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  1. Two people just got exposed in the playoffs. Tony La Russa and Rick Hahn.
  2. That is a routine out with a competent RF.
  3. Surprised La Russa didn't just put Hamilton out there at least.
  4. Not a chance in hell Reinsdorf fires his bff La Russa. He alresdy regretted firing him the first time. He ain't doing it again.
  5. Eh.. not sure I would call Heuer a hole with the way he pitched this year.
  6. Bregman has such a punchable face.
  7. Not to mention terrible positioning on that.
  8. Asking way too much for a 22 year old.
  9. Hey don't be stealing my idea. I said that weeks ago in the GT and you know it LOL.
  10. My bold prediction. Giolito is going to have a McCullers performance against them.
  11. Weak contact all game and then swinging at a pitch not even close. I'll give him credit though for battling.
  12. Low leverage situation. His favorite.
  13. Gavin looking like a rookie so far. Alot of weak contact by him today.
  14. Moncada is literally the only guy who has shown up today.
  15. I didn't agree with pitching to Brantley.
  16. Thank god Moncada was running. That was a usual double play for Abreu.
  17. Moncada one of the only guys who has shown up today.
  18. Giolito would've been better than this in my opinion.
  19. By the way not sure why a hitter as good as Brantley is bunting but hey we'll take it.
  20. Well we knew that most of the season basically, especially at RF.
  21. Making themselves look like idiots. But it is par for the course in game threads here over the years as we know.
  22. Rubarb hack into your account?