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  1. daggins

    Michael Kopech

    I think it's that combined with his lack of control, or at least his history of it. He looked really good in the high minors in 2018 though, so maybe that's taken a step forward.
  2. daggins

    Yolmer left his heart in SF

    Yeah I hope he catches on in SF. He clearly wasn't getting any offers better than the 6 mil or so the Sox would have owed him in arb. Maybe he just needs a fresh start.
  3. daggins

    Top 10 baseball videogames

    KG JR is the only one i've played extensively, definitely earned it's spot on that list.
  4. Wouldn't be shocked. It'd be an improvement over Engel, as long as its cheap.
  5. Both were successful executives who are maybe underappreciated because they were part of a now-gone era in team building where aggressive trading and spending were feasible strategies because teams valued players very differently, both from today and from each other. Now, every FO is basically the same and it's basically killed the hyper-aggressive "win now" approach in favor of hoarding as much pre-arb talent as possible.
  6. I never said anything about Williams.
  7. You said he was a hack who couldn't build sustained success. We pointed out that, in fact, he built sustained success in Detroit. Then you said he "hit some home runs" whatever that means, and that he wasn't an org builder. BTW he was GM of the Tigers from 2003-2015. All of that winning was him. Whether it was draft or trades/FA doesn't matter - he built sustained success.
  8. Keep moving those goalposts dude
  9. The Tigers made the WS twice and won the division 4 years in a row under Dombrowski; the Red Sox won a WS. The game has changed and I think his time as an effective GM is over but to deny his success is to deny objective reality.
  10. Dombrowski being a "hack" is pretty revisionist history, considering the Tigers spent the better part of the last two decades at or near the top of the division.
  11. daggins

    White Sox Sign Robert to Extension

    This is pretty funny coming from you. Far be it from me to rob anyone of their joy, just remember that if he struggles initially that I was right on the internet, the best kind of being right.
  12. daggins

    White Sox Sign Robert to Extension

    The main way that Brinson and Robert are different is in their GB and FB rates - Robert has less data, but his FB rate at every stop in 2019 was above 40%, Brinson at the same level was below 30%, I believe. That should at least help Luis get into his power better than Brinson, although I think the K rate is pretty concerning.
  13. daggins

    White Sox Sign Robert to Extension

    From the Fangraphs chat w/ Edwards today: Stephen 2:09 Luis Robert's "Future Value" is just "55", which is equal to Nick Madrigal's (another White Sox prospect), for example. These projections aren't adjusted at all given Robert's 2019 minor league performance? Also, does today's news (contract extension) change his 2020 projections (considering he will likely play a whole season in the majors now)? Craig Edwards 2:14 In some respects, the signing means very little for the White Sox. Depth Charts already had Robert slated for 120 games and 504 plate appearances. I think we can probably add 25 more games and 100 PA, so that will help his projections some. As for his 55 future value, I'm sure Kiley and Eric will factor in his performance last year, but in keep in mind they could have adjusted him up during the season last year and didn't. There are concerns about how his walk rates and swings and misses will translate at the big league level as well as him in center field. He's not quite as good of a prospect as Eloy Jiménez was last season due to those concerns with the bat, and even Jiménez struggled some to start the season. Also, a 55 is still one of the top 20-50 prospects in the game. EDIT - I think there's enough risk here that this isn't a slam dunk.
  14. daggins

    White Sox Sign Robert to Extension

    Yeah incredible work here. Anxious to see the terms - will he get more guaranteed money than Eloy? Edit - I have my answer
  15. daggins

    Here’s A Laugh

    Makes sense for Rockies but you open a hole in CF just to plug a non-existent hole at 3B. It'd make no sense. Kudos to Phil for creativity I guess.