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  1. If he can come back tomorrow, he can get 1 inning tomorrow and then 1 each in two of the final 3 games and he should be OK.
  2. If you assume Sheets as DH vs RHP and Engel is not available, then you either have Leury in RF and Cesar at 2B or Leury at 2B and Cesar in RF. Unless Vaughn gets hot this last week, I'll go with the former. Against LHP, you have Vaughn at DH, Leury in RF and Cesar at 2B. If Engel comes back, he can push Leury to 2B and Cesar out of the lineup.
  3. Peacock app and NBC sports app are separate. You can't link them.
  4. September. Same time frame as the OBP stats quoted.
  5. We have Peacock Premium as it is included with our Xfinity package. I've never seen Sox games on there.
  6. One win clinches the #1 seed for Tampa. Do they really want to give Houston a look at their best pitchers this close to the postseason if they don't have to?
  7. I think they will go with more pre-defined roles for the postseason: Tepera 6th, Bummer 7th, Kimbrel 8th, Hendriks 9th. Kopech if you need someone before the 6th.
  8. Today's pennant chase games: BOS @ BAL 6:05 NYY @ TOR 6:07 PHI @ ATL 6:20 MIL @ STL 6:45 TB @ HOU 7:10 ARI @ SF 8:45 SD @ LAD 9:10 OAK @ SEA 9:10
  9. Last night, Cleveland's Bradley Zimmer became the 4th player in MLB history to homer off his brother when he took Kyle deep last night. Last one was Joe Neikro vs Phil.
  10. It's Detroit. There's nothing to get. You're thinking way above their level.
  11. 9/28: The Sox, Tampa Bay and Milwaukee have all clinched division titles. Houston can join that club today. Tampa needs only one win in their Tuesday-Thursday series at Houston to clinch the #1 seed. Houston is 2.5 games ahead of the Sox for the #2 seed. In the Wild Card race, New York has moved a game ahead of Boston for the first spot, with Toronto 1 back, Seattle 1.5 back and Oakland 3.5 back of the second spot. In the National League, Atlanta now up 2.5 over Philadelphia in the East, and San Francisco up by 2 over Los Angeles in the West, with the Giants and Dodgers already locked into the postseason. St. Louis can clinch the second wild card spot as early as today. Key early week series (all Tuesday-Thursday unless noted otherwise): Oakland at Seattle (Mon-Wed), Boston at Baltimore, NY Yankees at Toronto, Philadelphia at Atlanta, Tampa Bay at Houston, Arizona at San Francisco, San Diego at LA Dodgers.
  12. If you're the pitcher who's going to throw at someone, you're gonna pick the guy who has a history of getting hit and not charging the mound.
  13. Wright, Burr and Ruiz are on the roster now to eat innings, but at most one of them is going to make the playoff roster so that could explain why Romy isn't up.
  14. I call BS on the notion that Lange didn't hit Abreu on purpose. His postgame comments indicated that Abreu was crowding the plate because the first two pitches were away, and that's why the inside pitch hit him. I looked at the replay, and Abreu was not crowding the plate, and that pitch went way inside past that anyway. He's trying to cover because he doesn't want to get blamed for his infielder getting clobbered. Pedro Martinez said it was 100% intentional and he would know.
  15. Well, if they can get Romy in through the back door, I agree he probably gets that last spot.
  16. Romy wasn't added to the 40-man roster until 9/1, he had to be on the 40 man roster the night before in order to be eligible. Definitely in (24): Grandal, Abreu, Hernandez, Moncada, Anderson, Jimenez, Robert, Vaughn, Collins, Garcia, Sheets, Hamilton Giolito, Rodon, Lynn, Cease, Hendriks, Kimbrel, Tepera, Kopech, Lopez, Bummer, Crochet, Keuchel In if not injured (1): Engel Vying for the last spot(s): Goodwin (eligible to come off the IL), Burger, Marshall, Ruiz, Burr Analysis: If Engel is good to go then I think that leaves Goodwin out. If Engel and Goodwin are both out then I think it falls to Burger, and the Sox are likely to go with 12 pitchers for the Division Series round and might go with him anyway. If they really want a 13th pitcher then it's between Marshall, Ruiz and Burr and I give the edge to Burr. Edited to add: Arguing over the last few spots really isn't worth it. Unless things go horribly wrong in the series, no more than 11 position players (12 if you count Hamilton as a late inning defensive replacement) and 9 pitchers are seeing any action. The last 4 names on the roster aren't going be counted on in high leverage situations unless a game goes 12+ innings.
  17. Would he be able to get it direct from the factory or would it have to ship to the US and then back to China?
  18. People putting themselves and others at risk because they trust what they're reading on Facebook over basic science and statistics don't deserve to have people in their corner. There are no possible "unknowns" with the vaccine that can be worse than not getting it. Every doomsday scenario that they are concocting is either not possible or wouldn't be as bad as not getting vaccinated. Having people in their corner gives them reinforcement to continue a dangerous behavior.
  19. Any team that isn't eliminated by now is going to put Division Series tickets on sale this week.
  20. When do we finally cut out service providers and just buy channels directly from the company that owns the channels?
  21. This. Also, the Sox have to fill 26 spots on the playoff roster and there really aren't 26 other useful people, so it's not like Dallas is taking someone's spot.
  22. I thought for sure he was going to swing through that pitch.
  23. TA, Yoan and Leury are all very good infielders, but they've all had this recent weird problem of not being able to get the ball out of their gloves to throw to first and it's cost the Sox several outs.
  24. Anderson gets the day off. Leury at SS, Grandal at DH, Vaughn in RF.
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