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  1. claydude14

    Scherzer to Mets for 3 yrs/$130m

    I mean I live in Western NY so most of my friends are Yankees or Mets fan, so I’ve always gravitated Mets as my “local” secondary follow because fuck the Yanks, but like lol Mets seems to be a reoccurring fucking theme going on for a while now. Fun to see them get an owner to throw money around but as we’ve seen they still have been lol Mets with the GM search and players who have left. Entertaining circus interesting to watch.
  2. claydude14

    Lucas Giolito Against the Astros (Since 2019)

    Soo just pitch Giolito on regular rest @Houston Game 5 and Lynn can be available out of the bullpen if it comes to that.
  3. claydude14

    And that is a Sox beat Jays winner!

    Helluva game despite Robbie Ray’s pants.
  4. claydude14

    Kopech starting sunday

    Lot of talk on Twitter about some idiot fans harassing Kopech in the bullpen tonight. Bringing up his kid and ex. Scumbags if true. edit: two nights ago apparently, I’m not the best at reading Tweets . edit: and I just saw the other thread that covered this lol. D’oh. Go Kopech!!
  5. claydude14

    Who Is "Mr. White Sox?"

    Darin Erstad
  6. claydude14

    2005 Playoff DVDs

    Apple has Game 4 of the World Series in the iTunes Store for $1.99
  7. claydude14

    T-Mo Free MLB TV Sign up March 30th

    I would guess a VPN would do the trick, but I’m outside of the Sox market anyways so I watch all the games on MLB.tv without the need for one.
  8. claydude14

    2005 World Series Memorabilia

    I got mine new on eBay years back. A quick search shows there are Used and New ones available there from 24.99 used.
  9. claydude14

    2005 World Series Memorabilia

    I have the official hat and DVDs but my favorite World Series memorabilia is my Monopoly World Series White Sox edition. Konerko is Boardwalk and Buehrle is Park Place.
  10. claydude14

    New members....

    Like... I get that it’s an outdated forum ranking based on posts... but honestly nobody gives a fuck or even pays attention to it. I’ve been here since 2006 registered in 07 and typically more lurking than posting. This is the first time I’ve ever seen it brought up. I remember when I was a rookie. I posted more over time and it went up. I eventually unlocked a higher rank but I honestly without looking couldn’t tell you what mine is currently. This is my favorite place to read other Sox fans opinions and I’m also active on Twitter and Reddit. This is Sox Home, everyone’s always been extremely welcoming.
  11. claydude14

    Minor League Upheaval

    The local media here named the White Sox as a dark horse team for Rochester’s Triple A club. I didn’t take it with a grain of salt with all their other teams being down south.
  12. claydude14

    Pitchers for game 3

    I don’t trust Ricky and really hope the front office has some influence on the starter/opener. We are in a great position to face an Astros team that made it into the playoffs below .500 and advance to the ALCS. Even just winning this wild card round to lose in the division series should be a great enough taste to comeback stronger next season in the team’s and front office’s eyes.
  13. claydude14

    8.31.20 GT | Sox @ Twins | 7:10PM CT

    Huge comeback win on the road against a fucking monster Twins lineup. This fucking team is here this was allllll worth it.
  14. claydude14

    Trevor Bauer Breaks down Giolito's No-No

    This is a guy who confidently has stated he will never sign a multi year contract (or get shot in the dick with a paintball gun from 10 feet away). I think absolutely you take him up on a one year deal next year and he is clearly paying attention to us plus might like the chance of sticking it to Cleveland. With our still young core group of backend (potential front end) starters growing into their innings he’d be a great fucking pick up.