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  1. Kalapse

    Oscar Colas Story (Is this true?)

    Someone explain to me why any credence was put into the screenshotted post from Ray Ray. They didn't even screenshot his instagram and people fucking ran with it without even looking at his page.
  2. Kalapse

    Oscar Colas Story (Is this true?)

    Is there any actual evidence of a "temper tantrum" other than a screenshotted post from "southside.sox_"?
  3. Kalapse

    2022 MLB Draft Thread

    There may not be a 38th round but draft and follow is back.
  4. He's been mentioned on this board as the next man to go on the 40 like every time it's brought up. People have been bitching about him still being on the 40 for awhile now. And yes we know the team had no intent on bringing him up ever again, he was done in the orgs eyes long ago, it's plainly obvious to anyone paying attention.
  5. Kalapse

    Petition for New Banner

    I'd do a front office banner but I don't want to look at their faces every time I refresh the site.
  6. Kalapse

    Petition for New Banner

    We're in desperation mode.
  7. Kalapse

    Red Sox vs White Sox Game Two-7:40 CT

    this is pretty much it
  8. Kalapse

    White Sox bet on new partner

    Brooks Boyer, everyone. Who knew he was an admin on Soxtalk.
  9. Kalapse

    Crosstown Series Game Two--6:40 CT

    When I looked the other day his expected wOBA was like .403 and his actual was .313.
  10. Kalapse

    Crosstown Series Game Two--6:40 CT

    He's 7th in baseball in hardhit% if you limit it to 25 BBE, Jose Abreu is 3rd, Jose has the 10th most 95+ MPH batted balls this year.
  11. Kalapse

    The Show

    This bullshit is prevalent in even OOTP now too, the Perfect Team mode gets extra things that a normal league mode doesn't. Why? Because of the fucking packs. People just have to open their fucking packs. It's fun, I admit but holy shit it has taken over everything, they moved on from loot boxes to something slightly less predatory (I guess) and now it's ubiquitous.
  12. Kalapse

    Crosstown Series Game One--6:40 CT

    don't argue with ptat
  13. Kalapse

    PSA: Post Your Game Threads Early