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  1. My money is he'll stay in NY. Probably trying to get the largest offer possible
  2. Which is funny because literally none of those players are really outfielders.
  3. Does anyone know if they make custom City Connect jerseys?
  4. I always disliked Puig. For lack of stronger language that would more accurately describe my...dislikedness...
  5. Should've kept Narvaez. Much cheaper. Left-handed. While not an offensve machine still a better hitter than Grandal. Better leader. Became better on defense. Grandal has to be one of the worst defensive catchers out there. Omar gets injured but still a better option than Grandal. Again much cheaper. And younger.
  6. Texas judge blocked the forgiveness open. Some people just want to watch the world burn.
  7. My offseason plan remains the same. Sell the team.
  8. I want to see Benny the Bull dressed up in a judge's outfit with a gavel trying to recruit him to come to the Southside.
  9. Lux from Kenosha, WI, right near where I grew up. Tad younger than me, never knew him personally. Would be cool to see him on the Southside. Not sure what his upside is or if he's our 2B answer though...would be nice to have that LH bat in the lineup.
  10. Refs blew 3 big calls, and the blocked kick, all screwed the bears today. But a helluva game by Fields. Get that draft pick position.
  11. This has been a very entertaining football game
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