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  1. Joshua Strong

    Radio Broadcast Speculation Thread

    I’m actually shocked that Bruce Levine still has a job. He’s horrible. I don’t mind him being featured on the Score but I wish that Spiegel would replace him as the full time baseball guy.
  2. Joshua Strong

    The Pet Thread

    My family lost our little Pomeranian Misty today. Had her for three years now. My older sister was taking the dogs out for a walk and a local dog, a mastiff who’s always loose and never on a leash, attacked her and the Pomeranians. She was able to save the boy but not Misty. Very much in shock. Here’s my favorite picture of her.
  3. Joshua Strong

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    The arrangement is a travesty. The union needs to really consider amateur players and always keep them in mind. If they continue not to include them, the health of the game will be in grave danger.
  4. Joshua Strong

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    I’m glad that local government here in Illinois is trying to be overtly cautious in regards to Covid-19. I read last night that Trump tried to buy exclusive right to a potential vaccine that’s being developed by German scientist. Exclusive as in it will be used for Americans only. He’s going to get us all killed.
  5. Joshua Strong

    Who will be our closer by mid-season

    Lots of good relievers are going to be on the market this winter.
  6. Joshua Strong

    Who will be our closer by mid-season

    In addition to Giles, I’ll be watch Brad Hand and Liam Hendricks. If the Indians are out of it, they could very well trade Hand and start their rebuild early at the deadline. News came out that the org and Lindor suspended contract talks. The A’s could sell off some rental guys if they fall behind early to Astros and Angels. And Keone Kela could be interesting but he’s not a closer.
  7. Joshua Strong

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    You don’t think he’s a worth a pick in the top five rounds?
  8. Joshua Strong

    New York Times feature on Tim Anderson

    He’s the face of black baseball. I checked out him on the CC Sabathia podcast on the Undisputed and they were talking about “clubhouse culture”, we need to stop calling it that and calling it what it is. It’s a form of institutionalized, cultural racism, calling it what it is will only help solve the problem. And it’s good to see the White Sox position themselves as that team, the team who’s leading the battle against institutional racism in MLB. Looking at the team, they have a lot of dark skinned players, a lot of whom are from Latin America. So it’s good that they’re celebrating the African American presence and the Latin culture in their locker room.
  9. Joshua Strong

    Who will be our closer by mid-season

    Ken Giles
  10. Joshua Strong

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    Joe Boyle is a reliever from ND, he does have experience starting but he projects to be a reliever in the bigs. He was very loud stuff and I wouldn’t be mad if the Sox nabbed him in the first few rounds.
  11. Joshua Strong

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    You’re killing my optimism
  12. Joshua Strong

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    Austin Martin may be out 6 weeks with his hamstring injury, that could cause him to fall out of the top ten
  13. Joshua Strong

    Sox @ Cubs | 2:05PM CT | WGN720

    I’m all for lineup optimization but their best OBP guy is Grandal and I want him sandwiched in between the middle of the lineup. And Moncada said that he hates batting leadoff, so why is he there?
  14. Joshua Strong

    Sox @ Cubs | 2:05PM CT | WGN720

    Who cares, he’s probably never going to walk a ton but he can still work as a leadoff hitter as long as his pitch selection keeps improving. He’s also the best base stealing threat on the team. I’d rather have Moncada driving in Anderson than vice versa.
  15. Joshua Strong

    Sox @ Cubs | 2:05PM CT | WGN720

    Why is Moncada leading off?