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  1. daggins

    CLE @ SOX, 7:10 PM Central

    If only that jerk's foot wasn't sitting there, being stupid. (congrats to Carlos)
  2. daggins

    And that's a White Sox Loser!

    I was curious, because of how sluggish the offense looks, so I wanted to consult something besides my eyes and went to Fangraphs. By fWAR the Sox are 8th in offense/defense and 2nd in pitching. They have a positive run differential. There are a number of notably underachieving players with track records. I think they will be fine, but the early slow starts, like last year, are just super painful to watch. It doesn't help when Nick Williams is batting 5th.
  3. daggins

    Trade Targets

    Josh from Soxmachine suggested that David Peralta was a "future White Sox" due to him checking a number of boxes (left handed, on a cheap deal, eminently obtainable). I kind of hate it but since it's an unimpressive, temporary bandage on a self-inflicted wound, it's the most White Sox thing that can happen and is virtually guaranteed.
  4. Gio has been great but Bieber looks like he could go 10 innings
  5. daggins

    Sox vs Indians, Monday April 12th, 7pm

    watching this team hit is just incredibly grim right now
  6. This lineup is not going to score many runs right now. Hopefully some folks get healthy and Jose and Yoan start to look better.
  7. Lets see what Collins can do against (another) lefty
  8. daggins

    Contract extension for Yermin?

    lmao never change, soxtalk
  9. daggins

    Royals vs Sox 5:20pm Home Opener GT

    Love that Yermin
  10. daggins

    4-6 GT: CWS @ SEA (9:10 PM CT)

  11. daggins

    What if Yermin Mercedes keeps hitting?

    Ehhh, he raked in 2016...as a 23 year old in A ball. In 2017 and 2018 he was unremarkable (and again, old for the level) and in 2019 he definitely raked, but Charlotte is also a different kind of park. I think it's correct to be skeptical that this is anything but a nice bit of SSS luck for now.