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  1. Donaldo

    Managerial Openings

    I hear the Angels plan to "spend big" to fix their problems. Well, the Angels spent a gargantuan amount of money on an aging Albert Pujols, and they broke the bank for Mike Trout... how much "bigger" do they expect to spend? Putting all your eggs in one basket and signing one big name free agent is dumb... you don't win by doing that. In baseball, one player isn't going to change your fortunes. The Twins did it right. Once that Mauer contract came off the books, they took that money and brought in several players who turned them into a playoff team. The Nationals said goodbye to Bryce Harper and hello to the World Series. Coincidence? Maybe yes, maybe no.
  2. Those are my two.
  3. Donaldo

    White Sox Outright Charlie Tilson

    That's not the issue with him. He has great stuff, but poor control.
  4. Donaldo

    Who would still want Maddon?

    A knock on Maddon is that his clubhouse is TOO relaxed. I'm not saying he needs to be a Billy Martin/Bobby Valentine type who screams at everybody all the time, but sometimes some players need a kick in the pants. Kaplan was saying the other day that Doug Glanville interviewed for the Rays job after Maddon left, and the interviewer told him "things are WAAAAAY too loose around here."
  5. Donaldo

    Arizona Fall League Participants

    Here's another https://www.mlb.com/whitesox/news/white-sox-arizona-fall-league-updates
  6. Donaldo

    Who would still want Maddon?

    I agree 100%. Maddon is the only manager I've ever seen put in his Closer in the 7th inning of Game 6 with a 5 run lead (and have him finish the game) when he knew damn well there was a good chance he'd need that Closer the next night. That move almost came back to bite him in the ass as Chapman blew the Save in Game 7.... this is just one example. Maddon was good when the whole Disco Room/petting zoo/magician stuff was working, but that act has grown tiresome. Maddon is good at managing people, but when it comes to Xs and Os, I'd almost rather have Ricky. 🙄 Maddon is on his way out the door up there, and nearly every Cub I know could care less. Come on people, we can do better.
  7. Donaldo

    Yolmer contemplates not being on the Sox

    Madrigal will be with the Sox at some point next season. He's the future.
  8. Donaldo

    Sports Media discussion

    Long time listeners of The SCORE know how some hosts have been telling McNeil that he has to see "Boogie Nights," saying that he'd like it. Mac finally watched it recently, and to say that he didn't like it would be an understatement. 😄 Not a fan of Boogie Nights
  9. Donaldo

    Sports Media discussion

    At times I wondered if they had their friends call in and purposely sound stupid.
  10. Donaldo

    WSI Back online

    Forums back up, still working on front page.
  11. Donaldo

    Arizona Fall League Participants

    I must've had the same dream, because I heard it too. Of course I also heard that he'd be activated on June 1, so... IMO, it's 50/50 that he'll be ready by Spring Training.
  12. Donaldo


    I just found this on the WSI Facebook page... Anyone know why the WSI forums are down? Not much information in those posts. When this site went down last year, we had regular updates via Facebook.
  13. Donaldo


    That forum no longer exists. Last time I was there, I think you were listed as a mod. 😄
  14. Donaldo


    Never heard of it. I used to post on the old Scout.com White Sox boards, but everybody abandoned them. Towards the end, I was pretty much talking to myself over there.