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  1. beautox


    Now offically rest up and get healthy for a hopefully deep run. Loved watching history on my lunch!
  2. So if the pool is similar to years previous the white sox have a balance of roughly 1.6M is that enough to sign 2B Cesar Prieto if he is cleared?
  3. beautox

    It's FutureSox Top 30 week!

    I was thinking more in terms of production and fit. Someone who can handle CF but is pushed to RF due to having a GG in CF. 275/.325/.435 15+ HR 25+ SB with above average defense in RF with a + arm
  4. beautox

    It's FutureSox Top 30 week!

    Great work as always, I get Alex Rios vibes from Cespedes.
  5. beautox

    Playoff odds

    Agreed it is embarrassing lol.
  6. beautox

    2022 White Sox Schedule released

    Looking forward to seeing them in Colorado and likely San Fran. I do think the royals or tigers take steps forward all the while the twins and Cleveland step further back so it'll round out but the Central should be wide open for the Sox.
  7. Do we know any of the other names the sox are connected to?
  8. I wonder if the FO has Cesar Prieto in their mid term plans. He's a second basemen should be available this upcoming international period with Colas and is also left handed. Some more information here & here. Video here
  9. beautox

    8/3 Game Thread Sox vs Royals 7:10 1st pitch

    Vaughn OP plz don't nerf!!!
  10. world series? I think provided everyone is healthy the post season roster looks like this. Anderson - SS Robert - CF Moncada# - 3B Jimenez - DH Abreu - 1B Grandal# - C Vaughn - LF Sheets* / Goodwin* / Engel (Hot Hand) - RF Hernandez# - 2B Collins* - C Garcia# - UT Engel / Sheets* or Goodwin* - OF Hamilton - OF Lynn Rodon* Giolito Cease Hendriks Kimbrel Bummer* Kopech Crochet* Tepera Ruiz Lopez Keuchel*
  11. beautox

    8/1 Game Thread Sox vs Guardians 1:10

    GOODWIN with the GOOD WIN!!!
  12. beautox

    8/1 Game Thread Sox vs Guardians 1:10

    nice catch by zimmer.
  13. beautox

    8/1 Game Thread Sox vs Guardians 1:10

    Kimbrel looking pretty good there.
  14. Sad to see Madrigal go; excited about Kimbrel's impact on this bullpen and the post-season. World Series or bust! Burger better get his 2B glove ready