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  1. White Sox Park

    Josh Donaldson called Tim Anderson "Jackie"

    I used to watch a lot of games of other teams, and i've seen Donaldson act like a total dick for years . the fact that he's a racist prick, doesn't surprise me in the least . one thing is for sure, it wouldn't take much to clear the benches tomorrow.
  2. a loss, but they didn't totally suck . not the best thing that you want to say about your team..
  3. With Engel's speed, it would be nice if he could bunt to lead off an inning..
  4. payback for that play at 3rd..
  5. working the count . taking a walk . it's like it's against their religion..
  6. need a big hit here..
  7. Outstanding at bat for Tim there..
  8. So good to see them get back in the game here, instead of just walking dead..
  9. I'd be surprised if this is over..
  10. Absolutely outstanding play by TA!!
  11. Once a prick, always a prick..
  12. Luis with the nice grab..
  13. feel so good, to shut those, just a little too smug, Yankee fans up..
  14. 0MG Totally Unexpected . Jose Jose Jose Jose !!!!!!
  15. The White Sox may be in the same league as the Yankees, but the Yankees are out of their league.