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  1. Donaldo

    2018-19 NCAA Basketball thread

    Wow, De Sousa was a bargain. Adidas coughed up $100,000 to get Romeo Langford to go to Indiana.
  2. Donaldo

    Sports Media discussion

    Heard Jason Goff on ESPN 1000 on Friday... filling in for Kap.
  3. Donaldo

    Brett Lawrie back in MLB with brewers

    Is Saladino still with the Brewers?
  4. Donaldo

    PECOTA: 70-92

    What did PECOTA predict for last season? They feel that the Cubs will be good, but the rest of their division will be scary good. Besides, the Cubs have one of the (if not THE) oldest pitching staffs in the game.
  5. Donaldo

    Kopech is Throwing Already

    Agreed. No need to rush him back.
  6. Donaldo

    Ricketts considered moving the Cubs

    This happens all the time. I think Reinsdorf was somewhat serious about Addison since the current stadium was designed to fit the street grid there. I don't think Reinsdorf (or McCaskey) ever seriously considered moving to NW Indiana. By making that threat, he held the City of Chicago AND the State of Illinois hostage. Steinbrenner once threatened to move the Yankees to Jersey, and the Cardinals threatened to build their new stadium in EAST St. Louis. The city of Cincinnati is adjacent to TWO other states. I don't know for sure, but I imagine they played that card too.
  7. Donaldo

    White Sox acquire Ivan Nova

    For some reason, this trade gave me a MAJOR Todd Ritchie flashback. Hope I'm wrong.
  8. Donaldo

    Cubs Open to Trading Kris Bryant

    Exactly. He didn't look very good when he came off the DL last year, and he might never be what he once was. Keep it.
  9. Donaldo

    Sox sign Eloy’s brother?

    Glenn DiSarcina (the younger brother of former Angels SS Gary DiSarcina) played in the Sox system from 1991-1996.
  10. Donaldo

    Kevan Smith claimed off Waivers by Angels

    I believe Kevan is out of options.
  11. Donaldo

    Sox sign Eloy’s brother?

    Don't forget TROY Fryman, CHAD Durham, and JOSH Crede.
  12. I heard that Jim Palmer and a few Oriole players have described Machado as a lazy player... I don't want him. Pujols isn't the reason the Angels are mediocre, and the Cubs were a better team before Heyward and Darvish. That being said, those are all TERRIBLE contracts.
  13. Donaldo

    Sports Media discussion

    Too bad for him. I see a FELDCO commercial at least twice a day. I knew somebody who was in a commercial for Chicken Helper several years ago... she made $40,000 in residuals in just over a year.
  14. Donaldo

    Sports Media discussion

    Just had a thought... If Spiegs was drawing residuals from FELDCO, he wouldn't have to work for at least a decade.