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  1. GreenSox

    FS: Have the Sox ever had a prospect like Eloy in AAA?

    Yes, like Norm Cash; Sox in the Series in 67 with Norm. Re the question, I seem to recall Lamar Johnson being minor league beast - but not a 50 homer beast; pretty good couple of major league seasons as well.
  2. GreenSox

    Nick Hostetler Draft History

    You can obviously win picking either high school or college. That the Sox are emphasizing college players is Williams and Hahn's choice. I'm still surprised that the scouting director, and not the persons in charge of player personnel, actually make the picks. If you don't put the resources into scouting and evaluation you are better off picking college players....they have more form and less information asymmetry. If you scout and evaluate better than the competition, you are better off picking high school guys...have more information than the competition and have an edge.
  3. GreenSox

    Tilson optioned to AAA

    Tilson never hit much in the minors, though. Not much basis to think he can hit in the majors. 19 minor league homers in 1900 at bats, et al. Cordell did. He's just been injured virtually his entire tenure with the Sox.
  4. GreenSox

    Brad Hand to the Indians

    I doubt Avilan or Cedeno add much quality to the return package. To do it, you'd have to start moving Fry, Davidson, Leury, Narvaez, or Yolmer..one of those guys. I'm not sure it makes sense to do so for another A ball prospect...for a near major league ready pitching, CF, 3B prospect, it very well could.
  5. GreenSox

    Make A Deal: Joakim Soria

    I like the idea of moving Davidson or a similar player...time to shuffle these prospects around and build a team. And if the Braves think that's a fair trade, well then I wish them godspeed in getting it done.
  6. GreenSox

    Tilson optioned to AAA

    Tilson hit his way back to Charlotte 2 months ago. Somebody just likes him - probably Reneteria. Hasn't really mattered as Leury and Delmonico have had injury spells. But when Avi gets healthy, enough is enough. Let Leury play CF
  7. GreenSox

    Trade Proposals

    Can always use pitching. And some of these deep teams have AAA excess that could help the Sox...that's basically what the Pirates got from Houston for Cole (not that the sox have a Cole to trade).
  8. GreenSox

    Make A Deal: Joakim Soria

    Omar's OPS is .771 and rising; he is under 4 years of control. That's a higher OPS than Flowers ever had for the Sox and higher than AJ had except for 1 year. He walks like a maniac. What exactly are people looking for? And if they trade him...what are they going to get. An org's #19? To what end?
  9. GreenSox

    Make A Deal: Joakim Soria

    Save Omar! 2nd highest OPS on the team. One of the few Sox that takes a walk in an organization that has been walked-challenged for over a decade. The Sox signed several reclamation projects..unfortunately, most didn't reclaim.
  10. GreenSox

    Machado deal structure "in place"

    That's what the Sox would be doing even if Forsythe could play; Sox neither need nor should want a veteran. Trade for him and then cut him. Take the prospect.
  11. GreenSox

    The Trade Winds are blowin'

    I'd like to see him go to an AL team....bleed the farms of other AL teams.
  12. GreenSox


    .340 range or higher; and .360+ if he's going to be an all star level player.
  13. GreenSox

    Trade Proposals

    1)I never hear/read anything about the analytics department. And I never really hear about how they might use analytics in evaluating or in scouting opponents) other than their shifting, which I suppose is an analytics thing. I hope you are correct in that. 2)Getz is new and early reports are positive. Haber is not new. Hostetler is a White Sox lifer, with a short period with another team. The GM lineage has been maintained since the early 1990s when Ron Scheuler was hired. 30 years is a long time. They may get it right this time and I hope to heck that they do. 3)On paper, all looked fine, some better than others. But nothing has popped yet; still plenty of time.
  14. GreenSox

    7/16 Games

    Good move. He and Davidson should have a reasonable chance of playing an acceptable 1B, given their prior experience at 3B. Nick v. Davidson v. Palka
  15. GreenSox

    Trade Proposals

    I hope they keep Rodon. There is plenty of time to trade him. In the meantime, they need to start building this team up. The Sox should have enough prospects after trading Sale, Q, Eaton and many secondary players. They also had a top 4 pick, and picks in the top 11 for like the last 5 years. Other orgs rebuild their orgs in 2-3 years without the jumps-start. What more does this FO need? Stabilize the pitching and this rebuild should start to take off.