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  1. daggins

    That's a big ol' CGSO winner!

    Lucas "Big Hairy Balls" Giolito
  2. The story so dumb it refuses to die
  3. daggins

    5/18 Games

    Maybe Palka should swap with Delmonico? Dunno just an idea. And yeah I BB&T Park is basically a little league park with an incredible view. It's a testament to Cease's talent that he's kept his ERA under 4.
  4. daggins

    Sox vs Indians, 5/13 7:10PM CT

    Similarly to how the Tigers torch White Sox pitching, it seems like the White Sox do unusual damage against Cleveland's very good rotation.
  5. daggins

    Who makes the ASG this year?

    Barring injuries to Bregman or Chapman, Moncada is out. Anderson probably won't because of Bogaerts or Correa, but again, injuries. I think it'll be a reliever, and Colome has been the best of the bunch.
  6. daggins

    4/29 Games

    Boy it was scary those two days that Luis wasn't good, i'm glad he's back to complete domination.
  7. They hit like shit everywhere else, roll into Comiskey 2, and suddenly its batting practice.
  8. I'm not convinced the Tigers aren't stealing signs or something.
  9. this is the dumbest Sox game in a season full of dumb shitty games, i love it
  10. I'm not going to say I agree with it, because I don't, but if this demonstrates a degree of urgency in winning/replacing non-contributors then maybe it can end up a good thing. One thing I will say is that Jimmy Lambert has been very good in AA.
  11. Madrigal is still a ways off. I think it's mostly Cease.
  12. daggins

    Better Late Than Never Gamethread

    ehh, probably better never with this team
  13. woof, this is rough which of our position guys can pitch here? is the lead safe enough for Fulmer?
  14. This is definitely a "lets just get out of here" day
  15. daggins

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    He can sure hit. Not much of a catcher, but then neither is Castillo. The Sox still don't have a long-term catcher in their system and they seem to be very bad at evaluating them, but maybe they'll luck into a good one.