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  1. jasonxctf

    7/20 Gamethread: Keuchel vs. Ober

    Can Cease DH?
  2. jasonxctf

    All-Star Game Festivities , HR Derby and Game

    Is Tim slated to hit 5th next inning?
  3. jasonxctf

    All-Star Game Festivities , HR Derby and Game

    Hendricks to close it out???
  4. jasonxctf

    All-Star Game Festivities , HR Derby and Game

    Bassitt, Narvaez, Semien some nice ex-White Sox too.
  5. 29 games before the all star break. Only 8 of them against teams with winning records. Just hang on......
  6. jasonxctf

    Create Your AL All Star Team

    NL All Stars... C- B. Posey (SF), O. Narvaez (MIL), JT Realmuto (PHI) 1B- J. Aguilar (MIL), R. Zimmerman (WASH), M. Muncy (LA) 2B- A. Frazier (PITS), J. Segura (PHI) SS- T. Turner (WASH), B. Crawford (SF), F. Tatis Jr. (SD) 3B- A. Riley (ARIZ), N. Arenado (STL), E. Longoria (SF) OF- J. WInkler (CIN), N. Castellanos (CIN), C. Taylor (LA), R. Acuna (ATL), K. Bryant (CHI), C. Blackmon (COL), T. O'Neill (STL), J. Soto (WASH) P- J. Flaherty (STL), J. Urias (LA), K. Gausman (SF), J. DeGrom (NY), B. Woodruff (MIL), T. Rogers (MIA), T. Walker (NY), M. Scherzer (WASH), Y. Darvish (SD), M. Melancon (SD), A. Reyes (STL), J. Hader (MIL)
  7. jasonxctf

    Create Your AL All Star Team

    Rodon is the injury replacement for Means. Can a guy hitting .155 really be an allstar?
  8. jasonxctf

    Create Your AL All Star Team

    Challenging to do. Didn't realize how poor catchers in the AL have been doing this year. 34 guys on the roster. 1 per AL team required. Here's what I came up with. C- S. Perez (KC), C. Vazquez (BOS) 1B- V. Guerrero (TOR), Y. Gurriel (HOU), J. Walsh (LAA) 2B- M. Semien (TOR), J. Altuve (HOU) SS- X. Bogarts (BOS), C. Correa (HOU) 3B- R. Devers (BOS), J. Ramirez (CLEV), Y. Moncada (CHI) OF- A. Garcia (TEX), A. Judge (NYY), M. Brantley (HOU), M. Canha (OAK), A. Benintendi (KC), C. Mullins (BALT), M. Haniger (SEA) DH- JD Martinez (BOS), N. Cruz (MIN) DH/Pitcher- S. Ohtani (LAA) P- A. Civale (CLEV), S. Bieber (CLEV), L. Lynn (CHI), K. Gibson (TEX), G. Cole (NYY), J. Means (BALT), T. Glasnow (TB), R. Hill (TB), C. Mize (DET), M. Barnes (BOS), A. Chapman (NYY), L. Hendricks (CHI)
  9. jasonxctf

    Pritzker: 60% capacity is close

    Sorry to hear about that with the first shot. Hopefully you are 100% recovered. Part of my comment is in gest, certainly because kids can be vaccinated right now anyway. But theres a compromise to 100% opening with no proof of vaccine and 100% opening but requiring everyone to be vaccinated. Maybe you say 20-25% can be filled by those without the vaccine and the rest can be filled by vaccinated people? Weird example, but dont they have sections at the park where peanuts cant be sold. Basically because some people, even just being around peanut dust, will get a very severe allergic reaction?
  10. jasonxctf

    Lynn to IL; Burdi up

    Well Dunning is starting on Friday against the Sox, so we can see first hand.
  11. jasonxctf

    Pritzker: 60% capacity is close

    Vaccine passport required and 100%. Let’s do it.
  12. jasonxctf

    Cubs/Marquee Network/MLB.TV

    Hi. Trying to help my brother-in-law cut the cord from AT&T UVerse. They are killing him on the cost of TV. I recently switched to YouTube TV, which I like. He's a Cubs fan as is my little nephew. They'd like to keep watching Cubs games. None of the streaming services offer the Marquee Network. If they subscribe to MLB.TV app/network, can they catch the Cubs games on the Visitors Team's Channels or are those also blocked? Any work around to trying to watch Cubs games here in Chicagoland without having to use AT&T or Comcast?
  13. jasonxctf

    Chris Sale

    This may have been posted already, but looks like he's having a tough time getting back up and throwing. From an article about a week ago. Sale is behind schedule in his recovery from Tommy John surgery and has yet to throw off a mound due to setbacks unrelated to his elbow, Red Sox chief baseball officer Chaim Bloom told MLB Network Radio on SiriusXM on Friday. Sale is a year removed from the procedure, at which point most pitchers have advanced to mound work. The southpaw isn't there yet, as he dealt with neck stiffness over the winter and then came down with COVID-19. While those setbacks might ultimately delay his timeline somewhat, it's certainly a positive that nothing has gone wrong with his arm thus far. Sale remains without a precise timeline for his return to game action.
  14. jasonxctf

    Fans at opening day? Fans at Opening Day! (confirmed)

    curious question... did your wife have both shots in her system when she tested positive. My wife just got her 2nd yesterday here in IL. From what she was told by the staff administering it, you need 2 weeks, after your 2nd shot for it to fully take hold. You may still test positive even after the second shot is fully in place, but wont have much (if any) symptoms.
  15. jasonxctf

    Fans at opening day? Fans at Opening Day! (confirmed)

    lets hope the peer pressure of other cities allowing fans, works here. there's zero reason to not allow as many people in the ballpark on opening day, as are allowed into Water Tower Place on the same day.