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  1. Lot B surrounding the bar and the team store is all torn up. Not sure what they're building though.
  2. Of course. But it shows he actually speaks their native language, which was definitely one of the top criteria I was hoping for.
  3. Lack of player development.
  4. Sounds like a typical larussa Thursday
  5. Hahn can't just player develop them all. You're highlighting how players with lots of talent are regressing. They just can't develop that talent. That's an organizational and systemic failure.
  6. I can proudly say that I haven't watched a game in weeks. This team is just not fun to watch this year.
  7. This has gotten so fuckin ridiculous
  8. Kinda hard to tell if the talent he has acquired can ever be properly developed by this org
  9. For all those that complain about the Sox not getting enough national coverage, third straight day now!
  10. Were there chants at the game? I didn't bother to watch most of it.
  11. Why in the FUCK would you care about what anyone else thought about that 2005 team though? It was one of the best sports-related rides that a lot of us have probably had, was it not? Why the fuck would you care about what a "neutral observer" or "historian" thought about the team or remembered? It's literally opinion.
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