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    Todd Frazier Available

    QUOTE (Steve9347 @ Dec 10, 2015 -> 12:20 PM) Todd Frazier certainly fits the mold of guys the Sox go after and then completely falls apart. The low contact guys just crush us. This. I like Frazier and all, but I could totally see him batting about .220/.290/.390 with the Sox. Just not worth giving up any of Fulmer, Anderson or Adams in my mind.
  2. ChiSox59

    Rockies outfielders in trade talks

    QUOTE (Knackattack @ Dec 10, 2015 -> 11:43 AM) They have to take Avi too People..Avi does NOT have to be traded. He has an option. If you acquire someone like Cargo, send Avi down to AAA to work on plate recognition and bring him up when there is a need. He's still fairly cheap. Not saying you don't move him if you get value in return, but so many people think the Sox HAVE to move him, and that just isnt the case. Having options is never a bad thing. If he fizzles out in AAA, non tender him next year.
  3. ChiSox59

    Plans for rest of the Off Season

    QUOTE (coco1997 @ Dec 10, 2015 -> 09:48 AM) I've been reading that the Dodgers are trying to get a third team involved to work out a trade for Jose Fernandez. I'm wondering if something like this could work? Dodgers get: RHP Jose Fernandez RHP Frankie Montas OF Marcell Ozuna White Sox get: RF Yasiel Puig Marlins get: LHP Julio Urias OF Joc Peterson SS Tim Anderson C Austin Barnes You don't trade for Puig right now.
  4. ChiSox59

    Rule 5 Draft Preview

    QUOTE (TheFutureIsNear @ Dec 10, 2015 -> 08:27 AM) I would take a risk on either Fuenmayor or Blash as RH DH platoon options if either lasts til 10. I think we have the flexibility to carry an extra guy like that with Saladino, Sanchez, and Trayce having great versatility defensively. If not I always like the option of taking a kid who can throw 98 and seeing what happens. I've seen enough from the likes of Putnam, Webb, Carrol, ect to take a risk on someone new Putnam was nearly unhittable May-August. He's pretty good.
  5. ChiSox59

    Todd Frazier Available

    QUOTE (Baron @ Dec 9, 2015 -> 10:21 PM) I dont think that would get it done. Seems they want position players and we dont have too many of those to replace Anderson with for the same value. Then maybe let them have Trey. I'd prefer to keep him too, but gotta give to get. I like Frazier but I am a little hesitant of him. I could see him flopping.
  6. ChiSox59

    Todd Frazier Available

    QUOTE (fathom @ Dec 9, 2015 -> 09:57 PM) Would you do this trade for Frazier....Anderson, Avi and M. Johnson? I wouldn't move Anderson for Frazier, honestly. Choose four of Avi, Micah, Montas, Engel and Adams perhaps?
  7. ChiSox59

    White Sox acquire Brett Lawrie

    QUOTE (Baron @ Dec 9, 2015 -> 09:26 PM) Daryl Van Schouwen ‏@CST_soxvan 4s4 seconds ago Hahn said White Sox are not done looking to improve offense. https://twitter.com/CST_soxvan Anyone found a link to Hanns presser?
  8. ChiSox59

    White Sox acquire Brett Lawrie

    Anyone have a link to the Hahn's interview?
  9. ChiSox59

    White Sox acquire Brett Lawrie

    Is shuck involved or no? In any event, great trade. That's pretty cheap, so no qualms here.
  10. ChiSox59

    Bonifacio signs with Braves

    What a team that's going to be!
  11. ChiSox59

    Report: Things about to heat up

    QUOTE (WhiteSoxLifer @ Dec 9, 2015 -> 10:40 AM) I was kinda thinking Q for Carlos Gonzalez, Ryan McMahon + and cash. Would give the Sox a slugger now and future 3rd baseman with star potential. I would still think more should come back That would be bad.
  12. ChiSox59

