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  1. Iwritecode

    Baby/Parenting Thread

    Say goodbye to sleep for about 6 months or so. First kid it took 3-4 months for her to sleep through the night. Second one took a year.
  2. Iwritecode

    2022 Catch All

    It literally says in the article you posted: "The U.S. Constitution makes no provision for states to secede and in 1869, the Supreme Court ruled in Texas v. White that states cannot unilaterally secede from the Union." So don't plan on it anytime soon.
  3. Iwritecode

    2022 Catch All

    I found a clip of Greg wandering through modern Chicago.
  4. Iwritecode

    Vacation/Travel Thread.

    Just in case anyone is planning a visit to Yellowstone anytime soon. https://www.nps.gov/yell/learn/news/220613.htm
  5. Iwritecode

    TLR 2022 Thread

    If I had a dollar for every time Greg was worried about being banned I could probably retire.
  6. Iwritecode

    Sorry to Soxtalk.

    How many places did you post this?
  7. Iwritecode

    TLR 2022 Thread

    You sure about that?
  8. Iwritecode

    Gas. High Gas (prices).

    I was thinking more of things like these: https://www.rd.com/list/funny-warning-labels/ You know these labels only exist because someone, somewhere tried it at least once.
  9. Iwritecode

    TLR 2022 Thread

    Yea, that's absolutely on Tony. I mean the players have to execute but when you intentionally put them in bad spots you can't blame them when they don't. How many times in the history of ever has a player been IBB on a 1-2 count?
  10. Iwritecode

    Gas. High Gas (prices).

    I beg to differ.
  11. Iwritecode

    Gas. High Gas (prices).

    Yea, I just read that gas in France (I think?) is like $7/gallon right now. But they don't have those little "I did that" stickers all over their pumps.
  12. Iwritecode

    Gas. High Gas (prices).

    The biggest complaint I've heard is the range and the lack of charging stations. So if you want to take a long trip somewhere, there is always the worry that you'll get stuck somewhere with no place to charge the batteries. Other than that, I've heard worry over the cost of replacing the batteries when the time comes. I'm also part of an RVing forum and there's a lot of discussion over the actual towing capacities of the electric trucks.
  13. Iwritecode

    TLR 2022 Thread

    I'm of the belief that coaches and managers get too much credit when the team is good and too much blame when the team is bad. But that being said, I don't think they are completely useless either. Even at the professional level. I know from when I played sports myself and having watched my daughter being coached for many years in bowling, sometimes you don't notice what you are doing wrong when you are doing it. Sometimes a good coach can make a small suggestion of something to change or an adjustment to make and it can make a big difference. I've also seen coaches that don't do anything at all and their players never improve.
  14. Iwritecode

    Sox Claim RHP Parker Markel; option to AAA

    That's such a Dr. Seuss name.
  15. Iwritecode

    Gas. High Gas (prices).

    This is actually a pretty good video that explains why gas prices are what they are and why the guy sitting in the oval office has very little control over them despite what many seem to believe.