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7/25 Games


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16 minutes ago, ptatc said:

Can the posters here handle another former Sox player as a manager?

Omar is at least starting from the ground floor and hopefully making his way up. If he does become the Sox next manager he would have earned it.

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2 hours ago, joejoedairy said:

That team seems like they never feel like they're out of it. As CWS said, the Birmingham lineup will be very fun next year. I wonder if Vizquel moves up to AA with them.

Interesting question.  I'd say stay in A ball for another year then maybe AA or the ML bench...see how he handles a new group of players as part of his manager prep.  If he moves up with them step by step that would be like another insiders' club.

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6 hours ago, Chicago White Sox said:

That AA lineup is going to be nuts next year.

  • 1B: Sheets
  • 2B: Madrigal
  • SS: Rivera
  • 3B: Forbes
  • LF: Rutherford
  • CF: Basabe/Robert
  • RF: Adolfo
  • DH: Gonzalez

Wow. They're going to have to rotate the OF through DH again, and will legitimately have 3 CF on that team.

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7 hours ago, runtheballdown said:

Baseball is obviously a very arbitrary game but I watched WS a week ago and came away very impressed with Rutherford. The guy has a great swing, uses the whole field and here’s. The clincher- he looks like a ball player. I read here a few months ago that he is weak. He’s not weak. He hits the ball hard. Right now he’s a slasher but I’m pretty sure he can go deep on a regular basis if he put his mind to it. 

By the way there are a lot of guys on WS that look like they can play. They look more talented than the Charlotte guys and maybe a lot of the Birmingham guys.


  I watch them quite a bit. I wish I could  see Kannapolis.   The Dash seem to have some impressive hitters and deliver in the clutch. The pitching on the other hand doesn't match up to the quality of the hitting.

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