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  1. But I will again ask the question, who makes these decisions. Does RR make the bullpen decisions , does Coop make them or does the front office "stats person" make them?
  2. One of the worst managers in baseball hashnis team playing with the 3rd best winning percentage in baseball. So maybe managers don't make a difference, but the team's performance in this shortened season means they do belong in the playoffs. Added to the overall youth of many starters on this roster, this team has put on a great showing. How is your favorite team doing ?
  3. SCCWS

    I agree with the Big Hurt about Robert

    I agree on insults but why didn't you include the person who sent it to him as well???
  4. SCCWS

    I agree with the Big Hurt about Robert

    Robert is hitting below .200 the last month and agree he usually does not have solid protection behind him. But Moncada is also hitting below .200 for the last month and he has had very solid protection. Sometimes the protection is not the problem. Players get into a slump and they have to fight their way out. Hopefully both will have a surge in the playoffs.
  5. SCCWS

    Sox vs Twins. 9/16 - 7:10

    As Meatloaf said, "2 out of 3 ain't bad"
  6. SCCWS

    Sox vs Twins. 9/14 - 7:10

    That leads me to our bullpen. I know bullpens are used differently these days. It is getting normal to see teams roll out 3-4 innings for the 6-9th. But I still think the percentages make it more likely that a reliever can blow a game because he is having an off-day. We used to see a starter go 7 and a set up man do the 8th and the closer the 9th. Now instead of 2 "relievers" we often see 4. Last night we saw Heuer stumble but Marshall saved him. But Rogers stumbles and blew the game. I think overall we have seen our pen use multiple relievers in close games and overall they have done a very good job. specially when the starter is out in the 5-6th inning.
  7. SCCWS

    Just put Moncada on the IL already....

    That makes no sense. The Sox have a Trainer and Training staff. They along w some input from the player would decide if a player should be in the lineup, on the bench or on the IL. I don't think the FO would allow the manager to use a player if the Trainer feels they should not.
  8. SCCWS

    The grandal hate is vastly overblown

    Grandal should not be hitting 3rd, Robert should. He is struggling w the bat and he strikes out at a high %. The lefty/righty lineup construction does not work if the lefty is struggling while Robert is exploding.
  9. SCCWS

    The grandal hate is vastly overblown

    He also has a history of struggling in 2nd half of the season. Now this year is totally different with only a half-season and he is splitting catching time w McCann. But unfortunately he has started slower than he normally does so it is hard to predict how he will finish.
  10. I think the combo of Giolito and Keuchel should prevent that
  11. SCCWS

    9.1.20 GT | Sox @ Twins | 7:10PM CT

    I would also say 2/3 of Minny's lineup are automatic outs.
  12. Agree unless McCann wants to be "he catcher" or a team. Also , McCann might cost too much compared to a team that wants him as their #1.
  13. SCCWS

    8.31.20 GT | Sox @ Twins | 7:10PM CT

    Hopefully Robert gets another AB w a runner on
  14. I would add that Kopech has some issues/questions surrounding him which may deflate his value. Not sure the Sox want to trade "slightly damaged goods" as opposed to waiting a year and see what Kopech we have next spring.
  15. SCCWS

    Sox vs KC 8/29 game thread 1:10 first pitch

    Isn't that a decision of the training staff?
  16. Gio has come a long way from DC. Congrats
  17. SCCWS

    8-22 GT: Sox @ Cubs (7:15pm)

    I think Abreu will move to DH when Vaughn is ready. But as I posted recently, what about Eloy. How long will he play LF ? Good problem though to have as opposed to our RF future?
  18. SCCWS

    8-22 GT: Sox @ Cubs (7:15pm)

    Abreu is on fire. Looks like Hahn made a very good decision on that contract.
  19. SCCWS

    8-22 GT: Sox @ Cubs (7:15pm)

    I agree.especially w the Cubs involved.
  20. SCCWS

    8-21 GT: Sox @ Cubs (7:15pm)

    Do you think that is a Ricky call or one made by Hahn?
  21. SCCWS

    Trade deadline looming

    I thought that too, but usually young players are not relegated or probably even want being a DH.
  22. SCCWS

    Trade deadline looming

    Agree but I think the organization needs to have a plan for Eloy as well. This season may be a good trial for where they see Eloy down the road. Will they continue to play him in LF, consider a move to IB or move him in a trade. That decision my impact Vaughn's future.
  23. SCCWS

    Just Wondering

    Obviously we see a lot of posts debating line-up decisions under RR. I posed the question yesterday but no one answered my query. Most if not all teams have stat geeks in the front office. I have read or heard that Francona ( see below), Kevin Cash( Tampa Tribune article) and Aaron Boone( Sunday Night Baseball) to name a few all consult data for games before making out their lineup. We also hear during broadcasts that bullpen decisions are often made via data on match-ups and pinch hitters, I wonder if anyone w first hand knowledge knows if the White Sox have a very involved or hands off Front Office regarding stats https://www.morningjournal.com/news/terry-franconas-book-offers-an-interesting-inside-look-ingraham-column/article_dba3a8fa-091d-5904-82f2-24afbfd90d75.html "Like many organizations now, the Indians included, the Red Sox are heavily into advanced metrics for evaluating players. Francona went along with the program, but only so far. "There is more that goes into lineups than numbers," he said. "There's personalities and egos. You're trying to instill some confidence. That's why you have managers. That's what I would tell John Henry (who was famous for sending Francona late-night emails questioning or suggesting strategy that either ignored or failed to act on what the numbers said). I'd say, 'John, we all know what the numbers are. So you could do this."
  24. SCCWS

    Just Wondering

    Tony: I have been following baseball and the White Sox for over 50 years. But when I read Francona's book, I was amazed ( or maybe naive) at how involved the Boston Front Office was in the day to day lineup and bullpen decisions. Never mind ownership even weighing in on player decisions that were made. I see it as Francona being old school and he probably uses what info he likes but still wants to have control. On the other side we have a Kevin Cash who is very much a stat/video guru. End of the day, both have had success with their approach.