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  1. Joshua Strong

    Sox Org Coaching Updates

    I’m curious about the Ben Broussard move. He was their leadership/career skills guy and now, he’s the hitting coordinator. Maybe he’s been working as an instructor on the side.
  2. Joshua Strong

    MLB cheating scandal

    Crane had to be in the dark about this since he fired Lunhow and Hinch.
  3. Joshua Strong

    Lead-off Man

    Robert Moncada Abreu Eloy Grandal Encarcion Mazara Anderson Madrigal
  4. Joshua Strong

    2020 Projection for Moncada from Brooks Baseball/Roto

    I think Moncada will take more walks this year compared to last as he’s established that he can hit and he’s more used to this aggressive approach.
  5. Joshua Strong

    Matt Lisle speaks out

    I think that’s a big reason why Vizquel is no long a part of the organization but we have to remember that Sox just started giving players individualized game plans when Chris Getz got here. Change isn’t an overnight thing
  6. Joshua Strong

    Edwin Encarnacion

    I don’t think the Sox are going to trade McCann at any point this season. Why not have a position of strength? They arguably have the best catching tandem in bigs right now, it makes no sense to trade him plus even if they sign EE, they still have some flexibility at C/DH/1B.
  7. Joshua Strong

    Matt Lisle speaks out

    Ever since the rebuild started and Hahn and co. started to bring in new guys to the org, they’ve been slowly been becoming a state of the art organization. There’s a lot of work to do but they’re headed in the right direction.
  8. Joshua Strong

    Free Agent relief pitcher ideas besides Betances

    Yeah he would insulate the team’s dependance on Kopech, Cease and Rodon.
  9. Joshua Strong

    Free Agent relief pitcher ideas besides Betances

    Other guys that I like: Dominic Leone (averaged over 10 K/9IP) Derek Law (averaged 9.94 K/9IP & 50% GB% in 60IP)
  10. Joshua Strong

    Free Agent relief pitcher ideas besides Betances

    They desperately need strikeout guys in the pen but I like the idea of McHugh as an opener/long relief/6th starter for them.
  11. Joshua Strong

    Successful Plan B; What’s Next?

    Locking up Moncada would be my #1 priority after free agency settles.
  12. Joshua Strong

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    This will be a good barometer for the Sox current player development staff.
  13. Joshua Strong

    Successful Plan B; What’s Next?

    Give me Aaron Sanchez, Alex Wood, Jimmy Nelson, Robbie Erlin, Trevor Cahill if the Sox don’t sign Ryu or Kuechel. I’d much rather have the Sox pay a FA than trade prospects as the farm is quite thin and they really need to string some good drafts together to rebuild some depth there. I hope they sign some intriguing guys to some minor league deals, if they plan on competing they need 10 arms to get through a season having guys like Chris Volstad is not going to cut it anymore.
  14. Joshua Strong

    For the hell of it:

    Bellinger and Soroka
  15. Joshua Strong

    Wade Miley to Cinci

    Let’s not forget that the Reds have gone all in on Driveline. A lot of the key Driveline practitioners and figures have been hired by the Reds in key FO/PD positions. For example Kyle Boddy, Driveline’s founder, is now their Pitching Coordinator/Minor league director of pitching initiatives. They’re on the cutting edge.