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  1. zisk

    7/18- Astros at White Sox, 1:10

    The Astros vs. White Sox paradigm has shifted 180 degrees. These 2 wins and the Lynn signing has really made for a great week end.
  2. zisk

    7/18- Astros at White Sox, 1:10

    Kopech is 1st guy outta the pen!
  3. zisk

    Burger called up

    Jeff Kent was a big slugging 2B. Maybe Burger could cover enough ground there to be passable in the short term. He's got soft hands and a good arm too.
  4. zisk

    Burger called up

    Burger boy is playing 3B today.
  5. zisk

    7/18- Astros at White Sox, 1:10

    Don't forget the "and die" part.
  6. zisk

    The Eloy-Vaughn-Burger-Sheets Conundrum

    Sheets may be traded, but Burger looks so athletically smooth in his swing and the way he runs. He is the real deal. Sheets look a bit mechanical.
  7. sneak in a salami sandwich and a half pint in your pants.
  8. maybe they will just release him tomorrow.
  9. zisk

    Fangraphs Farm System Rankings (7/9/21)

    I wouldn't mind a platoon of Engel and Goodwin for a year in RF. The thought of Vaughn playing LF next year is acceptable as well. We've got Cespedes and Colas coming, hopefully by 2023. The one wild card in all this could be Yoan, If he would accept a move to the outfield for the good of the team.. Burger could then slide in at 3B. Luckily the Sox are young. This will help while we rebuild the system. One last thing we have going for us, is the Cuban connection. We do better than just about any body there. It acts as a draft supplement every couple of years.
  10. zisk

    White Sox select Colson Montgomery #22 overall

    Sox have done as well as anybody with their high picks for a long time now. I'm inclined to trust them on a fairly low 1st rounder.
  11. zisk

    Ten relievers who could be traded, ranked

    I wonder if the Sox are thinking about Alex Colome? He's righted the ship and could help a lot. His cost would be next to nothing.
  12. zisk

    White Sox select Colson Montgomery #22 overall

    Draft and follow.
  13. zisk

    GT 7/7: SOX @ MIN, 12:10

    Burger looks more athletic than I thought he'd be. He runs OK too.