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  1. Well, its either deep negotiations, or nothing at all. Guess we'll see!
  2. Just spooked. Hunter, Cespedes, etc. Given the seeming lack of offers, i'd be shocked if another team didn't get involved and try to scoop him.
  3. Nah, I guess I shouldn't assume, but why would a pro sports handicapper have sources?
  4. Nice, but solely based on existing public info. Still feelin' bad.
  5. I can see the fit - Cubs cut bait with Russell, sign Manny to play SS, knowing they will probably lose Bryant to FA anyway, lock up an elite bat. What I can't see is the $$$
  6. I doubt today, these leaks have me thinking Lozano's camp are still trying to drive the price up, maybe artificially so, but maybe not. He should sign this week though.
  7. Same. I guess we'll see if the Sox offer increases in kind.
  8. Thinking big! I think Keuchel is right out at this point, and it's very unlikely they sign Harper if they sign Machado, but Ottavino would be a good target. After that, I dunno, Gio on a 1-year deal? They need SP really bad.
  9. Bob is the platonic ideal of an "access journalist". He lets agents and GMs use him as a mouthpiece and, in return, gets some juicy info every so often. He isn't a hack, exactly, but you have to read more into what he says than someone like Rosenthal.
  10. I know, I was just commenting on the weirdness of it. Bobby Nights is admittedly a mouthpiece, but otherwise its no contest. He could still sign elsewhere because these things are never over until theyre, but the Sox have to be considered the favorites at this point. Why anyone would think the Phils would sign both is, well silly.
  11. So its raBBit, WSD and Nightman vs...that guy.