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  1. daggins

    7/9 Games

    I thought J-Rod was in the DSL. Lenyn Sosa is the kid at GF.
  2. daggins

    Sox at Indians Game Thread (6/18)

    I dunno, I think thats a pretty good depth package for 3 months of Kelvin Hererra. His ERA is low but its not like he's been otherworldly good this year.
  3. daggins

    Sox at Indians Game Thread (6/18)

    He hasn't been great, but yeah, this defense. woof
  4. Spin rate and horizontal/vertical movement, and velocity and velocity deltas, mostly. When scouts talk about "stuff" I think they are usually discussing it independent of results. A guy with good "stuff" gets good results if he can mix and command his pitches to fool hitters. A guy with bad "stuff" can still get good results if he is really good at mixing and commanding (Kyle Hendricks, latter-day Bartolo, etc).
  5. daggins

    6/14 Games

    Y'all are hilarious. A 22 year old has a month of bad-ish starts and everyone is like "I never liked him, why did we get him, Hahn got snookered."
  6. Bingo. If anything, they need more pitching. Even the guys that establish themselves in the majors can get hurt or lose effectiveness at any time.
  7. daggins

    Great Falls Roster Released

  8. daggins

    GT: Indians @ White Sox - 7:10/8:10ET

    Damn, Dylan Covey has big hairy balls.
  9. daggins

    GT: Indians @ White Sox - 7:10/8:10ET

    Would be fine sitting Yo for a couple games and letting Rondon play. Kid has been fine when called on.
  10. daggins

    GT: Indians @ White Sox - 7:10/8:10ET

    I think when Avi and Leury are back, Tilson should stay up and Engel should go to Charlotte, because Tilson gives us a guy with a different look- that is, a guy that doesn't strike out.
  11. daggins

    GT: Indians @ White Sox - 7:10/8:10ET

    Pretty generous inside corner, at least. Moncada called third and the first strike on Palka well off the plate.
  12. daggins

    Observations about AZL White Sox

    Thanks for taking the time to put this together. I wonder if we'll see Coronado and Lenys Sosa at Great Falls, given their good seasons in 2017.
  13. daggins

    Fangraphs Top 131 Prospects List

    I think Eric and Kiley have said in the past they don't view Cease as a starter due to delivery and control concerns, but people said that about Kopech and he's #15, so IDK. Adolfo has better tools and performance than Rutherford or Basabe, so that makes sense. The arm injury isn't as much of a concern due to his position. They were high on Keston Hiura after the draft IIRC.
  14. daggins

    How eventful will be this years deadline?

    For us? Total snoozer. I'm at like 15% Abreu gets moved and everyone else will bring back limited returns. I think Shields goes in August and otherwise they move like, Soria and a couple other relievers. They might explore trading Rodon or Abreu this offseason, but I expect the deadline to be a dud.
  15. daggins

    Dylan Covey

    I like that Fangraphs most-searched list now has Dylan Covey, as Red Sox and White Sox fans rush to their computers to find out "Who the F is Dylan Covey?"