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    Watch Intrasquad Games!

    Ugh, fell victim to the time zone difference, been scrounging around for live video. Spring Training v.2 for everyone.
  2. MiddleCoastBias

    Kopech sitting out 2020

    I don't have an Athletic sub. Can you provide some highlights?
  3. MiddleCoastBias

    Kopech sitting out 2020

  4. MiddleCoastBias

    Sox Summer Camp Catch All Thread

    There will be a 10-day injured list for both pitchers and hitters, though the 60-day IL will be reduced to a 45-day IL. • There will be a separate IL for players who either test positive or have symptoms/confirmed exposure to COVID-19. There is no maximum or minimum days for this IL. This is from MLB.com
  5. MiddleCoastBias

    2 White Sox have Covid 19

    ... which proves even more costly when you look at some of our pitchers like Keuchel that induce a lot of ground balls. Now is when we should be stressing strong infield defense - we've got enough bats to go around, we don't need HRs at every single position just to be able to compete now.
  6. MiddleCoastBias

    "Attend" a Sox game

    I've heard other teams doing this as well, fun idea. I've wondered if some enterprising fan/fanbase would use this to troll another team with putting up pictures of [team] killers ie would some Twins fan pay $49 to submit Nick Punto?
  7. MiddleCoastBias

    2020 Schedule

    Everyone remember how dramatic the last night of the 2011 regular season was with everyone watching the Red Sox and Rays games to see who clinches that final spot? I've got a feeling Game 60 Day is going to be crazy-fun with greater chances of teams being bunched up at the end of the season, less chance for teams to back away. Whatever happens, the hunt for the playoffs is going to be wild, and I would bet we get to see a Game "163"/61.
  8. MiddleCoastBias

    2020 Schedule

    Good call on changing the times - no fans on attendance means no juggling ticket reimbursements, etc., they can just check the forecast the day before and let the teams know the schedule is updated.
  9. MiddleCoastBias

    2020 Schedule

    Forgot about the rainouts. Wash out a two-day series and there could be major headaches. What happens if that St. Louis series or Cincinnati series hits a bad patch of weather? That could be a nightmare.
  10. MiddleCoastBias

    2020 Schedule

    I wonder why no double-headers? Thought with the compressed timeline, we might see a few of those to get people in and out of a city, limit the number of nights in hotels, etc.
  11. MiddleCoastBias

    2020 60 game sprint to the finish

    Kind of cool that of the only like 5 teams represented in there, they include the Sox and TA7 as a fun representative of the game. Added bonus that the cubs are conspicuously NOT included.
  12. MiddleCoastBias

    Sox summer camp roster announced

    Kopech not in camp attending for personal reasons.
  13. MiddleCoastBias

    Trade Players in ST

    I think just the opposite? If there are games every day and/or doubleheaders, the starting catcher is going to need a break. Think about hockey and goalies that get worn down, need off-days to stay fresh down the start. And then through in the possibility of losing one or two for 2 weeks to quarantine, and I think we might be in the BEST position to have all of the catching depth we have. That position (and SPs) will be the greatest need for depth this season.
  14. MiddleCoastBias

    2020 60 game sprint to the finish

    "Has the right to opt out and be paid with service time." Edit: welp, he walked that back, it's only for high risk players
  15. MiddleCoastBias

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    So folks have speculated WHO might win a grievance, but what is the actual outcome if the players DO win a grievance? What do they get and what does it do, and likewise what's the impact if they lose it?
  16. MiddleCoastBias

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    After a team seeing what happened with Danny Farquhar and to a seemingly healthy person, this should be a cause for concern that even athletes can be at risk for pre-existing conditions and not even know it.
  17. MiddleCoastBias

    2020 Draft: Day 2 Discussion

    Huh, but I thought we punted on the last 3 picks and our draft was a waste? I could've sworn I heard how we did this draft all wrong, surely you must be mistaken.
  18. MiddleCoastBias

    2020 Draft: Day 2 Discussion

    If Crochet is really going to be paid at slot and we're going to pay Kelley, it makes sense that #3 and #4 aren't nationally ranked in any publication.
  19. MiddleCoastBias

    2020 Draft: Day 2 Discussion

    Anyone but Kelley would also be a great pick for them
  20. MiddleCoastBias

    White Sox 2020 Draft Day discussion thread

    If not Kelley, who are some other names we should be keeping an eye on? I'm not well-versed on the Day 2 guys, just looking for snippets of info to make it interesting as names come off the board ahead of us.
  21. MiddleCoastBias

    White Sox 2020 Draft Day discussion thread

    They were the likeliest landing spot for Kelly, right? Who else might be interested before he falls to us?
  22. MiddleCoastBias

    White Sox 2020 Draft Day discussion thread

    The real question is if ESPN skips from pick #10 to #12 with their propensity to entirely forget about the Sox
  23. MiddleCoastBias

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    From that link: "11:37 AM:. Hearing from multiple sources that Picks one, two, and three are set. Locked in are Tork 1.1 to Detroit, Martin 1.2 to Baltimore, and lefthander Asa Lacy to Miami at 1.3. This on the heels of this morning’s earlier report of a Martin+Bitsko combination at pick two and thirty." Throws some cold water on people thinking we'll be able to grab Bitsko.
  24. MiddleCoastBias

    You make choices....and you live with them

    *Bulls, Bears, and Blackhawks fans coalition* "Can we introduce the sacrifice gods to a certain team on the north side?"