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  1. beautox

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    Its entirely possible that Rutschman goes #1 overall unless prospect fatigue or the O's realize that an above average catcher isn't going to catapult their restart and decide to go underslot with Witt or Abrams at #1. If the O's pass on Rutschman I think he lands with the sox at 3 because of the royals org depth at C between Perez, Melendez & Viloria and I don't see them going with Vaughan at #2 after having taken Pratto in '17. I would not be surprised if that come Monday June 3rd the O's take Witt #1 and the Royals take Abrams #2, both underslot.
  2. beautox

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    Hes got a 45+FV on him according to fangaphs and is young and doing well in A ball, FG had this to say about both Rodriguez & Perez. Both of them appear to be two wild cards that you typically see come back for a solid back of the rotation starter, with Rodriguez being #144 on "The Board".
  3. beautox

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    2020 (OD) 2020 (A-S) 2021 (OD) 1B: Collins Collins Collins 2B: Madrigal Madrigal Madrigal SS: Anderson Anderson Anderson 3B: Moncada Moncada Moncada LF: Luis G Luis G Luis G CF: Robert Robert Robert RF: Luis B Luis B Luis B DH: Jimenez Jimenez Jimenez CA: Grandal Grandal Rutschman I think we see Robert, Madrigal & Collins all graduate this year at some point. I think both Luis' make their way to AAA as well. I also think prospect fatigue will be real with Rutschman ala Rodon and the sox pick him at 3. The Os will go underslot for Witt and KC going for Lodolo or Thompson. Lastly this will be the final sell off this trade deadline I hope the sox focus on super low minors to supplement the pipeline. Alex Colome for OF Drew Waters# & LHP Kyle Muller from the braves Ivan Nova for OF Julio Rodriguez & LHP Brayan Perez from the mariners Kelvin Herrera for 3B Malcom Nunez & C Ivan Herrera from the cardinals Yonder Alonso for OF Jeremy De La Rosa from the nationals Jose Abreu for SS Livan Soto from the angels
  4. beautox

    4/19 Games #CeaseRainedOutDay

    yes early on he had top 10 buzz link
  5. beautox

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    Here is my "realistic" 2020 lineup CF - Robert 3B - Moncada# 1B - Jimenez C - Grandal# SS - Anderson DH - Collins* 2B - Madrigal RF - Basabe# LF - Gonzalez*
  6. beautox

    And that's a White Sox winner!

    Oof thats right in the zone of yeah i might bite. between Alvarez and Collins you'll def have 1B/DH on lock.
  7. beautox

    And that's a White Sox winner!

    Maybe the sox can catch some late bloomer magic and he becomes our version of Joey Wendle.
  8. beautox

    And that's a White Sox winner!

    Love Eloy but after the trade deadline he needs to pick up a first basemens glove. The bat will play anywhere and if everything works out we're looking at a right handed Carlos Delgado with a tick more average.
  9. beautox

    4/18 Games

    Id like to wish cast on something like this DH - Collins* C - Rutschman# 1B - Jimenez 2B - Madrigal SS - Anderson 3B - Moncada# LF - Gonzalez* CF - Robert RF - Basabe#
  10. Glad to see Moncada still in the game, that was close. Hope Gio is ok he was dominating.
  11. link "By taking 13% of his plate appearances that were walks and strikeouts last season and turning them into batted balls, even with just the .164 ISO and .344 BABIP from last season, his wRC+ would go from 97 up to 114 and result in a 3.5 WAR season instead of an average one."
  12. beautox

    4/15 Games

    I would like to see Robert and Madrigal pushed soon, Walker take his place at A+. Sink or swim for Booker at AAA and push one of Basabe or Gonzalez to AAA
  13. beautox

    2020 Lineup

    Here is what I'm thinking late 2020 DH - Abreu (they'll extend him) C - Castillo 1B - Collins* picks up some time as 3rd catcher 2B - Madrigal SS - Anderson 3B - Moncada# LF - Jimenez CF - Robert RF - Gonzalez* C - Zavala MI - Rondon IF - Sanchez# UT - Garcia# SP - Rodon* SP - Giolito SP - Lopez SP - Cease SP - Kopech CL - Burdi SU - Fry* SU - Burr MR - Hamilton MR - Frare* LO - Banuelos* LR - Fulmer
  14. beautox

    2019 MLB draft thread

    My bold prediction both Baltimore and KC go under slot. O's with Witt and KC with Lodolo leaving the sox wide open to take Rutschman at 3, the second round pick with be Blake Walston and the third round pick will be Erik Miller.
  15. beautox

    Sox Home Opener vs Ms

    Rip Beckham