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  1. I think this team is just bad. Sorry guys, gonna be a long season. Hang tough.
  2. Pretty hilarious. "Andrew is not a platoon player." Gotcha. So why is Sheets starting in RF today? "For the platoon advantage." Real "Who's On First" shit from Tony.
  3. daggins

    AL Central 1st to Last Prediction

    1. Sox 90-72 2. Twins 85-77 3. Guardians 82-80 4. Tigers 79-83 5. Royals 75-87
  4. daggins

    Crochet having Tommy John surgery Tuesday

    Really Sucks. I wonder if getting all that relief depth this offseason was just the FO setting up for what they viewed as inevitable...
  5. daggins

    Kimbrel traded for AJ Pollock

    April Fools! j/k I like it. Pollack is always hurt but they have Engel and Vaughn to fill the gaps.
  6. daggins

    Vaughn has a hip pointer injury, out 1-2 weeks

    I didn't even remember Grandal, probably cuz his injury wasn't as weird / he isn't a highly touted prospect. But yeah, 5 times. Ugh.
  7. daggins

    Vaughn has a hip pointer injury, out 1-2 weeks

    Oh thank God I don't think I could deal with this a fourth time in 12 months.
  8. daggins

    Will the whining never end?

    The whining can't stop. This whole place would fall apart without it. It's load-bearing.
  9. daggins

    Offseason Part 3 - Because Part 2 Was a Dud

    Tyler Anderson to the Dodgers. Dang. Woulda been nice to have this guy if the Sox end up striking out on Manaea (which seems likely).
  10. daggins

    Offseason Part 3 - Because Part 2 Was a Dud

    Wow, that's pretty bad. Kinda of makes it even more imperative to pick up another outfield, right? Unless they think Leury can hold it down all season.
  11. Good for Carlos and the Giants. I hope he does very well for them and we never have to face him.
  12. daggins

    White Sox sign Leury Garcia to 3 year deal

    Very typical of how JR/ownership have run the Sox. Open the checkbook for a decent but easily replaced guy that they know well, but tighten those purse strings when actually trying to address an organizational weakness.
  13. daggins


    ReyLo 🤯
  14. daggins


    11.5 games up...on Detroit. Cleveland fading fast and the Tigers look ascendant... not this season though.