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  1. credezcrew24

    So is no one falling on the sword for 2018?

    The cubs are a great team but are looking panicky. The White Sox planned to be bad in 2018, the cubs didn't plan on losing the division title. So no, I don't care. Though if upgrades are available I hope the Sox aren't loyal to a fault and acquire them. The cubs hired a new hitting coach and pitching coach after 2017 and look what good it did them.
  2. credezcrew24

    The " Tank" is dead . Let there be Light !

    A team's highest 1st round pick is protected now. It's not just top 10 anymore
  3. credezcrew24

    8/22 Games

    The size of foul territory factors into potential strikes vs foul outs
  4. credezcrew24

    Can of Corn

  5. credezcrew24

    HOU interested in Abreu/Britton

    Yeah, Rick caved and sold at a buyers price
  6. credezcrew24

    2018 Futures Game

    How many Burgers are Adell and Hiura worth at this point?
  7. credezcrew24

    A’s at White Sox, 6/22 now straight doubleheader

    The first three players I looked for, Tyler Flowers, Seimien, and Addison Reed have similar WARs, but yeah that is pretty comical
  8. credezcrew24

    A’s at White Sox, 6/22 now straight doubleheader

    That's the best case scenario if Yoan fails, but if Anderson is no good what happens then? Is Dickman next in line? Rondon? I don't know enough about Rondon to know if he can handle SS.
  9. credezcrew24

    A’s at White Sox, 6/22 now straight doubleheader

    So that's 8 errors in the last 24 games or 6 in the last 13 for Yoan. I am on record saying I don't think Tim has ever been a good defensive shortstop. Most of Yoan's errors have been recent and I haven't been watching lately, but if this is the middle infield of the future the Sox are in trouble. All things equal Anderson deserves a shorter leash as he's had 2730 innings at the position in the MLB while Yoan has had 1017 at 2b. I've always thought Tim would be better in CF, but if Yoan can't handle 2b the Sox are in trouble. Can anyone tell me how Jose Rondon's defense has looked at the MLB level?
  10. credezcrew24

    Race for the worst 2018 record (Top 5 pick) again

    I don't think they kept Moncada in AAA long enough. His AAA stats are remarkably similar to your favorite player Brian Anderson's. Another guy who tore up MiLB but couldn't handle the MLB after a quick promotion. If Kopech needs to learn anything right now it's how to handle AAA hitters.
  11. credezcrew24

    2018 White Sox draft picks and signings thread

    The last was Bryce Montes de Oca in 2014 which was the Rodon draft. He was taken in the 14th by the Sox out of HS. He also didn't sign as a junior in 2017 after being drafted by the Natinals in the 15th. He was taken this year with the Mets 9th rounder
  12. credezcrew24

    Fangraphs Top 131 Prospects List

  13. credezcrew24

    Fangraphs Top 131 Prospects List

    It's always a safe bet a pitcher in A+ is going to end up a reliever. Those odds would pay 1/9 or shorter. One difference between Cease and Burdi is Cease has been able to unleash his plus stuff over 5 innings. Burdi is only expected at his best to go 1 inning. Even if Cease is a guaranteed reliever he has proven to be effective after Tommy John and Burdi has not
  14. credezcrew24

    Fangraphs Top 131 Prospects List

    I cannot understand how anyone could place a moderately successful pre-Tommy John reliever (Burdi) before a very successful post-Tommy John starter (Cease)
  15. credezcrew24

    6/5 Games