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  1. claydude14

    White Sox Around the League

    TIL Gordon Beckham is still around
  2. claydude14

    3/28 GT - Sox @ Royals (3:15pm CST)

    Where are you located MLB.tv working fine for me it’s the free game of the day too
  3. claydude14

    Where is Hahn at?

    Hahn slow slow slow roasts his turkey. He has a timeline for it. The oven is preheating right now and should open in about 2 days. In the meantime he’s acquiring some seasoning and baste. He is contemplating a bold expensive deep frier to speed up the timeline for the turkey but isn’t sold yet.
  4. claydude14

    Taking a hiatus at the end of the baseball season

    I feel ya on this like everyone said you learn not to live and die with the team when you grow up. I was an MLB.tv subscriber for ten years after the World Series (2006–2016) And just couldn’t pony up anymore. I got married, had a kid, and quite frankly the team hasn’t given me a reason to want to tune in every game like I did in my 20s (I was 19 when we won the World Series). I still catch highlights, lurk on this board and follow the MLB in general online and cannot wait to watch games with my son when he’s old enough to appreciate and understand it. But the days of watching every game have passed me by for now at this point in my life... 2007 was probably one of my favorite seasons and it was terrible. Darin Estrad “it drops behind him!” losing a pop up in the lights @ Angels is one of my favorite bad plays. Bad baseball can be fun to enjoy for different reasons, but I just don’t have the time for it right now.
  5. claydude14

    Kopech called up

    He went 7 scoreless against the Twins AAA team last weekend, might end up facing some of the same batters.
  6. claydude14

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    Selfishly I hope not Charlotte is coming to Rochester next week and I really want to see Eloy in person.
  7. claydude14

    The hell they calling up Moncada? THE THREAD

    *SIDE NOTE* these forum emojis are like 10 years outdated(?), is there a way to get the standard emoji keyboard on this forum or is it too old? #NotHating #LoveSoxTalk #NotMuchtoPostAbout #DarinErstadDrinkingGame10YearAnniversary
  8. claydude14

    I love Hawk Harrelson

    I didn't really get to watch Sox games until getting MLB.TV for the 2006 season, not having even WGN where I lived. And only having one other friend who's a Sox guy, I definitely came to love and appreciate Hawk's homerish ways. Like people have said, it feels like you're watching the game with another Sox fan which is huge when you don't have other Sox fans to watch games with. Civil War: I'm with Hawk.
  9. claydude14

    2016 Opening Day Thread

  10. claydude14

    2016 Opening Day Thread

    I always take off Opening Day. This year I had to take Tuesday as well since it was a 10 start time. I got my beer, popcorn, peanuts, cracker jacks, big league chrw, seeds, and hot dogs. I usually take a picture but I started pregame drinking when RAW came on. Love Opening Day! Go Sox!!!!!
  11. claydude14

    Olt clears waivers, sent to Charlotte

    Ugh. I was playing last year's MLB The Show on PS4 this weekend against my brother who's a Cubs fan. With rosters from the end of the year... so Olt was my 3B. He was terrible, my brother just kept hitting balls to third that Olt wouldn't reach. This may have been partially due to alcoholic consumption, but I smiled when I read Olt was DFA'd because I was cursing the s*** out of him because video games. Oh, yea, game ended when I just started throwing at all his batters in the 6th inning. Good times. Thanks, Olt.
  12. claydude14

    Sox New ST Uniforms

    Yea, I'm all over that hat when it's out. Love it.
  13. I'm in the money for flat cap category if it's still around
  14. claydude14

    White Sox Winter Jacket - pay for shipping

    QUOTE (The Ginger Kid @ Nov 28, 2015 -> 06:59 PM) 6 years ago I was given an authentic white sox jacket for Christmas by my boss at work. For some reason he assumed I wor XXL when I'm an XL. I tried to wear this jacket a couple of times but it's just too damn big. So it's sat in my closet all these years and it's time someone got some use out of it. The closest picture I could find on google was this: https://www.google.com/search?q=white+sox+j...jN56gEek6O9M%3A It's an insulated jacket that retailed for over $200 on Sox site. Pay me shipping through venmo and its yours. Like I said, I've worn it twice! It's in mint condition. Why am I hard selling this thing? Anyway, let me know. First come first serve. Unless you're on my blocked list If it's still up for grabs color me interested!
  15. claydude14

    MLB in Mexico

    Montreal before Mexico IMO. Maybe an NFL team goes south first since they are obsessed with globalizing the sport, makes more sense than London.