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  1. Giants, too. There are also some teams that could surprise. I'd be surprised if the Braves DIDNT make a run at him, and who knows what the Rockies will do. I do think his AL market is limited but there's still plenty of possible suitors.
  2. I'd personally go Harper - Phils 10% Sox 5% Field - 85% Machado- Yanks - 15% Sox - 5% Field - 80% I dunno I usually take the field since it's 28 other teams in this case.
  3. He's gonna be a Philly and on opening day he's gonna slam 5 cheesesteaks
  4. daggins

    White Sox trying to trade Avi Garcia?

    Lottery ticket.
  5. 0-10% for both. Harper ~2%, Machado slightly higher.
  6. I included him in my offseason plan for like, 3/54. I think he could be somewhere between my guess and yours.
  7. daggins

    Corbin has become top target

    Probably not. Donaldson might not get 100MM but he is going to get paid. Same with Brantley and Familia. I really don't think Corbin is getting as much money as you guys think. He might say 100MM, but didn't Encarnacion expect to get like, 100MM too?
  8. daggins

    2018-9 MLB off season free agency thread

    First M's domino to fall. Zunino to Rays for Mallex Smith. Weird trade, but its Dipoto.
  9. So that will be what, 4 consecutive years the Sox will have won the offseason? What's their record during that period?
  10. https://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/an-estimate-of-every-teams-payroll-room-2/ This gives some idea. Basically, a bunch of rebuilding teams, the Sox, Phils, Twins, and the big boys (LAD and NYY). It'd be interesting if the Jays decided on a short rebuild, they have tons of space.
  11. I think they will genuinely go hard after both and then adjust based on reaction and pursue the more likely. I still don't think they sign either, but i'm encouraged that the early buzz is SPEND.
  12. They'll absolutely run a lowball offer for both, something like 8/240, and then when that doesn't even get close, Hahn will say the same thing he always does when he strikes out.
  13. daggins


    If this rebuild fails, unfortunately, the person most responsible will not be able to be fired.