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  1. Joshua Strong

    Shake-up Needed in Coaching Staff, ASAP

    Seeing the progress of Moncada, Anderson and James McCann to a degree, I have no problem with Severson as I want to see him work with Eloy, Madrigal and Robert but what is his overall hitting philosophy? Because it would be nice to see the team take more walks but maybe that comes down to the guys on the roster.
  2. Joshua Strong

    FS: James Beard and what the White Sox gained

    I’m very intrigued by him. I’m not expecting much from him this year in terms of his stat line. Coming from Mississippi, he probably has never faced talent like this before and he’s very raw. I’m curious to see what instructs does for him.
  3. Joshua Strong

    Shake-up Needed in Coaching Staff, ASAP

    The Sox rebuild didn’t start till the winter of 2016. So those previous years don’t really count but I get your point
  4. Joshua Strong

    Colome drawing "ample" trade interest

    What can the Cubs offer the Sox? They have a barren system.
  5. Joshua Strong

    7/13 GT - Sox @ OAK - 3:07 PM CST

    I know Anderson is out but Rick’s inability or unwillingness to optimize his lineup is indefensible. Why is Reed batting ahead of Eloy? Why is Collins, someone with absolutely zero speed, batting ninth?
  6. Joshua Strong

    Luis Robert

    See you mid April 2020.
  7. Joshua Strong


    I think the walks will go up once as he continues to entrench himself in this new approach.
  8. Joshua Strong

    Robert to Charlotte? Per his Instagram

    Am I alone in thinking that Robert has the highest ceiling in the system? He’s plays up the middle in CF, he’s super toolsy with all five of his tools above average at the very least and looks to be an offensive force. I think he’s up in September.
  9. Joshua Strong

    All Star James McCann

    McCann is a big win for the Sox pro scouting and development staff. When’s the last time they had a win like this?
  10. Joshua Strong

    Vaughn to Kannapolis

    Anyone else think he goes to the AFL?
  11. Joshua Strong

    The $$$$ will be spent!

    I need Will Smith on this team next season https://blogs.fangraphs.com/the-best-reliever-on-the-trade-market/
  12. Joshua Strong

    GT: Tigers (27-52) @ White Sox (39-42), July 3

    Hopefully the Sox don’t trade Bummer.
  13. Joshua Strong

    GT: Tigers (27-52) @ White Sox (39-42), July 3

    Why send him with Moncada coming up?
  14. Joshua Strong

    Colome drawing "ample" trade interest

    I think the best time to trade a reliever is during the season while teams are in the hunt for playoff spots. That’s when you can put a premium on your relievers.
  15. Joshua Strong

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    With the injuries and black holes in the rotation, I’d say they’re not falling out the top ten. Fangraphs is projecting to finish with the eighth overall pick as of tonight.