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  1. beautox

    Trade Whispers - Starting Pitchers

    Id welcome Gonzales on the squad, hes 28 has 4 years left at 29M and a reasonable option with no buy out. Gonzales + Seager for Stiever, Heuer, Mendick and Dalquist. Sox take on all of seagers contract and his player option since he is traded (15M) 33.5 in total only counts for roughly 14.3 AAV. Giolito Keuchel* Lynn Gonzales* Cease Hendriks Bummer* Marshall Crochet* Foster Fry* Cordero Lopez Anderson Moncada# Abreu Jimenez Seager* Robert Grandal# Madrigal Eaton* Collins* Beckham Garcia# Engel
  2. beautox

    Trevor Bauer Thread

    I don't disagree I just don't see the yankees paying that additional premium for Bauer and going into the tax territory when ownership has been preaching about getting under the threshold and there are going to be significant raises coming up and down that roster. The angels might stick their toe over the line I could see that and the west appears to be wide open. The giants are not going to spend that money on Bauer when they're facing down the Padres and Dodgers, Gausman picking up the QO and their recent signing of Wood points to a no for me.
  3. beautox

    Trevor Bauer Thread

    link So where does Bauer go? Dodgers have checked in on Bryant and Semien and could bring back Turner, their rotation is set and they're up against the threshold Yankees are pushing up against the threshold and will likely bring back Tanaka. Mets have the space and money but their rotation is pretty set with the addition of Lucchesi. Matz and Lucchesi will battle it out for #5. deGrom, Carrasco, Stroman, Peterson, Syndergaad & Matz/Lucchesi. Angels have the money but would go over with their recent signing of Quintana. Nats are in a similar situation to the mets except they've got Ross and Fedde as their #5 Red Sox are not spending money or competing in the AL East this season. Astros, I can't see Bauer wanting to goto Houston based off his videos and the Astros are pretty set at SP as well with Verlander coming back. Padres are stacked. White sox have the need and money but will JR loosen the purse strings to put them over the top? Rockies are stuck in a quagmire and doesn't come close to what Bauer has publicly stated he wants. Phillies make sense from a $ and market stand point but they're looking up in the east and their core isn't great. Giants have done a nice job of remaking their rotation but are looking up at the dodgers and padres. Cards and Reds are in a similar situation where their division is up for grabs. Braves could be a landing spot, but they're 6 deep in the rotation and need to replace Ozuna & Duvall's production. Jays could be a fit even with their spending spree on Springer & Brantley, their rotation needs a lot of work. Twins could be a fit as well but they're going to need to spend on production at DH and BP as Rogers and Duffey are the only assets back there.
  4. beautox

    the Corbin Burnes thread **on ice***

    If its Kopech + + and the sox hold onto Madrigal and Vaughn, so be it but id rather they just spend the money on a FA and keep the depth.
  5. beautox

    Jose Quintana...Signs with Angels (1YR 8M)

    ....God Damn, well hopefully the Angels are out of the Bauer sweepstakes (let me dream!)
  6. beautox

    $15m and two moves to finish the roster

    Sign the following: Quintana - 2 years 18M with a club option and buy out ( 8M for '21, 10M for '22, AAV of 9M, club option is 12M with 2M buy out). Profar - 2 years 9M with a club option and buy out (4.5M for '21, 4.5M for '22, AAV of 4.5M, club option is 7M with 500k buy out). Flowers - 1 year 2.5M or trade for Anthony Bemboom of the angels as he is now blocked by Suzuki & Stassi and allocate the additional 2M to Quintana & Profar.
  7. beautox

    Jose Quintana...Signs with Angels (1YR 8M)

    I don't think we see Kopech or Crochet till after the ASB/Sept. If upon signing a 5th starter today the staff would likely look like this with the following first up. Giolito Keuchel* Lynn Cease #5 Hendriks Bummer* Heuer Marshall Foster Fry* Cordero Lopez with Stiever, Lambert & Flores the first ones up for a spot start and Burdi & possibly Flores first up to add depth to the pen. The sox are going to give Crochet every opportunity to start as he is way more valuable in the rotation his floor is a Hader/Miller type. They got a steal just like sale in the previous draft class.
  8. beautox

    Jose Quintana...Signs with Angels (1YR 8M)

    Love sox fans shitting on Q as a #5. He's 31 years old two years younger than Keuchel and they're not asking him to be a front of the rotation guy (all though i fully believe he still has that capability). Sign Q, La Stella or Profar and Avila and call it an offseason. See the yankees in the ALCS.
  9. I agree, Id prefer the sox do something similar. Sign Quintana & La Stella or Profar and trade for Anthony Bemboom from the angels (blocked behind stassi and suzuki) for someone taking up space on the 40 man (Johnson, Collins or Sheets) or sign Avila or Flowers. Lineup Anderson Moncada# Abreu Jimenez Grandal# Robert La Stella* or Profar# Madrigal Eaton* Bench Bemboom or Avila* Leury# Mendick Engel Rotation Giolito Keuchel* Lynn Quintana* Cease Bullpen Hendriks Bummer* Heuer Marshall Foster Fry* Cordero Lopez With Stiever, Lambert & Flores the first to come up in the rotation and Burdi to supplement the backend if there is an issue. If the bench needs help you've got Beckham & Collins ready as well. FG has the sox at 41.2 fWAR second only to the yankees at 50.1; adding those 3 nets an additional 2.3+ still second but closing the gap.
  10. beautox

    Trade Whispers - Starting Pitchers

    Trade Reylo for Anthony Bemboom. Angels just signed Suzuki to pair with Stassi, Bemboom solves the back up catcher issue while complementing Grandal. puts 1.7M on the table and opens a spot for Crochet, if theyre not going to start him on the farm.
  11. beautox

    Badler: Sox expected to sign Yoelki Cespedes

    Any news on if Dyan Jorge is waiting too or is he going to goto the rockies?
  12. beautox

    DH Options

    I predict we sign La Stella or Choo. La Stella makes a ton of sense if they're not bringing Garcia back next year. Both give them flexibility for when Vaughn is ready and will afford them the ability to Sign Quintana or a starter in the same range.
  13. beautox

    Backup Catcher

    Flowers or Avila, Id be ok with
  14. beautox

    Trade Whispers - Starting Pitchers

    no, not with out taking back moose.