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9/20 Sox vs Cleveland


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1 minute ago, fathom said:

I keep asking this, but I’ve never seen another team pull a stunt like the Sox have with him.

It makes no sense....it doesn't help him or the team now or long term.  Shut him down and figure out if he needs surgery or just rest and/or rehab.

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1 minute ago, maxjusttyped said:

It's not like they need a left handed hitting outfielder who plays good defense in right field 🙂

Compare this throw to what we saw from Vaughn earlier in the game. Colas playing in RF, or just not having Pollock in the lineup at all, may have prevented the Guardians lone run so far


Sox are just squeezing every penny out of his service time and only really care about finishing in second place.

He's 24 years old already!!!

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13 minutes ago, wegner said:

And Cairo is an asshat for going along with it.

I agree with you 1000%

That assumes Cairo has final say. Think he has third say, behind Tony's calls and Rick Hahn's input.

Hahn interfered with that asinine Joe Kelly opener game, haven't heard reports of meddling since, but that doesn't mean he hasn't.

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4 minutes ago, The Beast said:

What is actually wrong with him?

It’s definitely a wrist injury. It started when Schoop landed on his wrist on like August 11. 

They played the stupid dumb foolish “don’t put him on the IL” game  and brought him back 6 days later.

He had 4 good strong games then aggravated the injury on a swing at the end of the 4th game. That was like on August 22 or so.

He has I believe 1 hit win  since then.

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