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  1. Candelario is experiencing what I call "the Cubby bump." It's a phenomenon where generally pedestrian players come to the Cubs during so-called pennant races, are completely jacked about being in a fun environment -- and go on a tremendous roll, becoming talked about by Cubs fans and dumbshit media members as All-Star players, only to eventually come down to Earth and become exposed for the basically mediocre players they were all along (e.g., late-stage Kenny Lofton, overhyped Matt Murton, post-roids Nomar Garciaparra, spectacular-catch-that-one-time Reed Johnson, etc.).
  2. I should add that we, on the other hand, look like a large pile of s%*#.
  3. They look suspiciously like one of those teams that steamrolls everyone during the season and then gets bounced in the playoffs.
  4. Andrew Vaughn sucks. And he's the guy who drove in runs tonight.
  5. Let me guess, did Vaughn and his emotionless, 3d pick, great-future-hitter face continue his annual drop under .800 OPS?
  6. At this point, he can't hit major-league sliders with a 20 foot long piece of aluminum siding.
  7. Are you talking about the completely joyless Andrew Vaughn? C'mon! I love watching an overhyped hitter who consistently has an OPS under .800 while playing a horseshit first base and looking like he's miserable playing baseball.
  8. Just saw the replay of the misplay. To be fair, I did laugh hard and immediately. So it had some value.
  9. Love watching Great Young Hitter Andrew Vaughn flail away at sliders, year after year.
  10. Yes, definitely something that Mr. Great Young Hitter should know how to do by now.
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