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  1. daggins

    Rick Hahn's Resume as GM

    Just a bit of winking showmanship from the do-nothings in the FO. Like everyone else, i'll believe it when I see it.
  2. daggins


    Throw this guy the Reddick contract (4/52) and see if he bites. Any more than that feels like too much.
  3. daggins

    Sox issue qualifying offer to Abreu

    To keep this analogy going, if you can fill one hole for $5 and the others will cost $20, why would you pay 20 dollars to fix the 5 dollar hole? Anyways if Jose signs a multiyear deal as described by Eminor then yeah, whatever. I'm not enamored with Jose as a player but he'll do.
  4. daggins

    Sox issue qualifying offer to Abreu

    Bingo. They need to add in a number of places this offseason, and they've already now blown probably 1/4 of their 2020 addition budget on the position that is easiest to fill on the cheap. Just an incredibly stupid play.
  5. daggins

    JDM staying in Boston

    I know Stone is trying to get some fan hype going, but it takes two to tango here, and if JDM and Stras don't opt out, the FA market is basically Cole, Rendon, Grandal, and some less exciting options. I'm gonna keep hoping Grandal is target #1 until someone signs him.
  6. I don't think it's dumb to call in to question the way the Sox evaluate their marginal players. Obviously Mercedes is not the next all-world talent, but he outhit Skole in AAA this season, so to me, not finding out what he can do is the "dumb" move.
  7. I am not reading anything into the $ number or the years, that is a bad projection by a largely anonymous writer. Contracts are getting smaller, not larger, especially for middling guys like Ozuna.
  8. This early in the off-season, I would expect an article like this to highlight a team's glaring need more than any real connection. I expect the Sox to be there, but right now, i'm certain there's nothing to this.
  9. daggins

    2nd Generation Rebuild

    lmao what are we, the marlins?
  10. daggins

    A Realistic Offseason

    Honestly could see them making a run at either or even both those guys.
  11. daggins

    When people say the Sox deserve no credit for trading stars....

    The thread is specifically about trading stars... They did very well on that end.
  12. daggins

    When people say the Sox deserve no credit for trading stars....

    I'm talking recent history of course. They got a solid return on Sale and Eaton, and a great return on Q.
  13. daggins

    When people say the Sox deserve no credit for trading stars....

    And then they run out and get Chris Archer, trading Glasnow and Meadows. Bad times for Pirates fans. The issue with the Sox has never been trades, its drafting and developing talent, and also FA acquisitions. They've been awful for quite a while.
  14. daggins

    A Realistic Offseason

    They just won 101 games, so yes. I think they're a sure bet to sign at least one of the top FA pitchers.
  15. daggins

    Braves and Dodgers Out

    I expect nothing and i'm certain to not be disappointed.