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  1. Joshua Strong

    Offensive Stats Update

    The Sox are dead last in MLB with a team BB% of 6.4%, which is pretty below average. An average BB% is 8%. Heres the Sox lineup and their BB%: Anderson - 3.8% Robert - 3.1% Vaughn - 7.7% Abreu - 12% Garcia - 3.1% Pollock - 4.5% Grandal - 13.4% Harrison - 4.5% Burger - 5.5% Moncada - 4.9% 8 out of their ten most played players have BB’s that all below average and well below average The organization needs to be better at acquiring players who can get on base, whether it’s the draft, free agency or in trades.
  2. Joshua Strong

    6/29 Games

    Kath’s walk rate is at 11.7%, which is good but his K rate is at 33.5%. That has to come down
  3. Joshua Strong

    Retool Time

    I got bored and started looking at free agents for the coming offseason and I really need Brandon Nimmo in a Sox uniform. He would help solve a lot of problems.
  4. Joshua Strong

    6/27 Games

    Hopefully they’re very patient with him.
  5. Colson Montgomery says hello from Winston Salem. In all seriousness you can’t deny the improvements they’ve made in that department, just need the pitching to catch up to the hitting.
  6. Selling doesn’t equal rebuild. I think a slight retool of the roster can do wonders for it. And why not trade guys, who are easily replaceable, on expiring contracts or who are on the decline? Take Abreu for example, he might be a platoon guy in this point in his career. Plus having him off the team, strips the team of a 1B/DH type and they have too many of those. Trading him would allow Andrew Vaughn to play his natural position and you can get a natural outfielder to go in the OF which could help improve team defense. Just an example.
  7. I don’t think this is a playoff team, with a horrible manager not optimizing the talent on the roster, the constant injuries and the lack of adequate organizational depth. There’s just so much to overcome in my opinion. If the Sox find themselves out of the playoff picture come the ASB, I think they should look to trade some of the vets on the roster. Most notably Abreu, Lynn, and Pollock. Acquire some more useful pieces and some depth hopefully and use the off-season to build a playoff roster. What do you think?
  8. Joshua Strong

    2022 MLB Draft Thread

    I do too, it’s a glaring hole in the org. They need more athletes too.
  9. Joshua Strong

    Montgomery to Winston-Salem

    This is a good sign for the PD side of things for the Sox. I don’t think Montgomery would be thriving like this under the previous regime.
  10. Joshua Strong

    GT 6/21: TOR @ SOX, 7:10, NBCSC

    He took out Andrew Vaughn???
  11. Joshua Strong

    6/19 Games Happy Father's Day!

    I’d think it would be beneficial for the both of them if Kath and Montgomery move up the ladder together.
  12. Joshua Strong

    6/17 G/T White Sox v Houston 7:10 Chgo Time lift off

    Hit the cutoff man
  13. Joshua Strong

    2022 MLB Draft Thread

    If the Sox came out of the draft with Tucker Toman in the first and Roman Anthony in the second, I’d be very pleased. It would be a huge coup for the system, they may not be too 100 guys out of the gate but they have ceilings that you want to bet on.