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  1. zisk


    don't care about his homer total nearly as much as his walk total. nick could be really good if he walked 10% of the time.
  2. zisk

    Marshall Needs To Be Sent Down

    Would like to see what Tyler Johnson can do.
  3. zisk

    5/11/21 -Crochet's First ML Win - White Sox 9 Minnesota 3

    Best change up I've ever seen DC throw to strike out tough lefty and end threat. Looked like GC was throwing a bit harder as well. Nothing to say about Bummer, except he seems to be stuck in auto pilot now.
  4. Brian Goodwin is a good pick up. Hits lefties and righties equally well with some pop. Can cover center ok. Platoon with Engel, and platoon Leury with Eaton. With our pitching we'll be fine.
  5. Mendick mania. Put him at short and Anderson to CF. Too bad TA is a star already. 2-3 years ago it could have happened
  6. 2.7 WAR in 24 games for Buxton. Jeez that's good. Only guy in the league as good as Robert in center defensively.
  7. zisk

    5/8/21 Chicago White Sox @ Kansas City 6:10 PM CDT

    I would much rather have George Hamilton on the roster. Oh wait, he might be dead. Still.......
  8. zisk

    zack collins

    we could still talk about our love for the Gary Redus era uniforms
  9. zisk


    when i was a kid, 40 starts and 250-300 innings were very common. The flame out rate of pitchers didn't seem much higher than today. I wonder what would happen if pitchers were asked to pitch a little more. With medical procedures what they are today, there might not be much of a price to pay physically. Teams with just a few good pitchers might be able to compete, and fewer pitching changes would speed up the game.
  10. zisk


    Sox might get him for less $$ by reworking this years contract as part of the deal. Carlos has already earned the 3 million.
  11. zisk

    That's a shutout in KC White Sox Winner

    bummer looks like he's rounding into shape also. that will really help.
  12. zisk

    zack collins

    looking like a legit mlb catcher
  13. lost Eloy. Not to be racist, hispanics like warmer weather.
  14. zisk

    Texas @ Sox

    Dylan Cease is hearing foot steps.
  15. zisk


    He might, if he starts going to Altuves Pharmacist.