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  1. chitownsportsfan

    7-23 GT: Sox @ Brewers (7:10pm)

    I miss Sano.
  2. chitownsportsfan

    Cruz traded to TB

  3. True. During college I was a server. Those were def my glory days. I was surrounded by talent and was able to take advantage of my opportunities. Now I'm just a dad bod without the kids 30 something on Bumble begging for some tatted up mom of 2 to buy me a coffee.
  4. Yea but you get better ladies playing ball.
  5. It wouldn't be fair to the 25 men on the roster to promote Yermin and hurt the team. Part of being a baseball player is having defensive value. Zeby can't hit for shit but he is a decent receiver. Wouldn't be fair to the pitching staff and everybody else to have a guy that can't catch on the roster. And again, it's not like he's on some A ball team toiling away. He was in AAA, on the 40 man and as Stone said one phone call in September from being right back in the big leagues. Quite a few of us, including myself, wondered what all the fuss was about Yermin being a bad team mate. Well, here it is.
  6. Wow. The Sox gave him a long rope and kept betting him high in the order even when he was in that horrible slump. TLR was his biggest advocate. He's still on the 40 man! He was making around 100k pro rated down in AAA plus his per diem and shit. It's not like AAA on the 40 man is that bad of a lifestyle for a 28 year old. He's just a complete headcase. I would just release him. Give him what he wants. See if any other team wants to bother to add him to their 40 man.
  7. Great now we are talking cubs.
  8. Frank was a guy that was one a AA from the south and two a guy that was naturally huge and blessed and had to deal with a bunch of bullshit because of those things. Maybe he can reach out to Yermin and talk to him about how to ignore the circus and just do you. TA I'd imagine could help as well. But you know we all carry our own burdens and sometimes reaching out feels like a bridge too far. I really hope Yermin can find peace.
  9. I love how arrogant young people are when people with more life experience attempt to give guidance.
  10. Yea but we can guess. Something is off with him. I think we can say that and not make a value judgement.
  11. Look I'm all for giving people grace and space. But at a certain point you gotta grab the wheel and drive for all you're worth. Their is a spectrum from "toughen up pussy" to "I'm full of anxiety and can't get off my couch".
  12. chitownsportsfan

    Luis Robert cleared for Rehab Assignment

    I'm honestly kinda shocked how similar it looks to low level college ball at times.
  13. part of a rape allegation with Dwight Gooden and Vince Coleman. Nothing ever came of it legally, not that that means much.
  14. I really just hope he didn't do something stupid with some girl.