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  1. Scoots

    Optimistic Fan Thread

    I so needed this thread.
  2. Scoots

    Red Line Radio Hahn Interview

    Lmao this is why i don't listen to them
  3. Scoots

    NO game today 3/12

    Ah, I was looking at my at-bat mobile app and it looked like it was today's and tomorrow's because it showed 2 games cancelled...but it's both of today's games. Didnt realize it was split squad. My bad.
  4. Scoots

    NO game today 3/12

    Looks like tomorrows cancelled too
  5. I see what you did there
  6. Scoots

    3/8 vs Angels, 2pm

  7. Scoots

    3/8 vs Angels, 2pm

    Wow 12-1, this seemingly underwhelming lineup destroyed angels pitching today.
  8. Scoots

    Sox Therapy Thread-Enter at your own risk

    Im gonna weigh in here. I think you are really going about this the wrong way, and you need to be careful with what you say and how you say it. There are people out there who have committed suicide because of these kinds of things. I am assuming you are a Christian based on what you said earlier about holding Gospel values. That's fine. I'm a Christian too, and quite frankly, I disagree with the act of homosexuality, just like you do. I, however, do not think people engaging in homosexual acts are evil people. I also think the White Sox are not celebrating the act pf homosexuality, as you are implying, but rather celebrating the people that are affected by it. People who identify with homosexuality have been abused, manipulated and treated like dogs for so long, and that is so wrong. The thing is, this is SUCH a sensitive topic, that you really have to be careful with how you approach these kinds of issues, no matter what you believe. To be honest with you, as a Christian, the gay pride night might be a perfect venue for you, as a christian, to talk to these people, get to know them, and hear their story. In fact, that is exactly the kind of thing that Jesus did.
  9. Scoots

    Spring Training Thread

    Melton is gone already I thought
  10. Nice. Hes definitelt putting on a nice show this spring. In this game a 3 run bomb and a diving play up the middle.
  11. I want the Hamilton and Burr duo to work out so bad
  12. Yeah he looked visibly shaken, like he's not with it.
  13. Oh shit. Cart needed.
  14. Danny Mendick flashing the leather great diving play