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  1. KipWellsFan

    Robinson Cano

    The grass is always greener...
  2. Baseball is suffering... you are right.
  3. KipWellsFan

    FCC might get a call...

    Oddly enough, Rosario botched a somewhat similar play later.
  4. KipWellsFan

    Cleveland at Sox-Game one, 7:10 CT

    Last year Grandal caught 12/62, or 19%, which is a pretty significant decline for his career. McGuire has caught 30% of runners for his career.
  5. KipWellsFan

    Cleveland at Sox-Game one, 7:10 CT

    If you were wondering... Grandal and McGuire have nearly identical framing numbers according to Baseball Savant, but both are good. McGuire has one passed ball and 9 wild pitches in 126 innings. Grandal has two passed balls and 6 wild pitches in 114 innings. Grandal has yet to catch a base stealer. McGuire has caught 3 base stealers. Would be interesting to see the FIPs of the pitchers they receive, but not sure how to get that stat.
  6. KipWellsFan

    Sox vs Sawx Game One-6:00 CT

    If I don't have Apple TV (I have a Roku), and I have a Microsoft Surface, I can't watch on those platforms eh? I have to watch on my iPhone?
  7. KipWellsFan

    How do you fix Bummer?

    You are not crazy. He visually looks dejected anytime little things go wrong. I'm sure this occurs with other players who lack success too, but maybe they just don't show it as much as him. Other players (e.g. Liam), can walk a guy, get angry, and get right back to it on the next hitter. It's a mental thing. So maybe some sports psychology can help. Otherwise you gotta give him the chance to get better. Maybe lower leverage is the right idea. I actually think TLR does a decent job of working people up and down leverage levels.
  8. KipWellsFan

    TLR 2022 Thread

    Madrigal was not our best OBP guy. His OBP was like 4th or 5th highest.
  9. KipWellsFan

    Crosstown Series Game One--6:40 CT

  10. KipWellsFan

    TLR 2022 Thread

    I think Moncada is the big difference. Not only was he exceptionally patient last year, he has been replaced mostly by Jake Burger who is in the following percentiles: K% - 15th percentile BB% - 9th percentile Whiff% - 6th percentile Chase Rate - 6th percentile Also, José Abreu is actually being MORE patient at the plate this season. José's underlying statistics actually look pretty good, so I'm not too worried about him.
  11. KipWellsFan

    Robinson Cano

    I wouldn't be excited about it. But you can never have enough depth.
  12. KipWellsFan

    Stop the Slide -- Slumpbusters

    Who's that dude in the new banner? lol
  13. KipWellsFan

    4/29- White Sox vs Angels, 6:10

    He was hard to watch.
  14. KipWellsFan

    Josh Harrison

    ding ding ding
  15. KipWellsFan

    Josh Harrison

    Experiment? He doesn't have many at-bats, and the other choices aren't great either. Leury or Mendick. Or some frankenstein infield with Moncada or Burger at 2B, which will probably not work. Our defence is bad enough already.