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  1. "Best since the 50's/60's" is still a good place to be, and also quite damning of the organization.
  2. daggins

    2020 RF options

    It'll be Dickerson, he's perfect. He hits the ball incredibly hard, plays lousy defense and never walks, basically the platonic ideal Sox player.
  3. daggins

    White Sox final win total

  4. daggins

    Could the White Sox hire Dave Dombrowski?

    Didn't Dombrowski start here? If he left the org once, he's probably not coming back. That's already ignoring that JR doesn't pay a premium for executives/management. If no one wants his services, he'll probably retire. He's been around forever and has already been extremely successful.
  5. daggins

    For the Coop Haters

    "yeah big ups to Coop for draggin his ass into the 21st century, here's how he HASN'T been helping me before now"
  6. daggins

    September Call Ups - Who gets the Nod?

    This seems right, since they all have MLB time. It'd be pretty dumb not to bring up Collins but with this team, who knows.
  7. Its probably been noted, but Flowers seems to really hate the Sox. With good reason, I suppose.
  8. daggins

    Sox fire Matt Lisle/Matt Lisle quits (?)

    honestly this team is as dumb as dysfunctional as the mets, we just don't live in NYC so it goes un-commented on
  9. This is like Homer Simpson wanting to own the Dallas Cowboys. Perfect in its childlike simplicity.
  10. This is going to go exactly like last time, isn't it? The Sox have a young, talented core of cost controlled players, and they fill out the roster with Hector Santiago and Jon Jay.
  11. daggins

    Free Agency - How confident are you?

    He's not waiting, he's already injured all the time. Unless that's what you meant. Anyways any signing of Ryu is a calculated risk, given that he's unlikely to top 120 innings in any given year, and probably will provide less than that. They'll be good innings though.
  12. Here's the blurb from Fangraphs: "Clutch does a good job of describing the past, but it does very little towards predicting the future. Simply because one player was clutch at one point does not mean they will continue to perform well in high-leverage situations (and vice versa). Very few players have the ability to be consistently clutch over the course of their careers, and choking in one season does not beget the same in the future." basically, its real, but not terribly useful.
  13. Josh Nelson posted some stats on Cease's individual pitches. I guess the SLG on his fastball is like .700... he gets some FB command and he will be lethal.
  14. Good start for Cease, you really do love to see it.
  15. daggins

    Fangraphs and Luis Robert

    They've already explained why they aren't as high on him as others. I think the numerical score is just an artifact from before the season. He's a very volatile prospect and the ranking reflects that. Ultimately, it doesn't matter.