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  1. beautox

    Free Agency - How confident are you?

    Where then will they spend the money? on Cole, Rendon or Ozuna? please anyone who has followed this org knows that isn't happening especially after they shit the bed last off-season and got minimal blow back from it.
  2. I'm just saying the calls for locking him up are silly, he still has 1 more year of ARB, play it by ear if he is crushing it up till next ASB sure but until then its just silly. He is more in line with his career then the outlier that was his first half.
  3. beautox

    Free Agency - How confident are you?

    I have 0 confidence the sox will be players in this off season's elite free agents with the exception of Will Smith. They're more likely to make a trade or two and sign players like Matt Moore looking for a bounce back with Kopech and Rodon on their way back. I envision something like this and i'm not endorssing bringing back Abreu for more than anything but a year + opition but here it is. Re-Sign Abreu for 2 years 28 Mil with an option for 12M and 4M buy out Sign RP Will Smith* 3 years 29 Mil Sign SP Matt Moore* 1 year 3 Mil Trade SP Dunning/Stiever + OF Rutherford*/Walker* + 1B Sheets* to the Mariners for SP Marco Gonzales* DH - Mercedes C - Collins* 1B - Abreu 2B - Madrigal SS - Anderson 3B - Moncada# LF - Jimenez CF - Robert RF - Garcia# Robert Anderson Moncada# Jimenez Abreu Mercedes Collins* Garcia# Madrigal C - McCann IF - Sanchez# UT - Goins* UT - Mendick SP - Giolito SP - Lopez SP - Gonzales* <- Trade from SEA SP - Cease SP - Moore* / Kopech / Rodon* CL - Colome SU - Bummer* SU - Smith* MR - Fry* MR - Cordero LO - Frare* LR - Hererra
  4. why does everyone have a hard on for locking McCann up long term, post ASB he has been the definition of a back up catcher. Sign Grandal or give Collins the opportunity to show he can't catch. Everyone use to talk about how "bad" flowers was defensively until one day he wasn't and was one of the best defensive catchers in the game.
  5. beautox

    8/16 Games

    anyone have a count on what Collins' line is since he was sent down?
  6. Nova + Colome to the phillies for Hasely and Marchan
  7. based off what the FO and their mouth pieces have said It wouldn't suprise me if they were targeting Hasely. Colome + Jay for OF Adam Hasely* & C Rafael Marchan# feels right, in terms of value, surplus' from both sides etc. In the prediction thread I was saying Colome to the Phillies so this doesn't surprise me.
  8. beautox

    Sox Interested in Marco Gonzales

    Why not both? sox are going to need a caddy and insurance for all the young pitchers and Rodon/Kopech/Dunning coming back. I've had him in my off season plans for a while and the sox and mariners match up well, hes going to bring them back depth not elite prospects. Hes on pace for a 3+ fWAR year, id gladly take him as our #3-5, hes youngish and cost controlled sign me up. Mid-season 2020 line up DH - Abreu - FA 2 year + option with 7m buy out C - Collins* 1B - Vaughn 2B - Madrigal SS - Anderson 3B - Moncada# LF - Jimenez CF - Robert RF - Puig - FA 4 years + 2 options C - McCann IF - Sanchez# UT - Garcia# OF - Basabe# SP - Giolito SP - Lopez SP - Gonzales* SP - Cease SP - Kopech CL - Rodon* SU - Bummer* SU - Fry* MR - Herera MR - Marshall LO - Medeiros* LR - Wood* - FA 3 years with club option to land Gonzales likely a package of one of Dunning/Walker + Adolfo/Sheets + Burger/Hansen/Burdi
  9. beautox

    2019 Trade Deadline Predictions

    Here are my predictions Colome to the phillies for RHP Spencer Howard & OF Mickey Moniak*. Abreu to the red sox for LHP Darwinzon Hernandez. Nova and $$ to the angels for LHP Hector Yan.
  10. beautox

    2019 MiLB catch all thread

    had such high hopes, best of luck to the kid.
  11. beautox

    7/7 Games

    for me its 1. Luis Robert 2. Steele Walker 3. Rutherford 4. Basabe 5. Gonzalez 6. Adolfo
  12. its been reported by numerous insiders that it is a sellers market this year. I firmly believe Hahn will trade off what remaining assets aren't going to be part of the core going forward. I've been on the Waters since the beginning as it stands no I don't its too big of an ask for a closer with an additional year of control left. Getting Waters or Carlson would be a reasonable return for Colome.
  13. beautox

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    I think Gonzalez and Walker will be the two outfielders that come out the other side. Robert Moncada# Jimenez Vaughn Collins* Anderson Walker* Madrigal Gonzalez* Seems like a lineup we could see late next year. I would love for Hahn to go after Marco Gonzales in trade. Likely sign Puig and Abreu to short deals and pick up some depth like Wood as he is recovering from a back issue and Wacha.
  14. beautox

    Banuelos to IL; Fulmer recalled

    I would like to believe the team gives him till the end of the year to try and figure it out at the ML level. If he could reproduce his results from AAA he would be a welcomed addition to the pen; here is hoping he crushes it this go around.
  15. beautox

    The 2020 Rotation - What’s Your Plan?

    I will be pleasantly surprised; but when the market served up Machado and Harper on their doorsteps they couldn't close the deal and thats with all major competitors out on them(NYY, BOS, CHC, LAD). I'm sure they'll pick up some mid tier vets and make some trades but I'll believe it when I see it. If you can't open up the pocket book for perennial all-stars that are 26, what makes you think they're going to pay top dollar against all the major franchises for top tier free agent players?