fond memories of yesteryear, asking my Dad what the heck a cat-bird seat was, what the heck a can-of-corn had to do with a baseball game. I'll miss his candor. The number of guys that can actually get away with saying what they feel in our social justice warrior era can be counted on a couple hands at best. I'll miss his enthusiasm. Hawk has been the voice of my baseball team for as far back as my memory goes, and I think growing up listening to a guy live and die on every pitch in a game where essentially nothing ever happens, made me feel like it was important, like that's how I should feel about baseball, and it worked. He put everything he had in to this gig for a long time, and as corny as it sounds you can't argue with the passion he brought to the mic day in and day out. I'm glad I got to grow up listening to his stories of legends I couldn't pull up youtube videos of at my fingertips. I feel bad for the kids today that will never get to experience that. Sure, the Grandpa campfire story magical feeling waned as I grew older, but I'd still take a tall tale from the Hawk I've heard 100 times over Benetti telling me what his Mom put in his lunchbox. Love em, hate em, somewhere in between, hats off to a legend, the end of an era, this Sox fan will always cherish the memories. Thanks Hawk
  6. JoeCredeYes

    Adam Dunn was just terrible on the Sox

    QUOTE (WBWSF @ May 3, 2017 -> 06:42 AM) Looking back at Dunns time with the White Sox has never been explained. Was he hurt? Did he lose his desire to play after signing a big long term contract? Didn't he like playing for the White Sox? Dunn was the first big free agent signing since Albert Belle. He didn't produce here. Nobody has ever figured it out. Dunn was frequently out drinking with Peavy and Ryan Dempster's ex wife at Houndstooth and other local bars til the wee hours of the morning. I don't think he ever "cared" after he made a little money.
  7. JoeCredeYes

    Red Sox acquire Chris Sale, White Sox get Moncada+

    QUOTE (soxforlife05 @ Dec 6, 2016 -> 01:00 PM) I wouldn't put him over Fulmer and he's probably not as good a hitter as Collins. He didn't do that great in A ball this past season. Honest question, what do people like about Fulmer other than where he was drafted? His mechanics need to be entirely rebuilt, his control is non-existent, and his stuff does not appear to be as advertised to this lay person.
  8. JoeCredeYes

    Adam LaRoche retires

    The time has come for Kenny to go.
  9. JoeCredeYes

    One Thing on Brett Lawrie

    QUOTE (3GamesToLove @ Mar 11, 2016 -> 08:01 AM) One more thing on Brett Lawrie. His surname is pronounced like the name "Laurie," now "Lowry." This confusion alone is enough to make me regret signing him; I hear people getting it wrong more often than not. Hopefully once the game broadcasts start up this'll be rectified? Hopefully Brett rectifies the pronunciation of his name to conform with the English language instead of going around and correcting everybody his entire life.
  10. JoeCredeYes

    Who are the worst players in White Sox history?

    Jesus Pena
  11. JoeCredeYes

    White Sox/Tigers Brawl 2000

    QUOTE (The Ginger Kid @ Jul 16, 2013 -> 12:17 PM) He was a badass. I remember once when he hit Tori Hunter and Hunter glared at him on the way to 1st and Farmio said something like "Yeah Tori, just flap your mouth cuz you don't want none of that." I remember this exact moment. Farmio said something like "go on out there Torii, you'll have one less I in your name and in your head when Bob's done with you". Couldn't believe he said it.
  12. JoeCredeYes

    White Sox projected payroll

    I believe Kalapse stopped updating that spreadsheet because it can all be found here now. http://www.baseball-reference.com/teams/CH...12-roster.shtml
  13. JoeCredeYes

    Tiggers @ Sox 7/27/11 Gamethread (1:10 CT)

    Haha, so Teahen is gone, and Morel still can't get a start against a righty, regardless of the fact that he hits better off righties. I'm seriously so sick of Ozzie, I want him gone yesterday.
  14. JoeCredeYes

    Paul Konerko Re-Signs with White Sox

    QUOTE (iamshack @ Dec 8, 2010 -> 11:37 AM) What angers me is that these ballplayers who are already incredibly wealthy, and claim that their number 1 priority is to win, seem to forget about that come contract negotiation time. Couldn't the guy survive on $10 million a year so we could have signed Putz? Or some other bullpen arms? PK's demands have the potential to hamstring us a bit here, and it frustrates me to no end that the guy doesn't care about that. I'm happy the guy is back. His bat is definitely going to be needed. But I'm also going to look at him in a much different light now then I did just a week ago. Guy has saved the Sox probably 5-8 million over the years, and is taking deferred money to stay in Chicago, and you're going to look at him in a different light? Get real. How are you gonna fault the guy for taking what he's worth? Go ahead and ban me from this site, but this might be the dumbest post I've ever seen.
  15. JoeCredeYes

    Sox ask Tampa Bay about BJ Upton

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Nov 24, 2009 -> 10:19 AM) Joe also had a pretty decent career if you didn't notice. 361 Home Runs and 369 Strike Outs, ridiculous.