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  1. He clearly had a big hand in roster construction though. Signing Kelly and giving Leury 3 years guaranteed aren't Hahn-esque moves.
  2. "Jerry, Kenny and I sat down to discuss . . . " Why does the owner have to be a part of that discussion? That discussion should only be Kenny and Rick.
  3. "Recent experience in the dugout" = "Ozzie is not under consideration"
  4. No, I'm off by a year. I stank by my assessment that he looks like someone who's quit drinking.
  5. He mentioned another health problem "discovered" in February, which is when he got his 2nd DUI. Pretty clear that this other health problem is alcoholism, and he now looks compared to six weeks ago like someone who's quit drinking for six weeks.
  6. Try one of the local stations' websites: wgntv.com, nbcchicago.com, cbsnews.com/chicago, fox32chicago.com, abc7chicago.com
  7. Only if he is required to use the results of Soxtalk votes to set each night's lineup.
  8. For a night game, media probably doesn't get to the park much before then.
  9. Nothing against those traits but I care a lot more about getting a guy who will care about what the analytics say about lineups, pitching changes, and even player acquisitions, and will hire coaches who are on that same page. If the players love him that's great, but as long as the players don't hate him that's good enough. Ultimately the players will respect anybody they believe is giving them the best chance to win. You can always get a bench coach who's player-friendly.
  10. Sox end the season 44-37 on the road. Better than playoff teams Yankees, Cardinals, Rays and Phillies/Brewers. Equal to Mariners. Possibly better than Jays depending on their last series. Six more road wins than the next best already-eliminated team (Orioles).
  11. 3rd and 3 an obvious blitzing situation and they don't have Fields rolling out.
  12. Kicker off the street is going to get a lot of work if the Bears keep running right up the middle every play in the red zone.
  13. I've been thinking the first round series should be 3 vs 5 and 4 vs 6. Your incentive to finish 4th instead of 5th is getting to host in the first round, and your incentive to finish 5th instead of 6th is avoiding the #1 seed in the second round.
  14. Yeah, it sure seems like JR told Bob he'd give him a scoop on TLR's retirement but only if he packaged it into a strong defense of him.
  15. It seems like the new manager gets named first before letting any coaches go, but it would be nice to just do it Thursday morning and not give the new manager a chance to keep him.
  16. I'm watching the Ok St-Baylor game and Jason Benetti is absolutly amazing on football games.
  17. After completely ruining their own season, if the Sox knock the Padres out of the playoffs, you might be able to hear me laughing all the way from the other side of the world.
  18. I also don't think that ends up nearly as badly for Tua if he didn't already have a concussion (which it's pretty obvious that he did)
  19. The NL record was Hack Wilson with 56 in 1930. Then McGwire hit 58 in 1997, then 70 in 1998, and finally Bonds hit 73 in 2001. Sammy Sosa, Ryan Howard and Luis Gonzalez also surpassed Wilson's 56 during that same time frame.
  20. Yeah, well when nobody in the history of baseball had hit more than 61 and suddenly three guys who got much bigger in the middle of their careers combine for six seasons of hitting 63-72, people might be treating that 61 like it's the real record.
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