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  1. GreenSox

    Sox vs. Cubs 9/23/18

    If we don't have a playoff team by (generously - 9 years!!!!) 2021, then we can write.....
  2. GreenSox

    New Owner

    Yes, but they were trying to win until 2 years ago, albeit ineptly.
  3. GreenSox

    Old Farts Only: 50 + Year Sox Fans

    Garr's batting average was good. His OPS was modest, to be kind.
  4. GreenSox

    New Owner

    I don't fault JR for not spending, and that sort of thing - he has spent. He can go either way on spending. I do fault him for over-loyalty and I feel that he will be comfortable should the White Sox fall into a decade long Royals/Pirates funk, for which I think there is a decent chance, and he won't do what is needed to shake the organization out of it.
  5. That would be a much needed good outcome on the pitching front.
  6. We hope; but Robert doesn't have a single homer outside of the DSL and Gonzalez is still in A ball himself. I guess Engel starts - but he's a bad hitter, but I guess there's not reason not to give him another year at this point.
  7. GreenSox

    Old Farts Only: 50 + Year Sox Fans

    I don't think he quite did that, but he was an above average regular for them for 10+ years. The post 58 transactions are probably the most egregious, but, as you said, they have a habit of doing that sort of thing. In the late 60s they trade for Tommy Davis and an aging Aparicio and the team hits the skids. Then it's Ron Santo and Ralph Garr. And then Bobby Bonds (for the highly productive Brian Downing; Dotson coming the Sox way as a thrown-in took some of the sting away).
  8. GreenSox

    Old Farts Only: 50 + Year Sox Fans

    I believe that they also traded Norm Cash around that time.
  9. GreenSox

    Another Bullet Dodged

    And Bobby Knoop, Syd O'Brien and Gary Janeski. And then Roland came in and took care of things......Made some real baseball trades like Ken Berry and Syd O'Brien for Tom Bradley and Rick Reichardt.
  10. GreenSox

    Race for the worst 2018 record (Top 5 pick) again

    Ritchey and Shields is a righteous comparison. I'm just looking for 4 more wins.
  11. GreenSox

    Moncada leading MLB in OOZ strike 3s

    Stick to your guns, Moncada. That will turn. IN the meantime, work on fouling off pitches you don't like.
  12. GreenSox

    FS: The case for the Sox adding a 7th US MiLB team

    Of course they should. But it would require an investment they don't want to make (if they did, they'd have the team). And yet, it would seem that, say, a second Az team would be a fairly modest investment.
  13. GreenSox

    This year's goal: 99 losses (or fewer)

    Agree - don't want the team to lose 100.
  14. GreenSox

    Are the Sox Losing on Purpose?

    No, they just have a manager and pitching coach that think Gomez can pitch. Of course, that begs the question...
  15. GreenSox

    The Stopgap plan for 2019-20

    The Royals got that return. Very questionable whether the White Sox would have. They couldn't move Frazier, who's the same player as Moustakas. They had to lump him with 2 good relievers, and it's debatable whether they got the return Moustakas alone got: Rutherford has a higher ceiling I suppose, but he's a corner player. Hahn worked his entire career under Williams, so it's no surprise that they share trade negotiation skills.. The similarities abound, including each giving up a legit prospect for a pitcher having a terrible year that should have been a pure salary dump. His secondary trades have, key to the Astros, Cubs and Brewers rebuilds, have come up snake-eyes.