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QUOTE (Soxbadger @ Mar 14, 2010 -> 04:59 PM)
Interesting draw for Wisconsin.


Hopefully they can play well the first 2 games and give Kentucky problems.



I took Wisky over Kentucky in the sweet 16 upset ( hope they at least get there to play UK). Then bowing out to West Virginia in the elite 8.

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QUOTE (WhiteSoxfan1986 @ Mar 15, 2010 -> 04:12 PM)
My dark horse team here is Temple. Wouldn't surprise me at all to see them make a run.


I agree. I was bummed to see Cornell land in the opposing spot, because I would have liked to see both these teams advance a round or two.

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Seems that the powers that be wanted Kentucky to be tested by a superior defensive team.


Placing Temple and Wisconsin in their bracket gives them an opportunity to either face the #3 most efficient defense (Temple's adjusted rank per Pomeroy) or Wisconsin who is #6.


Both Temple and Wisconsin seem to be great defensive teams, if they play I believe Wisconsin holds the edge as their offense was the 13th most efficient, compared to Temple's 77th.


For comparison, Kentucky is the 18th most efficient offense and 10th most efficient defense.


Pomeroy has Wisconsin as his 3rd strongest team though, so they are getting a ton of love from his numbers.




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QUOTE (WHarris1 @ Mar 14, 2010 -> 08:17 PM)
Jay Bilas is really loving on Cornell. I like their team too but Elite 8?


Wisconsin vs. Kentucky would be and incredibly interesting matchup and Wisco could potentially give UK some


I personally have Cornell losing to Temple in the first round but I like the fact that Bilas actually went out on a limb cause most of these experts go all chalk, all the way, all the time.

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QUOTE (chimpy2121 @ Mar 16, 2010 -> 11:54 AM)
I would love to see Wisco beat Kentucky.

I'd love to see anyone beat Kentucky.


QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ Mar 18, 2010 -> 08:49 PM)
This UW/Marquette game has been the best watch of the tourney. It doesnt have the Cinderella stories or might not have the crazy ending that the other games have had, but its a just a fun, exciting, good game of basketball.

Both teams have been playing well, possibly another buzzer beater on our hands?

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QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ Mar 18, 2010 -> 09:08 PM)
Damn, I had originally picked Washington, but ended up thinking Marquette would do it. Dooh.

Same. I kept going back and forth a lot on their matchup, was a coin flip imo.

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