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  1. Markbilliards

    "sticky substances"

    Whatever they do, they just need to be consistent.
  2. Markbilliards

    Texas @ Sox

    Wasn't a bad pitch. Hitter just beat him there.
  3. Markbilliards

    A Nick Madrigal Sized Sample

    In recent history the only halfway decent #4 overall picks have been Kyle Schwarber, Dylan Bundy, and Kevin Gausman. Zero star players drafted since Ryan Zimmerman and that was 16 years ago. So if Madrigal is even a slightly above average player, he will be the best #4 overall since Zimmerman. Yes, we can always wish we had someone that was better, but David Eckstein was a better player than Schwarbs, Bundy, and Gausman. If that's what we end up with, I can live with that. What I am hoping we get out of Madrigal is someone we don't worry about. Someone with good defense who we can have confidence will keep the inning going in tight situations. That being said...he better start looking better defensively later this year.
  4. Markbilliards

    A Nick Madrigal Sized Sample

    I wonder what they consider for this metric? Just home to first? Only running on ground balls? I have no clue what they consider. Does anyone know?
  5. Markbilliards

    Anderson on the cover of RBI baseball 21

    I've been hearing rumors that The Show is coming to Xbox this year. This was pre-pandemic, so I don't know if the plans to expand platforms slowed down if the studio ran into issues during 2020.
  6. Markbilliards

    The Ball Doctor

    Yeah I think this is pretty common now. If you haven't seen this video, it's interesting - How is Trevor Bauer Cheating And Why Nobody Cares
  7. Markbilliards

    So let's talk about Quintana shall we

    His FIP/xFIP in the last few years is encouraging compared to his ERA. Where has his cutter gone in his years on the Cubs?
  8. Let's be honest guys. Most of us here who wrote in to the Sox to call for TLR's termination, did so because he is a terrible fit for the Sox right now and we should have had a younger more modern choice with more current experience. His 2nd DUI might have put us over the top, but that isn't the primary reason for the outrage. With that in mind, the whole contacting the sponsorships thing is a little over the top.
  9. http://mlb.mlb.com/documents/04222010/8130180/Staff_Directory.pdf
  10. Markbilliards

    2020 Celebrity Death Thread

    Alex Trebek, died at 80 years old. Is it just me or does it feel ironic that him and Sean Connery die within just over a week from each other?
  11. Markbilliards

    2020 Election Thoughts

    I voted for Gary Johnson last year. If he wasn't running I was going to vote for.....no one. I had no confidence that he was going to win, but if the amount of voting for him was high enough to peak interest from people to think outside 2 choices in future elections, then my vote was worth it. I think he had a chance at actually getting more attention until they tried to blow him up over the Allepo gaff. Which is ironic because our 2 candidates now are dropping way bigger gaffs every week. One doesn't seem to know where or who he is half the time, the other has pretended we are not in a global pandemic for the last 9 months. This year I have no intention of voting in the presidential election.
  12. Markbilliards

    2020 Election Thoughts

    I am assuming that's sarcasm? Or no? I just hope that whoever wins, wins by a good enough margin that the other isn't yelling about recounts for the next month.
  13. Markbilliards

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    If you really do view anyone who is voting for Trump in such black and white lenses, then I feel bad for you that you view the world and people around you that way.
  14. Isn't there a user on here named, "Charlie Haeger's Knuckles"? Whole new meaning to that username.
  15. Markbilliards

    Ron Gardenhire retires effective immediately

    I can't believe he's only 62. I felt like he was 62 about 15 years ago.