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  1. Iwritecode


    That group is 2 boards past that site now. Still around though.
  2. Iwritecode


    Oh there have been a lot of people that were banned by request. More than a few that posted something so outrageous that they had no choice but to ban them.
  3. Iwritecode


    In it's heyday, it was actually a fun place to be. There were even a couple of softball games between the members of WSI and Soxtalk. But then they started attracting the attention of major media outlets and suddenly they had to maintain the 'squeaky clean' image. No politics, no swearing, no bad-mouthing the franchise. Now they barely allow venting legitimate frustrations or concerns about the team or the coaches. Basically no fun allowed.
  4. Iwritecode


    Yea, I was around back in the Rivals days and on the ESPN message boards and was a long-time member there when I got caught up in a mass banning for something that occurred on a completely different site. The last I knew they were living somewhere in Canada. Don't know the city for sure. Might be Ontario. Neither one of them have been on WSI for years. Which makes it rather surprising that they still bother to keep it up. They have like 12 moderators listed but maybe a quarter of them are still around.
  5. Iwritecode


    You can still view the boards using this link. http://www.whitesoxinteractive.com/vbulletin/forumdisplay.php?f=14 You can view the different forums using the forum jump but if you click "home" it doesn't work.
  6. Iwritecode


    The story as I know it is: George Bova (AKA PalehoseGeorge) owns (owned?) the front page which was flyingsock.com. He's basically abandoned it and mostly posts on the FB page now. FarWestChicago (never did learn his real name) and his wife Michelle own whitesoxintereactive.com and host the servers themselves. I read that this latest snafu is from him doing upgrades, but the message boards aren't gone.
  7. Iwritecode

    Am I a jerk?

    Ah... got it. I feel like I should've known that.
  8. Iwritecode

    Am I a jerk?

    I've seen you mention ID numerous times but I can't figure out exactly what you are talking about. At first I thought you were talking about an identification card like a driver's licenses or something but that's obviously not it.
  9. Iwritecode

    2019 MLB Catch All thread

    That's pretty much what all the SC highlights have been since forever.
  10. Iwritecode

    **2019 Water-cooler Thread**

    I've read that 4 seasons has been the plan from the start. S1 was set in the spring, S2 in the fall, S3 in the summer so S4 should be set in the winter to finish it out.
  11. Iwritecode

    Automobile Thread

    I just found out about this but if anyone is planning on trading in a car worth more than $10,000 you might want to get it done before Jan 1, 2020. Illinois trade-in tax
  12. Iwritecode

    Job Thread

    I was the father of a 1-year old, working full time and taking college classes at night when I was 19. I didn't know what sleep was.
  13. Iwritecode

    Job Thread

    I just saw an advertisement for a show on A&E called The Employables and it reminded me of this thread. My DVR is bursting at the seams right now but I want to try and catch up on it eventually. https://decider.com/2019/05/15/the-employables-stream-it-or-skip-it/
  14. Iwritecode

    Job Thread

    Nobody that I know of typically does any kind of "sit down" type meal for lunch. At least not on a regular basis. At my old job there was a group of us that were essentially contract workers and got paid through a 3rd party. Hence why they were so strict on reporting hours. The guy that we reported our hours to took us out to Red Lobster once a year. That was basically the one time a year we got permission to go over on our lunch. At my current job the IT group (there are 6 of us) will go out every once in a while and it's not a big deal if we go a little over since we are all salary employees.
  15. Iwritecode

    Job Thread

    Most of the time everyone brought their lunch and just ate in the lunchroom. There were a couple of restaurants close enough that we could run and get our food and get back within like 20 minutes or so. On special occasions (usually around Christmas) we would have food catered in from like Buona Beef or something similair. But like I said, I'm in a much, much better situation now.