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  1. kmcmahon817

    Sox at Oakland 2:35 CDT: Fulmer versus Triggs

    QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ Apr 18, 2018 -> 04:04 PM) But what does getting Davidson to 2nd even accomplish? There’s a very good chance he doesn’t even score on a single. I am with you man. Bunting is dumb upwards of 90% of the time.
  2. kmcmahon817

    Sox at Oakland 2:35 CDT: Fulmer versus Triggs

    QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ Apr 18, 2018 -> 03:58 PM) Why the f*** are we just giving away outs?!? Ricky loves the bunt.
  3. kmcmahon817

    Eloy to AA tomorrow (4/19)

    QUOTE (Scoots @ Apr 18, 2018 -> 03:57 PM) FINALLY. Cannot WAIT start following this kid. Ya know, it is so weird calling these guys kids. I am 23 years old...a lot of them are literally younger than me. Most are my age or just a year older. So weird. It only gets more weird man! I am 27, still feel pretty young, and now like 50% of major leaguers are younger than me! Its crazy.
  4. kmcmahon817

    Sox at Oakland 2:35 CDT: Fulmer versus Triggs

    replay negates the DP.
  5. kmcmahon817

    Courtney Hawkins Released

    QUOTE (reiks12 @ Apr 18, 2018 -> 03:41 PM) guess turning him into a pitcher wasnt on the table Yah, wouldnt have hated seeing that. Oh well. Too bad.
  6. kmcmahon817


    QUOTE (steveno89 @ Apr 17, 2018 -> 10:37 AM) Would it be out of the question to consider sending Moncada down to AAA for a bit? Let's send him to AAA!
  7. kmcmahon817

    Adam Engel -- how much longer does he have as a regular?

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Apr 18, 2018 -> 11:25 AM) He's been on 3 different teams and has 7 AB. The thing is, before he hurt his back he was better than Engel, better than Tilson and better than Cordell. Engel can get some time in AAA. Cordell can't play for a few weeks, and Tillson still needs time in Charlotte. It's basically a free look. Give him a couple of weeks, see if he can get back to his old form. If not, no big deal. If so, you just upgraded your roster for nothing. Ideally Trayce probably needs AAA to get back to where he was, but you do have a means right now. And if he falters, you are closer to no one claiming him and getting him to AAA. This. Only real negative is not letting Leury play everday. And let's be honest, Leury is never going to be our everyday CF when we're competing. If he's still around (big if), he's a super sub. Which, at this point, its tough to call him an infielder. He has played 31 innings in the infield for the Sox since 2015.
  8. kmcmahon817

    Adam Engel -- how much longer does he have as a regular?

    QUOTE (Jose Abreu @ Apr 18, 2018 -> 10:59 AM) Because he's 27 and there's no point in giving him ABs that could go to someone who might have a future here (Leury, Tilson, etc) Leury is 27 as well. I am fine with keeping Leury out there, but Trayce is a better option than Engel who IMO is in way over his head. The only reason Engel was acceptable was his D, which has been rather poor so far this season. Tilson has done nothing to deserve a call up at this point.
  9. kmcmahon817

    Adam Engel -- how much longer does he have as a regular?

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Apr 18, 2018 -> 08:29 AM) Send him back to AAA, claim Trayce Thompson. Let Trayce play a couple of weeks and see what happens. If he sucks, DFA him, and let him move on to his next team or go to Charlotte. It's a free look with Cordell down. Engel has a spot in Charlotte. I agree about Trayce. When I saw he was DFA'd yesterday, thought the same thing. Why not give him a shot?
  10. QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ Apr 17, 2018 -> 04:27 PM) Totally agree, but better for their development to have Gonzalez eat some innings for a coupe of months. Meh. That rotation is going to get crowded in a hurry. I was all for Gonzalez but I also thought the Sox would be decent and that appears to have been wishful thinkinng. Stephens is going to be 26 this summer and Should be given an opportunity to start soon.
  11. kmcmahon817

    2018 MLB Draft

    QUOTE (Jack Parkman @ Apr 17, 2018 -> 03:14 PM) I also see a .340 OBP as also a minimum level of competence. Outs=baseball currency. Use them wisely. I'd like my hitters to have at least a .350 obp if I was running a team. lol, that'd be a hell of team!
  12. At least Leury is in center. Gonzalez is so boring. I'd much rather watch a fringy guy like Stephens or Guerrero out there every 5th day if this team is going to be terrible.
  13. kmcmahon817

    Avi ... the man nobody's discussing YET

    QUOTE (Scoots @ Apr 17, 2018 -> 02:10 PM) Is it though? Look at how much Davidson is walking and he's not hitting very well right now either. Matt Davidson is sporting a .354 OBP and an OPS+ of 168 despite a .195 average. So, yes, it makes an enormous difference.
  14. kmcmahon817

    Adam Engel -- how much longer does he have as a regular?

    QUOTE (Sleepy Harold @ Apr 17, 2018 -> 02:24 PM) Bruce Levine @MLBBruceLevine Wh Sox OF Ryan Cordell who almost made the 25 man roster broke a collar bone playing for Charlotte ( Triple A ) and will miss a minimum of 8 weeks . Cordell was acquired from the Brewers for RHP Anthony Swarzak last July. Bummer.