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    4th Place

    QUOTE (elrockinMT @ Jun 8, 2016 -> 10:55 AM) I prefer to look at the fact we are just 3 1/2 games out "Uh, this is your captain speaking ... some of you may have noticed that we're no longer at our cruising altitude and are now at 5,000 feet. I'd like to point out that both wings are missing and there's a hole in the fuselage, but at least we have not plunged into the ground yet, so sit back and relax. The drink cart should be through shortly ..." If Robin goes he's just the fall-guy. Frankly, the sooner-the better, so that if the losing continues the blame can be focused squarely where it belongs ... the FO and ownership. The entire organization is failing, from scouting and player development all the way to personnel decisions in the FO. It all leads back to only one man and his refusal to shake things up. I keep hoping that his refusal to rebuild is an indicator of his time-frame for selling the team. I'm honestly torn. They need a rebuild but I have zero faith in the current lot to do the rebuilding.
  2. skooch

    White Sox will chase Jay Bruce

    Jay Bruce = 13 HR, 40 RBI, 0.922 OPS, 142 OPS+ as a left-handed bat with 1.5 yrs of control near the trade deadline. I think it might cost quite a bit more.
  3. skooch

    Sox (29-28) vs Nats (34-23)

    0-14 on deck
  4. skooch

    Sox (29-28) vs Nats (34-23)

    On the bright side, we're still 12-up on the Twins.
  5. skooch

    Sox (29-28) vs Nats (34-23)

    Two on, nobody out ... trying to work your way back into the game. Once Melky was out, did anyone here in their right mind believe that Lawrie, Shuck, Navarro, and Saladino were going to actually accomplish anything? That is one friggin' sad excuse for a bottom-of-the-order. This lineup has so many holes in it it is mind-boggling. Seriously, it's time to sell, sell, sell. If they give up anything for Bruce or anyone else the entire FO should be sacked.
  6. skooch

    Guillen became Sox manager while "blackout drunk"

    Wow. And KW still hired him. I guess some people perform better under pressure, perhaps OG performs better when blasted. It would be interesting to get KW''s recollection of the interview.
  7. skooch

    4/28 Game thread: @ Baltimore, 6:05pm, CSN

    QUOTE (bmags @ Apr 28, 2016 -> 11:18 AM) Sox deserve rainouts. OTOH, know a few sox fans in baltimore that wanted to see this team. Hope they play for them. Does anyone know if a doubleheader has ever been played in anticipation of bad weather? I know several college football games that have been moved up due to bad weather like hurricanes. Edit: It probably isn't even permitted by the CBA.
  8. skooch

    4/26 Game thread: @ Toronto, 6:07pm, WPWR

    If Avila and Smith are hurt, who is/was the emergency catcher?
  9. skooch

    Internal alternatives to Avisail Garcia

    QUOTE (LDF @ Apr 12, 2016 -> 10:55 AM) b/c the sox are in first place and the owners don't see a need, btw, it will take $$$ away from them How sports-savvy is JR? That is, how involved is he in the high-level decision-making process (as opposed to just the check-writing process)? Does he simply implicitly trust his guys (RH,KW) or is he also an idea-guy, ala Jerry Jones?
  10. skooch

    Adam LaRoche retires

    On the bright side ... MLB WAR Leaders: 1. LaRoche, Drake (CWS) +1.4 2. Trout, Mike (LAA) 0.0 2. Harper, Bruce (WAS) 0.0 2. Cabrera, Miguel (DET) 0.0 2. Donaldson, Josh (TOR) 0.0
  11. skooch

    Adam LaRoche retires

    QUOTE (ewokpelts @ Mar 16, 2016 -> 04:05 AM) Defcon 5 Not to be a schmuck or anything, but Defcon 5 means peace and normal readiness conditions. Just sayin' ...
  12. skooch

    9/15 vs Oakland A's

    QUOTE (fathom @ Sep 15, 2015 -> 08:33 PM) The sox highlight of the year is not signing him to an extension So sad, but yet so true. On a personal note, my wife talked me into taking my boys to the Sunday (Sale) game vs. the Twins. I was horrified when I saw the starting lineup. Seriously? Flowers, LaRoche, Micah, Saladinho, Olt, Shuck, Adam and Trayce. What an embarrassment. There are AAA teams that could have shut this crew out. I want my money back!!! I know ... it's September and you play young kids to see what they have, but there should be some clause in the CBA about minimum requirements for fielding a competitive team.
  13. skooch


    I think I would actually pay to see Avi play third base.
  14. skooch

    And that's a White Sox Winner !

    QUOTE (kitekrazy @ Sep 4, 2015 -> 10:12 PM) I don't think he would be allowed in the post season. My bad. It's September now, isn't it?
  15. skooch

    And that's a White Sox Winner !

    Here's a crazy thought, if you're the Blue Jays or the Yankees do you consider trying to add John Danks for a potential playoff match up against the Royals?
  16. skooch

    GT: 8/21 Spoiler Alert Pt. 2

    QUOTE (CaliSoxFanViaSWside @ Aug 21, 2013 -> 09:27 PM) You're not annoyed by the little kid yelling LET"S GO ROYALS , too ,are you ? It has gotten much more annoying now that you've brought it to the front of my mind. Tvm.
  17. skooch

    GT: 8/21 Spoiler Alert Pt. 2

    QUOTE (CaliSoxFanViaSWside @ Aug 21, 2013 -> 09:05 PM) Oh and welcome to Soxtalk !!! Thanks very much. Long time reader first time caller
  18. skooch

    GT: 8/21 Spoiler Alert Pt. 2

    Holy crap! Is there a cricket in my house or does Hawk have a pet cricket in the booth?