    Zobrist To Cubs, 4/56

    QUOTE (dpd9189 @ Dec 8, 2015 -> 10:31 PM) Bruce Levine ‏@MLBBruceLevine 34m34 minutes ago Cubs not done yet according to source . Big time outfielder next ? Hayward -Gordan - Car Go ? Truly impressive reporting right there.
  13. ChiSox59

    Report: Things about to heat up

    QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ Dec 8, 2015 -> 10:11 PM) Something has to go down tonight. It's been way too quiet on the Sox front. Totally boring.
  14. ChiSox59

    T Flow to Atlanta (2yr 5M + 3rdYr Option)

    QUOTE (greg775 @ Dec 8, 2015 -> 09:42 PM) Well, the whipping boy is gone. I'm not a Flowers hater by any means. I hope he does well in the NL. I still say he and Soto were light years better than our current combo at catcher will be. Lightyears eh?
  15. ChiSox59

    Shelby Miller to Arizona

    QUOTE (bigruss22 @ Dec 8, 2015 -> 09:37 PM) I think you read that wrong. I don't think so, but if I misunderstood it, it still means he's comparing Trayce to Inciarte due to them both having underwhelming minor league stats. Still a stretch, because Trayce had a nice few weeks and Inciarte has been a very valuable offensive piece for two major league seasons. They both do play great D, however.
  16. ChiSox59

    Shelby Miller to Arizona

    QUOTE (GreenSox @ Dec 8, 2015 -> 09:35 PM) FWIW, Inciarte is kind of like Trayce- modest minor league stats, but exploded as a major leaguer. Trayce has hardly exploded as a major leaguer.
  17. ChiSox59

    T Flow to Atlanta (2yr 5M + 3rdYr Option)

    QUOTE (Vance Law @ Dec 8, 2015 -> 08:24 PM) That's with a 3rd year option worth $4 - $5.5 million. $2M, $3M and $4M option. $1.5M in games played incentives per year.
  18. ChiSox59

    Report: Things about to heat up

    QUOTE (WhiteSoxLifer @ Dec 8, 2015 -> 07:53 PM) White Sox still working on their options on Day 2 of the winter meetings. Last year on Day 2, they acquired Samardzija, Robertson. https://twitter.com/ESPNChiSox/status/674405593575108608 Let's see it.
  19. ChiSox59

    Winter Meetings: Predictions

    This winter meetings has been boring as hell...lets get some action!!!
  20. ChiSox59

    Misc. Sox Quotes & Tweets

    QUOTE (SoxPride18 @ Dec 8, 2015 -> 04:24 PM) Bruce Levine ‏@MLBBruceLevine 4m4 minutes ago Trace Thompson could be center field candidate and push Adam Eaton according to Ventura . Uhhhh, what? No, just no. Unless Eaton is going to LF.... I think that is what he means. Eaton is going nowhere.
  21. ChiSox59

    Misc. Sox Quotes & Tweets

    QUOTE (nitetrain8601 @ Dec 8, 2015 -> 02:59 PM) BTW what if it were the Marlins asking for Tim Anderson for Jose Fernandez. LOL
  22. ChiSox59

    White Sox exploring Nobuhiro Matsuda

    QUOTE (Jose Abreu @ Dec 8, 2015 -> 11:57 AM) Didn't know we won the WS in 2012. Hahaha, Fukudome. I completely forgot about that.
  23. ChiSox59

    White Sox exploring Nobuhiro Matsuda

    Older and doesn't walk much. I'd definitely be interested in he's fairly cheap, though. Better that that giving up assets to get a guy like Lawrie.
  24. ChiSox59

    White Sox targeting OF Justin Upton

    QUOTE (Lillian @ Dec 7, 2015 -> 10:08 PM) Please don't tell me that you would spend all that money on a guy like Hayward, and then have a lineup with Adam LaRoche batting cleanup!!!! I don't want to see him anywhere near the heart of the order. Hah, get ready to be disappointed because if he's on threat, he'll like be batting 4,5 or 6. On the team* not threat. Damn autocorrect