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  1. Joshua Strong

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Been working on a TV show in the production office. Tonight, we got call from Disney and our execs that we had to shut down because of a very high number of positive test that came in. A number in the teens. We get tested daily and still had a huge outbreak. Be safe.
  2. Joshua Strong

    Offseason Targets

    Call me old school but two lefty bats would be ideal. A primary/platoon guy and someone off the bench. Brad Miller would be a huge addition to the team.
  3. Joshua Strong

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    Fuck Jerry. Hahn and maybe KW should walk. Completely fucking asinine
  4. Joshua Strong

    Offseason Targets

    I don't get all the hype here around Colas myself. He's not high profile like Moncada, Robert, Soler, and Cespedes.
  5. Joshua Strong

    Will the Front Office Fire Renteria?

    Renteria has one more year on his deal and he’s earned the right to coke back next year to be the manager imo. That being said, next year is do or die for him. He doesn’t make strides again like he did this year, he’s gone. Ideally the next manager is someone who can win while still developing the players.
  6. Joshua Strong

    Guess the pitcher we add in the offseason

    I don’t think the Sox will be in on Bauer, so I’m really hoping for Kevin Gausman. Yes he called San Fran home but look at these stats. 10 GS, 59.2 IP, 3.62 ERA/3.09 FIP, 79K/11.9 Kp9, 118 ERA+, 2.4 BBp9. Stroman would be a solid addition but I want guys who can strike people out. I also want to see the Sox go after Joe Musgrove of the Pirates.
  7. Joshua Strong

    Sox pitching development

    This was always going to be a developmental year for Cease. Never should’ve been the #3, he’s a 5 on a good rotation. I fully expect him to bounce back next year with the experience he gained this year.
  8. Joshua Strong

    Offseason Targets

    Brandon Nimmo or Joc Pederson Liam Hendricks Brad Miller Kevin Gausman/Marcus Stroman Keone Kela
  9. Joshua Strong

    Sox @ A’s - Wildcard Game 3 - 2:10

    Hopefully it’s a blister
  10. Tomorrow I’m riding with Madrigal but I’m DH’ing Eloy and I’m starting Crochet
  11. He was really great for two or three years.
  12. Joshua Strong

    Need McCann and Grandal next year.

    The Sox shouldn’t overpay for a backup catcher. There a better ways to spend that money.
  13. Joshua Strong


    I thought Renteria blew the game when he brought Giolito back out. The playoffs are not the time to be making gaffes like that.
  14. Joshua Strong

    2021 Offseason Prediction: Who We Lose and What Will Be Our Needs?

    If most of the team isn’t hitting, they’re not getting on base at all it seems like. Grandal can go through a slump with the bat but you can still count on him to take his bases. If you have a lineup with guys like Anderson, Robert, even Madrigal to a degree, you need guys to balance them out so to speak. 8% is considered to be an average walk rate. 10% is consider to be above average. The position players the Sox bring in need to have a walk rate of above 8%.
  15. Hate sending Giolito back out there. Pull him, he’s over 100 pitches and it’s the third time through the order.