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  1. beautox

    Fire Ricky

    Reminds me of when he had the bright idea Drew Anderson of AAAA fame was going to go 3+; just fucking dumb. Ricky couldn't read the room if it was on fire.
  2. bold prediction, baseball is weird Sox win 8-2 everyone in the line up gets a hit.
  3. looks like fry is short arming everything
  4. So glad there is an ignore button on this board, sox are back negative vibes can ride the bench.
  5. also i hate when umps throw to the pitcher.
  6. dog shit selection by grandal.
  7. beautox

    Trevor Bauer updates

    video from above tweet.
  8. beautox


    Its as if development isn't linear...I honestly question if people shitting on rookies watched Yoan or Eloy last year...(I'm going with a no). Having said that here is hoping Nomar goes on a May of '17 like tear from here till the end of the world series.
  9. beautox

    Sox @ Reds GT 9/19/20

    Watch out virtual reds fans!!!
  10. beautox

    9/18 White Sox @ Reds at 6:10

    Looking forward to his break down he'll post in a week or so of the game.
  11. I don't foresee the pen being on the off-season agenda outside of minor league free agents for depth. CL - Bummer* SU - Heuer SU - Marshall SU - Foster MR - Fry* MR - Cordero RP - Burdi LR - Crochet* Crochet is going to be broken in, in a similar fashion as Buehrle/Sale/Quintana before. Burdi at the front end can get comfortable with out feeling the pressure to be the "closer". I'm just hoping Hamilton can make it through and back to the sox; kid has just had bad luck, but is incredibly talented.