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  1. Joshua Strong

    Andrew Vaughn Hype Thread

    I hope the Sox really lockdown Vaughn (and Madrigal) with a long-term extension but he should be on the roster on opening day. Even if he makes the OD roster, it's not like the Sox can't extend him after that. There's no real deadline for getting an extension done, I think that's bring lost in the conversation around this topic. While the organization is focused on winning as many games as possible, I don't want the organization to lose focus on player development and stop locking down young guys with long-term extensions.
  2. Joshua Strong

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Going to get my first shot on Thursday morning. Excited and worried since my heart and its health are very poor, we shall see what happens. I was skeptical of the vaccine because you know, the government and the history of black people and mass medicine in this country, but my grandparents who grew up not too far from Tuskegee decided to get the vaccine and got both their shots, so I'm doing the same.
  3. I've said here for a while that I think that he has the highest ceiling in the entire org. I still believe that. I'm really curious to see him after 162 games in the bigs or with a full season under his belt. This year, I just want to see him avoid long slumps, stay healthy, and cut down on the strikeouts.
  4. Joshua Strong

    2021 Plan for Kopech and Crochet

    Every pitcher has a limited number of bullets in their arms. I want as many of those bullets as possible spent in the major leagues. Smart move by the Sox.
  5. Joshua Strong

    2021 MLB Draft Thread

    I wouldn't be mad if the Sox draft the catcher out of Louisville but the goal of this draft should ideally be adding as many young, athletic, up the middle guys as they possible can.
  6. Joshua Strong

    2021 MLB Draft Thread

    I really, really wanted the Sox to hire Chris Fetter to the pitching coach but honeslty, Id rather be the Tiger's pitching coach than the Sox pitching coach. They have some elite arm talent.
  7. Joshua Strong

    TLR publicity train

    I don't care fr Herb, but he's black so who cares. I dont. ****************** Did any journalist ask LaRussa about his driving analogy?
  8. Joshua Strong

    Pitchers and Catchers Report

    Me and my fake heart are still waiting for our shots
  9. Joshua Strong

    Jonathan Lucroy signs minor league deal with White Sox

    How many games should Grandal catch next year? 100? 95?
  10. Joshua Strong

    Jonathan Lucroy signs minor league deal with White Sox

    Good depth move. He only played in one game last year. Was he hurt or did he choose to sit out?
  11. Joshua Strong

    The White Sox 3-5 year window

    They really have to start drafting better, especially in the first round if they want to have an extended window. They cant go on a run where they draft Fulmer, Collins and Burger back to back to back.
  12. Joshua Strong

    Chicago White Sox Catcher Development

    Catching is definitely a big need organizational. I really hoped that Joey Bart fell to them a couple years ago and Patrick Bailey wouldn’t have been a bad pick at 11. Always take the BPA but if I were running a team, I’d try to take a C in the first ten rounds every year in the draft if the player is right.
  13. Joshua Strong

    La Stella to the Giants

    Really wanted LaStella but good for him holding out for and getting a starting gig. If the Sox signed him, I would've said it was their best move of all the offseason. As mentioned previously, he would've filled so many holes from one roster spot. I'd rather them go after Miller than Cabrera because Miller is 4 or even 5 years younger and he mas more positional flexibility.
  14. Joshua Strong

    La Stella to the Giants

    Yeah, I’m very intrigued by them too. They’ve been able to make themselves interesting with some awful contracts still on the books too. This should be the last year of Cueto and Posey on massive deals. Longoria’s deal expires after next year.
  15. Joshua Strong

    Jameson Taillon traded to Yankees

    What’s the contradiction?