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  1. Joshua Strong

    Sox @ Astros 5/23 Gamethread

    That was masterful. All the young guys showed up this series.
  2. Joshua Strong

    Banuelos leaves game with shoulder soreness

    Really like Cashner for the Sox. Probably wouldn’t cost much prospects wise.
  3. Joshua Strong

    And that’s a Pretty in Pink White Sox Winner....

    Big homestand coming up for the Sox. Hopefully they can go 4-2 before they play Houston and Minnesota
  4. Joshua Strong

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Yes, I think they’re doing better at the position player front then they have been previously. Not a high bar though.
  5. Joshua Strong

    MARVEL Universe Thread

    I might get too inside baseball here but the cinematography and production design of the original Avengers film are horrendous. The movie cost over $200M and it looks a really bland tv show. An episode of Game of Thrones cost anywhere between $8M-$12M and looks way better. The DC/CW shows are way cheaper than that and look better considering their budget. The lighting in the film is very flat and unmotivated, every shot begins with a establishing long shot and is filled with medium shots for most of the movie. There’s no motivated camera work either in the film, the only interesting things that come to mind are the shot in NYC when the Avengers band together and when Banner picks up the scepter and the camera does that slow barrel roll. The colors in the film are also very dull, not quite as bad as Civil War but still bland. I know Whedon came from a TV background but it seems like he was so focused on getting the characters to work that he completely forgot about the visual language/storytelling of the film but the script and performances are so good that you’re able to forgive these huge flaws. Whedon was smart to ditch the DP of the original film and go in a different direction for Ultron, which looks like it actually cost its budget, has richer color, motivated lighting and better costumes, which is another problem I have with the original Avengers film. I know Ultron was shot on film, that helped tremendously. The best looking Marvel films are Guardians 1 & 2, Iron Man 1, Cap 1, Captain Marvel, and Black Panther (although the CGI was bad) Color grading is something I do a lot, it’s really fun but here’s a good video on the look of the MCU and it’s blandness.
  6. Joshua Strong

    2019 MLB draft thread

    If the Sox hit on Abrams, they could have a superstar on their hands. His ceiling as an up the middle player (SS/CF) is as high as anyone in the class. It all comes down to the Sox player development staff. While they certainly have taken a step back with pitchers, I would say they’re better with hitters than in years past but they also have been drafting better.
  7. Joshua Strong

    Sox @ Jays 5/12 12:07CT Happy Mothers Day!

    Does Moncada need to play every game? Not many days off for the regulars so far.
  8. Joshua Strong

    2019 MLB draft thread

    That’s true but an up the middle player, a catcher (maybe play some OF too) at that, a positive defender, who can switch hit, projects to be an 55+ hitter and have 55+ power is extremely valuable. I don’t think it’s crazy to project that Rutschman can hit around 20+ homers in a season regularly. A player like that is very valuable and rare.
  9. Joshua Strong

    And that's a White Sox Giolito Gem Winner!

    It was cool to see Giolito overcome that shit lineup. I’m not going to hold a team’s win/loss record against a manager of a rebuilding club but if that manager is mismanaging his bullpen, deploying horrible lineups that don’t put this best players in good position to succeed or limit their PAs or is bad at the strategy aspect of the game, they shouldn’t be managing the team.
  10. Joshua Strong

    UNVERIFIED: Eloy Jimenez Expected to Miss At Least 6 Weeks

    He’s our Winter Soldier
  11. Joshua Strong

    **SPOILER THREAD * Avengers Endgame * SPOILER THREAD*

    Like Ant Man in the Quantum Realm, the people who were killed by Thanos’ snap stopped aging. Spider-Man said that he remembers turning into dust and then being next to Doctor Strange as they headed to the Avengers compound.
  12. Joshua Strong

    MARVEL Universe Thread

    I rewatched all the MCU films and I have to say that the original Avengers film is one of the best written blockbusters of like the past 20 years. It might be the worst looking and ugliest movie of the past 20 years when you consider it cost $200M and the sets look like a CW show but man it’s a damn good time. I wonder what Infinity War/Endgame would be like if Whedon was still running things. Age of Ultron definitely got better with age too, I haven’t watched it since it came out on Blu Ray and liked it a whole lot more. It might be the best looking MCU film, everything isn’t muted and grey like everything else. I still love the Hawkeye stuff, hopefully Whedon can run his series on Disney+.
  13. Joshua Strong

    Argument for Keeping Cease at AAA?

    I agree with some of the earlier posters that the org should let Cease build up his innings and call him up once he’s going 6IP+ regularly. I know the Sox are struggling to rack up quality starts or even decent outings with regularity but that doesn’t mean they should rush a prospect to fill a need at the ML level.
  14. Joshua Strong

    The Anderson Saga (continued from game thread)

    While the slave trade was abolished (slavery still exists today in different forms like human trafficking and private prisons), emancipation didn’t really solve all black people‘s problems in this country. Racism, bigotry and xenophobia was and is alive and well. I haven’t heard that take before. Edit: Did they seriously suggest that slavery ended black oppression in America? Hot damn.
  15. Joshua Strong

    The Anderson Saga (continued from game thread)

    I’ve never knew so many white people had options about how we, black people, use the N Word. So many bad takes out there pouring in from so many dumb people in and out of the game. If you haven’t read Micah Johnson’s take, I advise you to.