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Who would you pick to replace Grifol? Outside the box answers only.


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3 minutes ago, Texsox said:

This. We hired a guy that possibly can grow with the team. With this shitty of a roster I'll be happy if I see some improvement each month. 

Isn't that what Ricky Renteria was?

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Some possibilities out there. At the top of my list is Don Mattingly, currently bench coach with Toronto. Joe Maddon still available for one last stint in majors. I like earlier suggestion of Pierzynski, who would be more entuned to what's going on with Sox. And then, of course, there's always Ozzie Guillen. He did it before and can lead us again!

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45 minutes ago, TheBlackSox8 said:

One of the Artificial Intelligence programs out there. Would actually wind up with a better record than Grifol IMO.

The use of AI isn't limited to strategy. It's also revolutionizing how teams manage player health and performance. For example, wearable technology equipped with AI capabilities allows teams to monitor players' physical condition in real-time. This tech provides insights into a player's fatigue levels, stress, and risk of injury, enabling coaches to make informed decisions about rest days and training intensity. Consider the Los Angeles Dodgers, they are a team leveraging AI for injury prevention. They use motion capture technology combined with AI analysis to study players' movements, identifying potential injury risks before they become problematic. This proactive approach to player health not only enhances performance but also extends careers.


Scouting and recruitment have been transformed by AI as well. The ability to analyze vast amounts of data on players, from their in-game performance to their physical attributes, has made the scouting process more precise and efficient. AI algorithms can identify patterns and potential in players that might be overlooked by the human eye, giving teams a competitive edge in finding the next big star. For example, the Chicago Cubs, known for their innovative approaches, have been using AI to revolutionize their scouting process. By analyzing data from college and minor league games, they can identify promising players earlier and more accurately than ever before.


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Paul Sullivan, April 12th.....Sox record at 2-10



Reinsdorf seemingly has a soft spot for Grifol, who readily has accepted having former manager Tony La Russa around as an adviser, bowing to the owner’s wishes. When Grifol was asked in September about the possibility of turning the team around quickly, he said he expected Reinsdorf to make the effort in the offseason to try to win immediately.

Then he issued a caveat.

“Nobody wants to hear the talk anymore,” Grifol said. “Everybody just wants to see us win. I’m not going to sit here and promise anything because nobody wants to hear it.

“They’ve heard it for a long, long time. It’s about us winning baseball games. Until April, a couple weeks into April, a couple of weeks into the season, that’s when everybody should have an opinion and make a decision whether they like what we put on the field or not.”

Here we are, a couple of weeks into April, and yes, everyone seemingly has an opinion about if they like what the Sox have put on the field. Most of those opinions, however, are unprintable. Even for rebuilds, the talent level is sparse.

Making matters worse, fans have grown increasingly tired of Grifol’s platitudes, such as the remark he made in Cleveland on Tuesday that “the ball hasn’t bounced our way.” He seems to think Sox fans are going to buy into this line of thinking when anyone can see the team was not constructed to win in 2024.

Perhaps Grifol has spent too much time listening to new team broadcaster John Schriffen, who said last week that every team needs a Bryan Shaw, a 36-year-old reliever currently sporting a 9.00 ERA. Sox fans beg to differ.

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7 minutes ago, CaliSoxFanViaSWside said:

How did you make that cool to the 8th power thingie?


Harold's been noticeably quiet, except in the 2024 draft thread...I guess it's easier to "dream on" pretty much any amateur players (especially on the offensive side) before they get permanently screwed up by this organization.



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