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  1. Kalapse

    2018 Watercooler thread

    Hell yes. It does feel like an NBC comedy.
  2. Kalapse

    5/10 Games

    I'd just like to go on record as saying "The Bess" is an incredible nickname and I think Eloy is good. Thank you.
  3. Kalapse

    2018 Watercooler thread

    Good call, it makes perfect sense for one of the streaming services to pick it up, it needs to happen, it's one of the few shows I go out of my way to watch.
  4. Kalapse

    2018 Watercooler thread

    So incredibly fucking stupid. Hopefully someone like Netflix picks it up, that show hasn't slipped even one little bit.
  5. Kalapse

    Thompson / Saladino

    I have to believe he's suggesting to bench Davidson in favor of Melky which I wholy agree with, just look at that batting average, at least Melky hit .270 last year.
  6. Kalapse

    Daryl Boston/Josh Donaldson whistle

    My sincerest apologies to Mr Boston, in truth I can whistle quite loud using the innie method but am incapable of the finger whistle or the standard blowing method. I am a hypocrite to the highest degree.
  7. Kalapse

    Daryl Boston/Josh Donaldson whistle

    QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ Apr 3, 2018 -> 02:02 PM) I think for the purposes of replacing a typical "whistle" great, however, I kind of don't like it when used during the game and in advance of at bats. Maybe it was all in good fun, I just don't know, but I think Boston should be careful. Donaldson doesn't really do "fun" so yeah, Boston shouldn't be pulling that s***, no reason to provide extra motivation to one of the best hitters in the game.
  8. Kalapse

    Daryl Boston/Josh Donaldson whistle

    It should be noted that Boston uses the whistle primarily to align the defense, he's somehow incapable of whistling with his mouth so he uses a ref's whistle to get their attention. The whistling for good defensive plays is secondary.
  9. Kalapse

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    QUOTE (greg775 @ Apr 2, 2018 -> 01:32 PM) Greg's bad. Here's my brain's thought process. Nobody's getting all over KW/Hahn for giving up Tatis for Shields so I assumed his advanced stats were good at the time of the trade cause Hahn lovers on here cite advanced stats a lot. That's my bad if his advanced stats reeked at the time of the deal. Don't get me wrong. I'm OK with Hahn. Not OK with Shields topping the rotation. Holy s***, this couldn't be further from the truth. Perhaps some people just don't want to talk about it anymore because the trade happened 2 years ago, has been talked to death around here and the outcome really, really sucks so it's not super fun to talk about it. Constantly invoking that name is basically torture at this point, I've blocked the word Tatis on Twitter because I don't want to hear about it anymore, there's nothing I can do about it and hearing about it is not fun, sports are supposed to be fun.
  10. Kalapse

    Mlb.com top prospects

    QUOTE (Tony @ Feb 15, 2018 -> 06:14 PM) It's also shocking considering how the Tatis trade has been beaten to death on this board. We get it, it was a TERRIBLE trade then, TERRIBLE trade now, and will be a TERRIBLE trade in 5 seasons. I assume Rick Hahn would tell you the same thing, and he absolutely deserves to wear it for that awful move. What else do you want us to do? It's time to move on. QUOTE (ptatc @ Feb 15, 2018 -> 06:21 PM) Exactly. Every GM has trades that they wished they could take back. They usually occur when trading a young prospect for an aging veteran when making a desperate move to compete. It's just exhausting. Why do this to yourself? Like you said, the trade was bad and Rick Hahn sure as hell knows he f***ed up. Constantly bringing it up isn't holding the front office accountable or interesting, it's just torturous, It's in everyone's best interest to just move on, what do you really gain from obsessing over it?
  11. Kalapse

    Mlb.com top prospects

    QUOTE (ptatc @ Feb 15, 2018 -> 05:58 PM) You can rip them all you want. Many did when it happened. But to hang on to it for years is not a healthy thing. Are you still angry over the Sammy Sosa trade? how about the Gio Gonzalez trades? This s*** could go on for 15 more years, in what world is that fun and not just masochistic? I prefer fun out of my sports consumption, not constant indignation.
  12. Kalapse

    New Banner

    QUOTE (CaliSoxFanViaSWside @ Jan 26, 2018 -> 08:11 PM) Well guess I have to blame Kalapse for this. http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/baseb...0928-story.html Accurate. Hence Asche in perpetuity. I can tell you right now you're never gonna see Eloy on a banner, I'm not going to be responsible for his death.
  13. Kalapse

    2018 Hall of Fame ballots out today.

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Jan 24, 2018 -> 06:24 PM) Thome only behind Bomds, McGwire, Ruth and Giancarlo in HR %. Higher OBP than Rickey Henderson. All time leader in walk off HR. Same amount of postseason HR as Big Papi in 102 less plate appearances. Did it clean. He is more than worth. Very deserving. Impressive considering he's the least clutch player in MLB history.
  14. Kalapse

    Luis Robert

    QUOTE (chitownsportsfan @ Jan 16, 2018 -> 08:12 PM) Some tidbits from the article on the Athletic: I'd highly suggest subscribing. It's worth the $5/m and if you buy a year it's cheaper. There's more good stuff in the article on Moncada, Micker, Eloy etc. https://theathletic.com/213760/2018/01/16/l...y-on-instagram/ Jiminez really needs to take a break from being so f***ing impressive, it's exhausting.
  15. Kalapse

    Southsidesox Exodus

    QUOTE (Quin @ Jan 1, 2018 -> 01:49 PM) Fortunately, Vox isn't in the spot to just close down like the Gothamist/DNAInfo brand that Ricketts pulled. DNA info still pisses me off, Joe salted the earth just to spite his new found employees. The Ricketts are enormous f***ing p*****s.