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  1. I just hope they bring him up and play him! Like...almost everyday unless he proves he can't handle it! Don't sit him for a couple of days after playing...
  2. This! Grandal might be the exception...but we sign guys we "hope" will bounce back or finally live up to potential!
  3. TLR acted like Leury's agent last summer...the praise given to Leury from TLR was over the top! I think TLR loves Leury...but TLR isn't the one who gave Leury a 3 year deal.
  4. Same here...I just can't understand this at all!
  5. Yep...although it is hard to positively "grade" paths that aren't taken but this post is spot on!
  6. Larry Himes/Jeff Torborg era is among my favorite White Sox eras...just a fun time once Himes got it going in the right direction! Torborg was the perfect manager for that era! Wish both would have stuck around longer than they were allowed to!
  7. Is the 26 man roster something that is being proposed? When did it go to 25? 1990? I remember thinking "wow, 25 men is a lot to have on a roster"! LOL!
  8. I agree with this sentiment...it seems like we have been hearing about him forever...waiting on this big-time prospect...and here we are still waiting!
  9. That guy could pitch! Had trouble with those personal demons but wow could he pitch! Crazy that he was involved in trades (both coming to the White Sox and leaving) that involved some legendary White Sox names! RIP!
  10. Sad...just watched the 1992 A-S game this weekend and he pitched in it. I think Robin might have hit off him...either way they said he had a tough 1991, signed a minor league deal for the Astros that winter and made the All-Star game. Sad to hear this.
  11. I enjoyed Fregosi but I was a kid...I loved his successor! Torborg might be my second favorite White Sox manager!
  12. Thanks for pointing me in this direction! I enjoy going back in time...
  13. Dang...just looked at the boxscore...wish the entire game was on YouTube...cuts off in the 7th inning when it was raining so I thought maybe that was it? Nope...there was some action that takes place after that point: https://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/CHA/CHA198805150.shtml
  14. I apologize if this should be in one of the other forums but wasn't sure...
  15. Anyone ever go back and watch any "old" White Sox games on YouTube? I have found myself diving into deep nostalgia and watching some games from Comiskey. Just brings up so many great memories (not necessarily the play or the teams...LOL), just fun to be able to see the Palace again and hear the voices I listened to and see the players that I cheered for growing up! Last night I watched this one which isn't an entire game (unless it was rain-shortened) but had some fun highlights and reminded me how great of an analyst Paciorek was!
  16. Yeah...I get that if that scenario occurs then we will look foolish. However, there is a reason Boras is happy with not getting a QO...the QO would limit the teams that might have been willing to sign CO. What if his 3 year deal is worth $40 million? We will never know if he would have accepted a QO because one thing we can all agree upon is that you can't take Scott Boras at face-value! He is way too good at his job!
  17. I know 2020 was an odd year and denied pitchers the opportunity to build arm-strength in game situations...but I just don't see how a team (well, any team other than the Dodgers...LOL) could risk a long-term deal on Rodon!
  18. Age is the only reason I could see Semien ending up with the White Sox...if he were still in his 20s the White Sox wouldn't even bother to schedule the meeting!
  19. Hope so! I know none of us know the outcome obviously...but I wonder if any of the changes to the MLB structure/relationship will be major? The DH being added to the NL would be major in my opinion...any others?
  20. So...what is a win for Rodon this offseason? Is it a 1 year deal for more than the QO would have been? Is it a 2 year deal worth $20 million? Or is it something like a 1 year deal for $10 million? I am interested to see what he gets...so much innuendo regarding his arm/shoulder/fatigue stuff! At the moment the White Sox know more about his health than any other organization...and they passed (at this point). This one is curious to me!
  21. I hope Benetti gets whatever opportunities he is hoping for...but selfishly I hope he is calling White Sox games for a long long time! He is just great! I loved Hawk as well...I feel fortunate to have experienced Hawk in his hey-day (he and Paciorek were incredible together) as an announcer and now we get to listen to someone as good as Benetti! Benetti deserves any opportunity he gets!
  22. Rodon is an interesting case. I wonder what the number is/would be for Rodon/Boras to "hope" for as a justification to turn down a QO? If the QO is $18 million...would they be satisfied/justified in turning one down for a 2 year $40 million deal? Or would they view that as a lost opportunity to cash in by taking the QO and earning a much larger contract than $40 million over 2. Lots of unknowns in regards to Rodon and his health.
  23. True...although I think it was Charles Barkley talking about those types of contracts (in the NBA) and pointed out that the money guys are getting paid at the end of those types of contracts is almost always money being paid to you for what you HAVE done...not what you are able to do at that moment. He is right...so it may be ugly at that moment for the organization but if the players were lighting it up during their primes...the organization got what it wanted.
  24. But what if he had found another arm like Tepera at a much cheaper price? All 20/20 now...but another Tepera-like piece in the pen would have been "enough". Although...sadly as it turned out our post-season experience didn't allow us to benefit from a strong 'pen anyway.
  25. I was shocked as well! I liked the honesty (if those were his true feelings) but I as I listened I kept thinking to myself "wow, Stone really does not like Nick"! It almost seemed personal.
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