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  1. GreenSox

    Garrett Crochet Called Up

    While I realize this is why he was drafted, it is a strange time to call him up.
  2. GreenSox

    Stone's Throwing of Shade at Ricky

    Rickey hasn't choked and called for bunting (in contrast to Ventura in his playoff chase); and he's handled the pitching well. No complaints.
  3. GreenSox

    Comparing Sox young guys to past players

    Maybe Ray Durham, kinda. TA has a higher BA but Durham walked a lot more, but similar power numbers, both middle infielders. Of course Durham never had a year like 2020 TA
  4. GreenSox

    Tim Anderson's Don't Come Along Often

    I never hoped for that for first round picks. Becoming an average player is a consolation prize for a first round pick.
  5. GreenSox

    Jonathan Stiever Discussion Thread

    Just don't wear him out.
  6. GreenSox

    The Hostetler Drafts: A Review

    You have a generous definition of a major leaguer. Way too many high picks were wasted under Hostetler. Overall, there is one major league starter (Madrigal, top 5 pick), one possible major league starting pitcher (Stiever), a few relievers and some guys hanging on to the bottom of expanded rosters. I remain unconvinced that Hostelter's drafts were even average, much less quality.
  7. GreenSox

    Should we be worried about the Tigers in the future?

    Hopefully, the Tigers' top 10 choices turn out like the Sox' did.
  8. GreenSox

    Does It Matter At all If We Win The Division?

    Not really. Without crowds, not much HFA. Certainly not enough to waste energy to win the division if you have a playoff berth sealed up.
  9. GreenSox

    Sox playoff chances sit at 100%, 3rd in AL for WS odds

    Yea, except that as it stands now, you get a more favorable opponent by finishing second than first. Who knows how that will shake up; thus, to me, it's unimportant. I mean I guess a division title is something in itself, but not the prize.
  10. GreenSox

    Sox playoff chances sit at 100%, 3rd in AL for WS odds

    You could be right; my preference would be to play the team with the weakest pitching - we should be able to outblast them. But again, with this 2nd place stuff instead of 5 wildcards), it's sometimes better not to win your division. So just get the team health and ready for playoff game 1.
  11. GreenSox

    Sox playoff chances sit at 100%, 3rd in AL for WS odds

    They don't need to use excess energy against the Cubs, Twins and Tribe. That's a waste. Beating up on the hapless Royals put them in a position so that they don't have to. All that matters is putting the team in the best position possible for the playoffs, and standings is not a big part of that as long as you're top 8. 6 man rotation sounds good, toward that end.
  12. Leury can play IF or OF, so you get 2 utility players for the price of 1. He's a much better option than Yolmer. That would allow a pick up of, say, another OF who can play his position and actually hit. That would mean that the Sox would need 2 good OFs and it would finally give them a bench bat. They'll need another reliever or 2...sign a couple of those. And maybe they'll need a starter - we'll see. If Rodon shows life this month, I'd pick up his last year; can't be that expensive anyway.
  13. They don't need 1B and DH help, really.
  14. GreenSox

    Trade Watch Rumor

    I would. Sox are making the playoffs and you only need 3 starters in the playoffs. Starting pitching is not a weakness on this team and trading any of them listed above for Lance Lynn is madness.
  15. GreenSox

    Trade Watch Rumor

    Let's just make sure that the Sox get real quality this time. No more Samardzijas, Fraziers, Shields, etc. No more howling at the moon that average players are somehow great.