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    Japanese Slugger to be Posted?

    Castellanos doesn't have a position.
  2. 3GamesToLove

    Will Jose's number get retired?

    I doubt it. But I also think he probably occupies a similar place in Sox history as Ventura (as a player), who obviously wasn't quite the hitter but played great defense at a valuable position. Ventura's number wasn't retired--though I hadn't realized nobody has worn it since he left as a manager. Interesting...
  3. 3GamesToLove


    Thank God we have an Abreu thread now.
  4. 3GamesToLove

    New Sox Uniform Logo Next Year

    This time a decade ago the Sox were wearing the black tops for well over half of all games. I then got the impression that someone noticed and said something, because they then went back to using it as an ALTERNATE rather sparingly. Last year or two it's been all black all the time again. I just don't understand why you'd wear them more than once or twice a week when our whites and grays are both so good.
  5. 3GamesToLove

    Getting robbed/what has come of society, etc?

    This is maybe a WELL ACTUALLY, but maybe important if eventually you press charges--what you're describing is larceny/theft. Robbery refers to taking something directly from someone's person by force or intimidation.
  6. 3GamesToLove

    Is Ricky the worst manager in White Sox history?

    The Sox are the only one of the charter franchises to never play in the postseason in consecutive years, and have the fewest postseason appearances amongst those teams as well. They're definitely in the conversation.
  7. The only thing I care less about than college basketball is college football, so I'm aggressively ambivalent about Walton. Mike Schur on the Saturday, though, is a (Ken) Tremendous proposition.
  8. 3GamesToLove

    Pierzynski to call Sox/Cubs game Saturday with Kasper

  9. 3GamesToLove


    Seriously, a sustained period of competitive baseball and multiple postseason appearances is enough for me. I've thought since the beginning that I don't think the Sox need to win a championship for the rebuild to be deemed a success. We did the one-off World Series win already.
  10. 3GamesToLove

    Pierzynski to call Sox/Cubs game Saturday with Kasper

    You won't have a choice. This is a FOX-exclusive national broadcast.
  11. Heresy =/= hearsay. Unless you think Eaton is divine.
  12. 3GamesToLove

    Champions League

    Incredible. I've been a Spurs fan since '07 (got to watch Champions League football there in 2010--the famous 3-1 win over Inter), and I never thought this would happen. Still in disbelief.
  13. 3GamesToLove

    Home Opener pushed to Friday

    Yup. Regression doesn't denote things getting better or worse.
  14. 3GamesToLove

    Home Opener pushed to Friday

    I guess so. I'll just stay in tomorrow anyway and watch baseball on TV. Last day of the Extra Innings preview on DirecTV.
  15. 3GamesToLove

    Home Opener pushed to Friday

    Sucks. I made arrangements for work and can't swap the days now. Was going to be my first home opener.
  16. 3GamesToLove

    Ballpark pass is back

    $20 for parking really adds up.
  17. 3GamesToLove

    2019 fan engagement poll

    Probably going to about the same games as last year, which is lower than it was four or five years ago but that's largely due to general lifestyle and spending habit changes rather than an indictment of the team. I just like watching baseball. I am going to the home opener for the first time ever. So that'll be interesting.
  18. 3GamesToLove

    Eloy opening day if he earns it

    I'm kind of shocked by all of the ownership shills around here. Most of the rest of my baseball corners of the internet have taken on a decidedly pro-player bent over the last few years.
  19. 3GamesToLove

    Frank Robinson RIP

    Maybe a somewhat underappreciated player. As a kid getting into baseball in the late 90s he was fourth on the all-time homer list and yet I knew very little about him compared to those others.
  20. 3GamesToLove

    Top 5 Favorite White Sox of All-Time

    Sticking solely to guys I saw play........ Ray Durham Alexei Ramirez Chris Sale Magglio Ordonez Frank Thomas
  21. 3GamesToLove

    Harold Baines HOFer

    Good for Harold, and for those of you who grew up watching him play. I guess this makes the ball I got him to sign at last year's SoxFest extra cool now. As someone who only saw him play in his final stint and even as a kid looking at his career stats in Who's Who in Baseball, I never quite got the adoration. I still don't think I do. Baines is the new example that'll be used to show the Hall being watered-down. He's a worse candidate than Rice or Dawson. This shows the flaws in the committee system in particular--a system which is responsible for bad selections going all the way back to the 60s. From Craig Calcaterra at NBC's HardballTalk: "Baines played for 22 seasons, amassed 2,866 hits and made the All-Star Game six times. He was a fantastically consistent hitter, posting an OPS+ of 108 or greater every single season between the ages of 22 and 40. He was also a durable player, not missing a whole heck of a lot of time to either injury or ineffectiveness until his late 30s. Even then he managed to hang around until he was 42-years-old. In the early part of his career, with the Chicago White Sox, he was the star of the team and the face of the organization. ... For all of the pros in Baines’ column as listed above, it has to be said that Baines will be one of the weaker inductees in some time. He led the league in exactly one offensive category in his long career: slugging percentage in 1984. He was rarely a top-10 finisher in the most important offensive categories. His highest finish in MVP balloting came in 1985 when he came in ninth. While Baines may have meant a lot to the White Sox in the first part of his career there is no way one can honestly argue that he was ever the best player in the game or even one of the best five, six or, usually, ten. His failure to rank highly in hitting categories is especially notable given that over 1,600 of his 2,830 career games came at DH. He was certainly not thought of as a Hall of Famer by the men and women who covered him during his day: he was on the BBWAA ballot five times and never received more than 6.1% of the vote. He fell off the ballot in 2011 when he received 4.8%."
  22. 3GamesToLove

    Jason Benetti

    As others have said, Benetti's weakness in the Sox booth is his constant need to look for corny jokes and zingers--the occasional one is fine and I have no problem with it, but it gets too goofy at times. Last night on ESPN? No such problem. I don't know if it's a Stone thing, or what.
  23. 3GamesToLove

    Kopech Day IV- Gamethread

    Ohtani is not pitching Friday. He pitches weekly (Sundays, hypothetically); not on a usual five day schedule. After his last start, it's even unclear if he'll even pitch on Sunday.
  24. 3GamesToLove

    Your first Album collection/First concert attended

    Both of mine are pretty embarassing. First album: Hanson--Middle of Nowhere First show: Linkin Park, supported by POD, Hoobastank, and Story of the Year. Rosemont, 2004.