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    Trust the process

    I trust the process. I don't trust the processor.
  2. GreenSox

    Sox Acquire OF Todd Cunningham for PTBNL

    Looks like an org minor leaguer; surprised it isn't "Cash considerations"
  3. It took the Royals over a decade to build a contender from drafting and development. And their contention window was short. They just aren't very good at drafting and development. Trades? In the last 3-4 years, the Astros have traded away far more good young players than the Royals have. And the Astros are only getting better. This White Sox Front Office hasn't demonstrated that they understand the draft. Now it's "Stuff" for pitchers, and "Approach" for hitters. I guess it's better than "tools" for hitters, but still not much room for nuance. Maybe there has been an uptick from the draft, but, if so, it's modest. Even if they can build a contender ( a big IF) with these current prospects they acquired by trading away top veteran talent, the window will be short if they keep drafting the way they have been.
  4. GreenSox

    4/21 Gamethread - Astros @ Sox - 6:10pm / WGN

    I seriously doubt the FO thought it would be this bad. In a normal organization, jobs would be on the line, including the vaunted pitching coach, who, despite his rep., has rarely fielded a top staff despite some top talent.
  5. GreenSox

    Tim annoys Verlander

    I don't care about the "unwritten rules" of baseball; I do care about players trying to steal when down 5-0: The reward isn't close in value to the risk.
  6. Good results were expected in 2013, 2015, and 2016, and Hahn didn't get them, nor did he lose his job.
  7. This front office sure has an eagle-eye for veteran talent.
  8. GreenSox

    Home Opener Game Thread! White Sox vs Tigers

    QUOTE (sin city sox fan @ Apr 5, 2018 -> 06:41 PM) We may need to trade a couple of prospects to shore up the bullpen. That's the last thing they should do. Such trades brought Soria and Shields here.
  9. GreenSox


    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Apr 5, 2018 -> 12:26 PM) You have to play him to figure it out. He has shown in the past he is talented enough to be on a major league roster. The Sox should still be in talent accumulation mode, and Saladino is a part of that process. Can he be optioned to Charlotte?
  10. GreenSox

    4/3 Game Thread: Sox @ Blue Jays

    QUOTE (SonofaRoache @ Apr 3, 2018 -> 09:33 PM) I don't understand what the benefit of tanking would be this year. We have a lot of high end talent and a top 5 pick this year. We need to start growing for personal reasons and to attract free agents. I don't either. But there just isn't enough pitching on the major league roster or at AAA to avoid it being a bad team. I don't think they are tanking really...just playing the cards they have (although they created those low cards).
  11. GreenSox

    Daryl Boston/Josh Donaldson whistle

    I bet it annoys some Sox players as well. The whistle is just stupid clowning. Boston should be told to knock it off.
  12. GreenSox

    How the Sox are trying to perfect tanking

    I'm still looking for this reputed excess pitching depth. The rotation has 2 starters. 3 needed. Okay, I'll add Rodon - 2 needed. The bullpen has one keeper, Jones, who will likely be traded; and perhaps Bummer. The rest are stiffs. 7 needed. That's a total of 9 pitchers needed. Okay, I'll add Fulmer to the pen (kind of a compromise) and that's 8 needed Total of leaving absolutely no depth. Using a prospect wash-out rate of 50% (which is really way too low), that means 16 pitchers are needed just to get to 5 and 8 (in contrast, the Astros have 8 starters). In a best-case scenario, the Sox need 16 legitimate pitching prospects. Oh sure there is free agency (crapshoot) fo a spot or two. And they could trade (the Sox record on trading FOR veterans, is, to be kind, less than exemplary). Stockpile the pitching.
  13. The Sox two best hitting prospects are likely corner OF (Robert could play CF as of now I guess). Moving Avi might make some sense as the Sox should have depth there. Don't see much in the 1B pipeline though (I would think that Davidson might learn the position). No objection to extending Abreu, unless they see signs of decline. Don't see any reason to sign veterans for the sake of veteran leadership; get them to plug holes or shore up the pitching, based on talent need. As of now, 40% of the 25 man consists of veterans anyway.
  14. GreenSox

    Any interest in Y.Tomas after he clears waivers?

    No He's a horrible defender, and that's the last thing the young Sox pitchers need behind them. And he's not a great hitter either.
  15. When trading for a guy like this, I'd think that they see an aspect of his game that they can change/improve/fix. Glad to see them switching something right off the bat. And Lip, you're on double-secret probation for that one.