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  1. daggins

    2019 Trade Deadline Predictions

    In light of the newest MLBTR article, how about Colome for Tyler O Neill?
  2. daggins

    6/30 Games

    Sheets has his OPS over .700, which is pretty decent considering how rotten he was in April/May.
  3. daggins

    Colome drawing "ample" trade interest

    At this point he and Bummer are our only relievers so I'd be pretty disappointed if he was traded.
  4. daggins

    Rumor: Cease will be called up "very soon"

    If true, it's past time.
  5. daggins

    ChiSox @ BoSox, 6/26, 12:05 CT

    Lmao I left early because I was roasting alive so I'm taking credit for this one
  6. daggins

    ChiSox @ BoSox, 6/26, 12:05 CT

    Right field box 97
  7. daggins

    ChiSox @ BoSox, 6/26, 12:05 CT

    Guys, I'm at Fenway in my Moncada shirt and I feel like I jinxed it, sorry
  8. daggins

    Anderson leaves game with apparent injury

    Here's my plan: 10 day IL for Anderson DFA Alonso Call up Palka (he sucks but hopefully he's back to being fun bad) and Mendick (why not) Start Rondon and Yolmer at SS for however long it takes Option/DFA Rondon when Timmy comes back
  9. daggins

    RF options are bleak...any other ideas?

    I don't think we have enough bullets to get Merrifield or Conforto, let alone one of the best players in baseball. I mean, unless you're willing to trade Cease and Madrigal/Robert.
  10. daggins

    RF options are bleak...any other ideas?

    Pretty bleak around the league too. We don't really have the trade chit to get anyone good, right now at least. Kole Calhoun has bounced back from a miserable season to a tolerable one. The Angels have an option for 2020 but they also need a spot for Jo Adell. So, he may be available and reasonable, but not until after the season. Probably no draft picks here.
  11. daggins

    6/20 Games

    Gonna be a tough game for the teenagers in Great Falls, facing Nick Lodolo.
  12. daggins

    Postgame: Eloy Reigns! (White Sox winner)

    GG, pitching and Eloy.
  13. daggins

    The 2020 Rotation - What’s Your Plan?

    Throw everything you can at Cole, hope it works and if not, sign one of the lesser guys and hope for the best.
  14. daggins

    Sox vs Yankees 6/14 - 7:10PM

    I think...I think Eloy might be gud