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8.7.20 GT | Clevelanders @ White Sox | 7:10PM CT


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Third time the Indians shut out in first 15...they just had two consecutive shutouts against the REDS, as well.


REBUILD WIN, Cease struggled with his control but managed to avoid the big hit with RISP the entire night, as did the bullpen from front to back end.

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Just now, Blackout Friday said:

I’m having a hard time enjoying the win, mostly because of this. 

8-6, only need to go 22-24.

7 against KCR, 10 against Detroit, 4 vs. PITT

Let's say 4-3 or 5-2, 7-3 and 3-1.   (14-7 or 15-6)


22-13 or 23-12......so simply need to go 8-17 or 7-18 in the other 25 games

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