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  1. credezcrew24

    2019 MLB Draft and Signing Tracker

    Looking at past drafts 2018 - Madrigal was the first to receive full slot value at #4 Kelenic was the first over-slot at #6 2017 - Lewis pick #1 was the only under-slot pick in the top 5 2016 - Ray was the first to go over-slot at #5 2015 - Jay was the first to receive full slot value at #6 2014 - Rodon went over-slot at #3 the next player to go over-slot was Trea Turner at #13 So in general you're most likely to sign a top 3 pick under-slot, however 2017 was a lot different than other recent drafts
  2. credezcrew24

    ***Day 2 MLB Draft Thread Rounds 3-10***

    I would be surprised if they don’t give a big bonus to their 11th round pick
  3. credezcrew24

    Rumor: Cease will be called up "very soon"

    Hopefully they give him a full arm and shoulder examination before he's called up so they don't waste a year and a half of development and service time like with Kopech 💔
  4. credezcrew24

    5/26 Games

    I think you've made it clear that when it comes to Madrigal you are one of the least hopeful people here.
  5. credezcrew24

    5/5 Games #CeaseDay

    I did it that way to save myself time. I literally did it the easiest way possible there was no cherry picking involved. It was simply done by highlighting decent sample sizes over 1, 2, or 3 full seasons on baseball reference whatever gave me a relative comparable number. I have zero interest in spending any more time on it, but if you want to do that be then my guest.
  6. credezcrew24

    5/5 Games #CeaseDay

    Why don't we look at the 2018 fWAR leaders and their starts Betts - first 197 games .818 OPS Trout - first 179 games .911 OPS Ramirez - first 180 games a .644 OPS Bregman - first 204 games .818 OPS Lindor - first 99 games.835 OPS Yelich - first 206 games .765 OPS Chapman - first 84 games .785 OPS Machado - first 207 games .744 OPS Rendon - first 98 games ,725 OPS Martinez - first 166 games .705 OPS Arenado - first 133 games .706 OPS Cain - not comparable never a really good hitter Simmons - not comparable never a really good hitter Baez - first 222 games .680 OPS Freeman - first 177 games .784 OPS So basically of the top 13 offensive WAR players only 4 of them started out hitting over .800 OPS
  7. credezcrew24

    5/5 Games #CeaseDay

    But it's okay for you to use Eloy's 21 game sample size to question his talent and the state of the rebuild?
  8. credezcrew24

    5/2 Games

    Sorry, but it's not that black and white. The threat of a bunt provides opportunities not shown in those stats.
  9. credezcrew24

    So is no one falling on the sword for 2018?

    The cubs are a great team but are looking panicky. The White Sox planned to be bad in 2018, the cubs didn't plan on losing the division title. So no, I don't care. Though if upgrades are available I hope the Sox aren't loyal to a fault and acquire them. The cubs hired a new hitting coach and pitching coach after 2017 and look what good it did them.
  10. credezcrew24

    The " Tank" is dead . Let there be Light !

    A team's highest 1st round pick is protected now. It's not just top 10 anymore
  11. credezcrew24

    8/22 Games

    The size of foul territory factors into potential strikes vs foul outs
  12. credezcrew24

    Can of Corn

  13. credezcrew24

    HOU interested in Abreu/Britton

    Yeah, Rick caved and sold at a buyers price
  14. credezcrew24

    2018 Futures Game

    How many Burgers are Adell and Hiura worth at this point?
  15. credezcrew24

    A’s at White Sox, 6/22 now straight doubleheader

    The first three players I looked for, Tyler Flowers, Seimien, and Addison Reed have similar WARs, but yeah that is pretty comical