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  1. Yes, I think the entire Division Series schedule will be announced Sunday evening.
  2. Tepera has been activated and Mike Wright has been DFA.
  3. It's not surprising that the Sox have winning records against the Royals and Twins as their .502 career franchise win % far outpaces the .480 and .479 from those teams. It is surprising that the Sox have a winning record against Cleveland and their .512 all-time win %.
  4. 10/1: Houston wrapped up the AL West last night, and one more win by Houston or loss by the Sox will lock Houston in as the #2 seed, with Tampa Bay already having clinched the #1 seed. New York has taken a 2 game lead over Boston and Seattle for in the wild card race. A New York win and a loss by either Boston or Seattle wraps up a wild card spot tonight. Toronto sits 1 game behind Boston/Seattle and needs to win and get help. In the National League, Atlanta won the NL East last night and will be the #3 seed. Milwaukee is locked into the #2 seed. San Francisco and Los Angeles both win to keep the Giants 2 clear of the Dodgers in the NL West. a Giants win and Dodgers loss tonight clinches the NL West and #1 seed for San Francisco. Playoff race weekend series starting today: Boston at Washington, Tampa Bay at NY Yankees, Baltimore at Toronto, Oakland at Houston, San Diego at San Francisco, Milwaukee at LA Dodgers.
  5. Nelson Cruz kills the Sox even when he's not in the same city.
  6. Last two divisions likely getting clinched within the next 30 minutes.
  7. Seems like every starting pitcher that has been a CY frontrunner has blown it. Maybe this is the year to give it to a closer? Maybe one with a K/BB over 15?
  8. This game is on MLBN and listening to the Red Sox announcers lose their shit is fun.
  9. We don't need to shoehorn maximum power into every position possible and just trash the defense. Leave Moncada at 3B.
  10. Which playoff game is Montas starting?
  11. No reason to run Giolito out there on short rest when he's never done it and you have so many options. Rodon, Kopech, Lopez and then the back end of the bullpen can get you through.
  12. I think it really depends on Engel's health. If Engel is able to play RF then absolutely put Leury at 2B. If Engel can't play RF, then in order to have Leury at 2B you probably have Vaughn in RF. Neither Vaughn nor Cesar are hitting right now but you're stronger defensively with Cesar at 2B and Leury in RF.
  13. I would love to see the Sox do this Sunday: Starting lineup: Anderson 6, Robert 8, Abreu 3, Grandal 2, Jimenez 7, Moncada 5, Sheets DH, Engel 9, Hernandez 4 With 1 out in the top of the 6th, have Collins replace Gandal. With 1 out in the top of the 7th, have Hamilton replace Robert. With 1 out in the top of the 8th, have Garcia replace Anderson. With 1 out in the top of the 9th, have Vaughn replace Abreu.
  14. I think they set ALDS game times before the wild card game gets played, so unless the wild card game is Toronto/Seattle, Sox/Astros will get the afternoon times.
  15. Your game 1 starter is also your game 5 starter and both are on the road so I think that has to be Giolito. I would start Rodon in game 2 because Lynn is historically bad in Houston but the Sox see committed to Lynn starting one of the first two games.
  16. Playoff chase games: Thursday BOS @ BAL 6:05 NYY @ TOR 6:07 PHI @ ATL 6:20 ARI @ SF 8:45 SD @ LAD 9:10 Friday BOS @ WAS 6:05 TB @ NYY 6:05 BAL @ TOR 6:07 PHI @ FLA 6:10 NYM @ ATL 6:20 OAK @ HOU 7:10 SD @ SF 8:45 LAA @ SEA 9:10 MIL @ LAD 9:10
  17. Seattle at Houston Monday for the NL West title. I don't see it happening though. Oakland has nothing to play for.
  18. Yes, but if Engel can't prove himself by Sunday to get on the ALDS roster, there isn't any game action for him to do it after that.
  19. They have 3 more games to figure that out.
  20. Gavin Sheets is clearly your DH vs RHP at this point. I don't see Vaughn starting vs RHP at this point. That leaves three options: Engel in RF, Hernandez at 2B Engel in RF, Leury at 2B Leury in RF, Hernandez at 2B I really think Hernandez is the odd man out, at least vs RHP.
  21. 9/30: Tampa Bay beat Houston last night to clinch the #1 seed. Houston waits until at least Friday to clinch their division and is now 1.5 ahead of the Sox for the #2 seed. A win by Toronto over New York, as well as wins by Boston and Seattle, have tightened up the wild card race even more. New York now 1 game up on Boston, who is 0.5 game up on Seattle and 1 up on Toronto. Oakland was eliminated with their loss to Seattle. In the National League, Atlanta now up 4.5 over Philadelphia in the East and clinches today with a win. San Francisco and Los Angeles both win to keep the Giants 2 clear of the Dodgers in the NL West. Key early week series wrapping up today: Boston at Baltimore, NY Yankees at Toronto, Philadelphia at Atlanta, Tampa Bay at Houston, Arizona at San Francisco, San Diego at LA Dodgers.
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