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  1. It's a dumb title on a fucking message board, get over yourself.
  2. Kalapse

    2019 Video Game Thread

    Control is a very fun game. I highly recommend it.
  3. Kalapse

    **Movies that we watch in 2019** Thread

    John Wick 3 is so damn good. It knows exactly what it is and delivers on all fronts, they could easily have doubled the shlock and have been just fine.
  4. Kalapse

    An Interesting Idea with Rodon

    It's so incredibly disheartening that this league has an anti-trust exemption.
  5. Kalapse

    Abreu trade value?

  6. Kalapse

    Ricky Renteria Has Made Me a Lineup Scold

    Just keep in mind “[Drake] was a leader in the locker room.” I understand protecting the kid but that’s maybe the most emberassing line in mlb history.
  7. Kalapse

    Reacquire Adam Eaton

    1) Adam Eaton is not going to be waived, he's far too valuable for that. If Eaton were placed on waivers today he'd be claimed by the Marlins or Reds considering how cheap Miami is. 2) Waivers absolutely exist, they've just removed the soft trade deadline where players on the 40 man can be traded in August if they pass through waivers and instated a hard 7/31 trade deadline. Just to clear up any confusion.
  8. Kalapse


    I'm not going to argue that I am the one that sucks, but the other guy clearly sucks more. I mean, come on, what are you even doing? Just don't post.
  9. Kalapse


    b****ing about a sports team over and over and over again on a message board is maybe not a great use of your time or healthy for your physique. Just a quick PSA, no one fucking cares.
  10. Kalapse

    Ervin Santana has been DFA

    It was a minor league contract but it became a fully guaranteed major league deal when they called him up. You can send any player down but once they reach a certain service time plateau they have the right to deny the assignment and become a free agent.
  11. Kalapse

    Eloy Jimenez injury

    Then, stop? It's obviously causing you much heartache, perhaps just stop. Not sure who the "3-5 years" timetable is aimed at or what a "so-called prospect" is but maybe just take up model trains for a bit, much more soothing.
  12. Kalapse

    Eloy Jimenez injury

    Regardless of how Eloy’s career plays out I just can’t imagine giving less of a fuck about the Sox being on the hook for a bit of guaranteed money.
  13. Fathom is talking about cultural relevance, merchandise sales are distributed evenly across the league, it makes zero difference how many Abreu jerseys are sold, the Sox get the same cut as any other team. (2) You have a very strong victim complex and do zero research, it's not just the mods, it's everyone, the mods have just been around longer and post more in general.
  14. Of course you have zero idea how merchandise sales work.
  15. Colome is 179 days older than Montgomery and has one less year of control. Montgomery has 151 career appearances, 95 of which have come in relief.